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2022 WCQ:’Pressure Will Be On Super Eagles’ —Ghana Coach, Addo

2022 WCQ:’Pressure Will Be On Super Eagles’  —Ghana Coach, Addo

Black Stars of Ghana coach Otto Addo says the Super Eagles will be under pressure in the second leg of the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs in Abuja on Tuesday.

The Eagles battled the Black Stars to a goalless draw in front of over 50,000 Ghanaian fans at the Baba Yara stadium in Kumasi on Friday.

And to qualify for a seventh World Cup the Eagles need an outright win against their bitter rival on Tuesday.

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On their part, the Black Stars will qualify with a win or a score draw.

“The result doesn’t change anything. When we go there we want to win,” Addo was quoted on ghanasoccernet.

“Even though our Africa Cup of Nations was not good this year, you saw we matched Nigeria in the first leg so I don’t see them as favourites, the pressure will be on them at home and away goals can hurt a lot.”

Meanwhile, ghanasoccernet reports that the Black Stars are expected to depart Ghana on Monday morning via a chartered flight for Tuesday’s game.

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  • They should be coming to use carpenter ladder to climb down. With the evisaged defeat, Ghana remains eternally bitter as being expressed

    • Matthew 2 years ago

      That means bitter for life.

    • They should use ladder and also Their flag should be bought at one local market. In the match at Kumasi the falg they gave Nigeria was like a dining table’s cloth that has been folded, and also our flag is green white green, on a vertical level but they gave us greenish gray and white with another greenish gray

  • I don t get it dey came to Kumasi pressure was on them . Dey are in Abuja again pressure wil be on Dem again . That is if dey don’t know their jobs….

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Pressure ll be on egu to vary his tactics and he can’t do it

      Vary his tactics to open the Ghanaian midfield which he can’t do

      Kick and run wing play will put a lot of pressure on ur players in the presence of ur abuja fans

      We have one aim to score first in abuja

      This tie is far from over so stop dreaming

      • Your team were just running up and down the pitch like headless chickens. By the 70th minute, they were already tired and couldn’t even run again.

        You guys created almost nothing from the endless running. Because of the way your football has fallen over the years, your fans actually think you guys did well and are happy with the draw.

        If you are even truthful to yourselves, Nigeria created the better chances.

        Ghana had about 10 corners and various set pieces and I didn’t even see one that threatened the defence and keeper. They were mostly wayward or wasted.

        I blame our players for not burying those chances, someone like you would have been hiding now.

        Nigeria soaked up the pressure well.

        Ghana would be the one soaking up the pressure in Abuja, the question is. Can they really withstand the pressure the way we did in Kumasi?

    • Lollipops 2 years ago

      @ Olu, your comment made my day. In Kumasi, pressure will be on Nigeria, In Our ground again, them don dey halla again, Pressure will be on Nigeria. How about Ghana? Are they not on pressures as well? Nobody is talking about pressures on Ghana, Abi Ghana nor like go World Cup too? ‍‍‍

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Make una go learn how to disembark from aircrafts with ropes bcs that’s exactly how u will come down from una juju infested plane whenever u arrive nigeria. Are u not ashamed that after all ur cunny devilish antics, u still got a draw. Pathetic losers.

    • Truth is pressure is really on eagles and if the coaches fails to do their assignment perfectly God forbid eagles may not be at the world cup. then we will start asking why Rohr was not left to finish his job. The coaches and the player really need to sit up and convert slim chances if any surfaces.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        U have the right head

        Maybe u have a bit of Ghanaian blood in u lol

        Are u in Nigeria? Whenever u come to ghana hit me up, I ll chill u

  • I smell a bitterleaf recipe that will be served when the match is played in Abuja. A sentence is enough for the Team that will qualify for the 2022 world cup.

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    Super eagles will not feel any in Abuja because you yourself can not score in front of your 50000 fans.
    If you beat us in Kumasi I will agree with you.

  • Kunle 2 years ago

    Before Kumasi match, Nigeria does not know Muhammad kudus, afena Gyan, we only know Thomas as dangerous one but now we know your team. Your team will be marked well and Nigeria will attack you to commit error in your 18 yard.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Ur coach doesn’t have any tactical acumen to change anything and it was clear in the day

      Again u realized that the king games that our coach played on u has worked

      Ur work is cut out for u because the Nigerian team I saw isn’t superior to Ghana and just as u drew in ghana, ghana can also score in Abuja

      Is not over until is all over!!

      The Ghanaian players are super talented than ur team anyday!

      The real war ll be fought in Abuja!

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        Shut up for once you bloody smelly and rotten shit. Your rantings are meaningless.

        Let me respond to your earlier response to my comment here:

        @Selfmade King, your response here showed how demented and psychologically deranged you truly are.

        Since you came on to this forum tabbing all sorts of nonsense, I never entertained you by responding to your numerous unintelligent and incomprehensible rubbish posted daily here, rather I just scroll through and pass jeje because your primitive rantings deserves no response.

        However, your big hydrocephalic head that is filled with water and very little brain tissue won’t allow you to comprehend my comment above but rather show us that the Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy that you suffered at your birth has really damaged your brain beyond redemption

        You said……”Remove the Dr infront of ur name because u sound retarded!!”……………..Tell me who is the retarded on here? You think it’s any easy task to become a doctor, and most importantly one that is a British Fellow of RCOG ? Try better next time

        Ghana got to Q-Finals in 2010, never got out of group stage in 2014, didn’t qualify for 2018 edition and only qualified for this playoff with the aid of that Senegalese referee via a dubious penalty and surely on their way to missing out of 2022 edition of WC. So my brother, stop dwelling on past Glory, this trend showed a retrogressive team who are in no position to pose a meaningful threat to my dear SE.

        I do know your identity though, surely we all know that you are not Ghanaian but a crazy 9ja nonentity who has been vomiting venomous biles on this forum since the prelude to this Playoff contest, soon you shall soon disappear from the face of this forum after Nigeria wallop your adopted BS (Black Stars or Bull Shit) by 4:0 in Abuja on Tuesday.

        It is no coincidence that your erstwhile identity on this forum has since disappeared from this forum ever since @Selfmade KING/SLAVE appeared. Bloody smelly Shit!!!

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          Btw am a full bloodied Ghanaian who isn’t a doctor but got powerful brain cells than u haha

          U skinny, leaking son of bitch with a WET DIAPERS haha

          If u play with me, I ll expose u and remove the WET DIAPERS on ur PHAT ASS with small head on live social blogging haha

          U dumb as a pair of SOCKS in a basement at ALASKA

          U thieving BOKOM bastard lol

          • Dr Banks 2 years ago

            Now I am rightly convinced that you are a LUNATIC not worthy of a response, non of your comment made any sense and I can now see that you are just an insignificant TOUT ranting and vomiting rubbish from your halitosis infested mouth.

      • Sauce 2 years ago

        U focus so much on Ghana scoring, do you believe Ghana can score and still bow out?
        You read it here first!

    • Omo 9ja In Togo 2 years ago

      Yeah thats my view also…thé Ghana team was unknown before this match…but now our coach have Seen thèm play so they should do their tactical work before Tuesday so that we ride on this Ghanaians with ease…

  • KangA 2 years ago

    Oga coach, pressure is on you too. Remember you dismissed the SE and PROMISED your fans the ticket. A former GFA president even called Nigeria their “little babies.” What atrocious disrespectful description. Won’t those issues put you under pressure.

    You’ve had your home advantage in the fetish stadium, we’ll have ours on Tuesday. Don’t wee in your pants. It’s only a game. Surely at the end of hostilities you’d change your grand Ghanaian agenda: pray not to be paired with Naija again for a competitive slot.

  • Abdul Handsy 2 years ago

    Play Aribo in the no. 10 position behind Osimehn and super eagles will win very well…

    ………… Uzoho…………

    Aina ..Ekong….Balogun.. Zaidu

    …. Onyeka……Etebo….

    Simon…..Aribo….. Denis

    ……… Osimehn……….

    Then, NFF should throw the gate open so that stadium will filled up to it capacity…. With this harsh economic situation in the country now going there to watch with tp and 2k for the tickets no one will really answer you o.

    It is just unfortunate that Eguavoen is not learning from past mistakes, how can you be playing ineffective Iheanacho in the no.10 position when it has been very visible even to the blind that he is NOTHING to write home about in the position?

    Amoo should also play some important role because it is high time we stopped saying that a player is new and he doesn’t have an experience this and that! That was then, the modern day world of football says that if you are good you are good anywhere you are!

    Dennis Odoi started for Ghana against Nigeria in Kumasi and he marked out ineffective Simon…in that match…that’s a man who had never played in the African football beforehand…

    I am very sure that Nigeria will beat Ghana here in Abuja come Tuesday!

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Abdul Handsy… Good talk. Our best bet is 4-2-3-1 we can even start with Lookman ahead of Simon because we need someone good in whipping deadballs from the start and Lookman is the best in that area. Let Simon, Chukwueze and Iheanacho start from the bench. We could also play a 4-4-2 and let Osimhen play off Ighalo who may be more experienced in getting to the right spots… Osimhen must stop with wailing and throwing petulant fits on the pitch… He should play a men’s game…

  • Silly mind games by Addo.We came to your backyard we were under pressure, you are coming to ours, yet the pressure is still on us.Lol.

    Yes, a score draw will get Ghana through while we need an outright win.That does not put unnecessary pressure on us because for us to qualify we must win of course.

    But we have the key advantage of playing at home.You did not utilize yours, we will surely do on Tuesday.

    Heard you guys intend to fly to abuja on Monday morning.Well our abuja airspace will be closed so no landing rights but we will give you landing rights at Gombe airport.You can make it to abuja from there by road.

    Your game plan might be park the bus, take in all that is thrown at you and catch eagles on the breaks with fast break away.

    You will not have the luxury homes f dominating the game like you did in Kumasi because of our cautious conservative approach.

    • Steve O 2 years ago

      That is a beautiful suggestion with regards to landing right ?..they should land at Gombe and then drive to Abuja by land !!!..since FIFA /CAF think we are stupid without condemning Ghana’s evil antic’s , the same thing they did to South Africa !!..Nigeria MUST revenge same , no country have the right of such evil action !!

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        What evil acts did Ghana did?

        Stop listening and believing in fake news

        Grow some brain cells if ur own micm

    • New Naija 2 years ago

      Nice one there Toni, they can land even in MM Ikeja airport and gp by road to Abuja with police escorts, me think that’s is the best option since our Abuja airspace is closee for now for rennovations

  • New Naija 2 years ago

    Nice one there Toni, they can land even in MM Ikeja airport and gp by road to Abuja with police escorts, me think that’s is the best option since our Abuja airspace is closee for now for rennovations

  • You are welcome sir, but you will not win in Abuja Mark my word

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