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2018 WWC: Ajibade, Oparanozie Proud Of Falconets Despite Defeat To Germany

2018 WWC: Ajibade, Oparanozie Proud Of Falconets Despite Defeat To Germany

By Johnny Edward:

Falconets forward, Rasheedat Ajibade says she’s proud of the team’s performance despite their 1-0 loss to Germany in therir Monday’s opening Group C match of the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in France, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.

‏A second-half strike by Stefanie Saunders gave Germany maximum victory over Nigeria in Saint-Malo on Monday but Ajibade thinks there are lots of positives gained from the defeat.

“Disappointing result today against a good 🇩🇪team but feel proud of our🇳🇬 team and lots of positives to take into the next game. Thank you for all the great support 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿We go again on Thursday#Togetherwearestronger #RA08 #U20WWC #womeninfootball.

The Falconets will face Haiti at the same venue on Thursday, 9th August before their final group game against China at the Léhon’s Stade de Clos Gastel Stadium on Monday, 13th August.

Super Falcons player, Desire Oparanoize also believes the team improved a lot and can get better in their next game.

“Good game ladies. Wasn’t the result we hoped for, but of course…lots of room for improvement. Thursday will surely be a better date. Heads up💪 @ Stade Marville,” The Super Falcons striker who was in the stands to watch the game tweeted.

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  • Good luck ladies. 1:0 is a respectable scoreline. I didn’t see the match but I have no doubt that our girls would have given a good account of themselves.

    Up Naija…

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    I noticed this this jersey is Nigeria’s bad luck jersey. We tend to loose whenever we put on that jersey. The other one with V-stripes that earned a lot of accolades prior to the world cup brings us Good game,result and good luck. The earlier the better we notice this and stay off that evil jersey.

    • Wonders shall never cease. May I never see my back without using a mirror.
      So the Dark Jersey is now jinxed!
      Oga chairman, which local government is your own?

      • Paschal 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha am dying of laughter. Chairman and Ashy will not kill me here o. What? Evil jersey? Hahahahahahaha

  • ako amadi 3 years ago

    I can’t imagine that one of the players, Ajibade is quoted as saying she was proud of the Falconets’ performance. What kind of mentality have these Nigerians? How can players be proud of mediocrity and failure, when they entered the game to win it?

    • @ako amadi, I don’t think that Ajibad is a potent No 9 for the Falconets. She was completely pocketed. I remember in the Under 20 set of Asisat Oshoala, Courtney Dike, Chiwendu Iehzuo, Esther Sunday, and Oparanozie (older set), any of these girls were fireballs: sleek, fast and dangerous in and outside the box 18.

      The coach should look for another Number 9 and bench Ajibade please. Our strike force were mostly coming from the midfield. Ajibade was blunt, often bereft of ideas. This is no longer Africa qualifying girl, the standards are higher now at the world level. Up your game and play with a little more intelligence and guile. Nuff said!

      • Blaming a single player/striker as no portent, do you know her contribution in the youth teams. Scored lots of goals. She is even part of Falcons now. Those set you named still lost to Germany in the final/semis in the U-20/17 world cup in their days, so what are we talking about?

      • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

        Thumbs up @Tols. @Kel, I guess you were watching a different Germany vs Nigeria match or you didn’t even watch it at all probably you only watched YouTube highlights cuz Ajibade played behind the striker all through the match. The No.9 in that match all through was Anam Imo. Please get your facts right next time

  • I dont know y j guys dont know to surport our you gs girls. You think playing against Germany is easy? Plus u people should stop this.thanks

  • I dont know y you guys dont know how to surport our youngs girls. You think playing against Germany is easy? Plus u people should stop this.thanks

  • I dont know y you guys dont know how to surport our youngs girls. You think playing against Germany is easy? Pls u people should stop this.thanks

    • Greenturf 3 years ago

      It’s easy to win against any team if you are good enough.
      I’m sick of Nigeria going under and proud when we play against big nations.This notion should stop!The likes of Mexico and Korea defeated Germany in the recent world cup I strongly believe Nigeria in similar position would have lost and comments like tried our best but lost against a great team would dominate the post match media.
      It’s time we started believing we could win against giants,of course we can.That’s how a nation grows to become great.You can’t be an underdog forever you have to step up and do the unthinkable to move to greater heights.
      God bless Nigeria!

  • Shege Luzzy 3 years ago

    Like the die hard supporter that i am of any Nigerian team ,I hope the falconets pick up the broken pieces and claim maximum points in subsequent matches.up naija

  • Djeniko 3 years ago

    I’m for Ajibade’s mentality. She is a very normal person. Very realistic. In any match there will be a winner and a loser. The winner goes home happy. The loser goes home sad. Winning and losing is not the exclusive right of any particular team. Both team have experienced both ends before. After all Nigeria qualify by defeating some teams. We went home happy but the defeated ones are at home watching their defeators been defeated. This is reality. But the Ajibade mentality is the beauty of a beautiful girl. Get up, dust yourself and learn from the fall by answering the question: why did Germany beat us? Good girl. What you learnt from the German defeat will make you defeat Haiti on Thursday.

    • Still sulking from the just concluded worldcup. Am still having deja vu but thats for another day. I saw the match and I tot even though our girls gave a good account of themselves I still think they could have earned a point in today’s game. That been said any body that tot our falconets should have beaten Germany is either unrealistic or just high on something cheap. Of the 9 u20 worldcup tournaments, Germany have won it thrice defeating 9ja in 2 occasions, the same girls won the Euros u17 a couple years ago and have been together since. Germany have also won the women worldcup so they have a pedigree in female soccer. Is it the poor preparation that our girls got is d reason why we think we can beat Germany? Or is it the top class women league in 9ja? Or the development of our girls from a tender age that has equipped us to win the big teams. The truth of the matter is that most 9ja players play with sheer determination with d hope of one day getting out of poverty and helping dia families, if our players (men and women) have all the necessary conducive environment such as good league, proper world-class facilities to train, better wages etc then we can start talking about winning big teams otherwise we shouldnt be complaining when we lose games especially against big name countries who have invested not only monetary to get to where they are now. Someone mentioned mexico and Korea defeating Germany, please nobody should compare the amount of investment mexico and Korea give to the development of soccer in their respective countries.
      Guys cut our players some slack, it’s not as easy as some of us might think. This is just my opinion

      God bless 9ja and its people

      • Greenturf 3 years ago

        This Germany and Co have lost against teams beneath Nigeria’s pedigree. Zambia defeated Germany at the last under 20’s likewise Mali in a couple of years ago.Apparently, this countries pedigree are not better than Nigeria.
        My point is sometimes you can rise to the occasion and get a result against big opponents not coming under consistently like we have done against Argentina and France in official matches and Germany in underage competitions where it is normal to lose at least for once you should be brave enough to stop them.Nigeria is a footballing nation and are not far behind rather complex problem and lack of mental strength had been their own enemy especially when they come up against big opponents.
        I trust this team to still qualify to the next round and as they progress they will definitely come up against big nations and what happens? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.
        God bless Nigeria!

  • My question is? Now that they lost to Germany, what is the normal thing u people expect Ajibade and oparanozie to do? To rain causes on them I guess?
    As a young team, they need encouragements to do better and that was what they got.

  • So you guys never dey follow @Greenturf opinions? He sees himself as the best and unbeatable. He is bringing that mentality here to rub on people. It seems reasonableness is not common. Our league is poor. In fact there is no female league. I sometimes wonder how these girls even train. The individual sponsors of these girls should be respected and commended. We know what a training pitch should look like. How can an informed person say South Korea and Mexico are our mate in football. They have everything to make them improve and impress. He is even comparing Nigeria to Germany!!!! It is really laughable. How!!! Maybe he is talking about corruption. We beat them in that area. I beat my chest for 9ja in that area. Trust us. Even in Africa are we the best? We can use overaged players to win matches, no problem. We are corrupt. Nigeria will never have graced the WC if Africa is only given 1-2 slots. So with our present state of confusion and corruption, our athletes, not only footballers, are trying very plentiful. So people like @Greenturf should appreciate this efforts of our footballers. Let them carry last, we understand why. We will welcome them. @Greenturf is like the parents who didn’t buy textbooks and other materials for a child but want the child to carry 1st position. This child cannot read because he is hustling for himself to pay for the exam fees and buy uniform. We will commend such a child if he pass. You see what I mean.

    • Greenturf 3 years ago

      I never compared Nigeria and Germany in football rather I refered to Germany as “giants”but are beatable which is my point.We have in the past lost to teams no one expected us to come low.
      However,the point I’m making here is jinx are broken.I quite understand the state of our league and other factors undermining football growth in nigeria which is a shame.But we are not alone in this.There are countries with similar or in worse situations but has pulled surprises now and again.The likes of Iceland did it in euros and even got a draw against the Argies in the recent workd cup which we have never achieved in an official match ever.
      The Icelanders don’t have a better league than Nigeria in fact some of them are semi professionals but with share grit they did the unimaginable that’s the point I’m making.We are a footballing country despite our shortcomings and shouldn’t be content with losing against big nations.We have lost to the same Germany in this category three times at least we shouldn’t make this loses permanent.Jinx are there to be broken south Africa did it against Nigeria but we fail to break jinx.Nigeria v Argentina in ten matches we are certain to lose ten times its annoying when countries with lesser pedigree getting better results now and again against this countries.
      Our mental state of having lost before the match starts are the reason we can’t win this big footballing nations.
      Meanwhile,we are here to discuss football matters and opinions expressed sometimes differs so I don’t see how I force my opinion on others like @ djeniko is trying to make.Dude you can’t drag me to see things your way because you and I see things differently and I respect your opinion and I expect same from you.
      I hope to see falconets bounce back and do better than their previous achievements in this category.
      God bless Nigeria!

  • @Greenturf, I’m struggling to understand your point. Which Zambia or Mali beat Germany? Are you talking about the men’s FIFA U-20 World Cup. This is women’s FIFA U-20 and it’s a different ball game. If Zambia or Mali even manage to make it past Africa and qualify, They will ship more than 10 goals against the German women. The strongest team at this level of women football are Gemany, USA, Japan, and Korea; so comparatively this Nigerian team is not bad. Remember Ghana were roundly beaten 4-1 by Japan I think on Sunday.

    Having said that, I can see the other teams in our group are Haiti and China. Nigeria should dispatch Haiti easily, but China? Men, dunno oo. I guess that’s why Germany were fighting tooth and nail to get 3 points yesterday, the fear of China houdini. Besides, that their female coach is a veteran. She’s been in charge of their Under 20 women’s team for close to 7 years now, so in terms of experience, she’s super up there. She even led her team to beat Nigeria in the final about 4 years ago I think, with Asisat Oshoala, Esther Sunday and other regular current senior women’s team in the Nigerian Under 20 team back them. It was a slim 1-0 mwin, if my memory serves me right.

    But the NFF should see how to stop that coach barking instructions on the field to the girls to just shut it. Do all your coaching before they get to the field and stop distracting them, dude!

  • Geeenturf I get ur point as regards the jinx of beating top ranked teams but u and I know that the chances of developing countries beating these already established footballing countries is slim to none. Yeah it does happen once in awhile but it’s very rare. Like Djeniko mentioned u can’t expect a child to comes out 1st when d parents haven’t put things in place to make dat child succeed. I appreciate the fact that u eluded to this fact in your last post. You mentioned Mali beating Germany, do u know that many academies in most French speaking countries in Africa have a strong relationship with French clubs from championat to ligue 1 with proper training facilities for soccer development especially for the men not sure for the women. When most of these players graduate from these academies they hit the ground running as they already have all the tools to succeed in the French league not just in terms of their skill development but also their mental fortitude. The opposite is the case for many 9ja players, how do u fathom 9ja top scorer going on trial in Norway and being rejected and note, thats not an isolated case but more like the norm. As kels said there is 2 much corruption in 9ja, ask urself this question how many times has a 9ja team won or even reached the CAF champions league finals? But tp mazembe and other North African countries are constantly dominating CAF champions league. As kels also meñtioned 9ja tends to shoot itself in the foot time and time again by fielding overage players just to ensure that we win at all cost. Am not these girls parent so I can’t speak to dia true ages but we r 9ja and we know wetin dey Lol, it could be the weather and daily hustle trying to feed themselves and dia families in 9ja dat has hardened our youths faces so much that they look older than they really are lol. I was very surprised when I saw Ajibade in dat team, if u guys recall she captained the u17 team of 9ja then played the last u20 and is still qualified to play another u20, wow I know she looks young but common. I also understand that if we use the players in the right age to persecute the games and we don’t qualify or get routed, I and many here will rain insults and abuse on the team.

    Finally, Iceland may not be a powerhouse name in soccer with a very small population but the facilities and infrasteuctures Iceland has are miles ahead of what we have in 9ja. Many factors go into winning soccer games many of which 9ja lacks but we make up for some of these factors with our mentality of never say die attitude. Kudos should be given to anyone who has represented 9ja in any competition as the odds are stacked against dem from the off.

    Kels, I been think se na only me dey hear d guy dey shout se “oma ge e” meaning she go dribble u for Yoruba lol. But I don’t agree that he should curtail barking orders as all coaches do it including d German coach and at this age especially it is necessary as most young players tend to forget dia responsibilities and tend to just follow and go where d ball is which is no fault of dia own as they are still young and dia positional play will improve with time. I think most of the instructions the coach was dishing out were spot on imho.

    God bless 9ja and its people.

  • Innoma CC 3 years ago

    For me, I think the girls tried their best against Germany. We should therefore not crucify them, but only pray for better performance against Haiti and China.
    By the grace of God, we shall qualify for the next round.