Joshua Retains World Titles After TKO Of Takam

Joshua Retains World Titles After TKO Of Takam

By James Agberebi:

Nigerian-born Briton Anthony Joshua defeated Cameroonian-born French boxer Carlos Takam via a10th round technical knockout to defend his World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight titles on Saturday night at the National Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

After bravely holding out despite cuts and severe punishment from Joshua, the referee had to stop the fight after a flurry of punches on Takam.

The win means Joshua, 27, has now recorded his 20th knockout in his 20th professional fight and remains unbeaten.

Takam, 36, has now suffered his fourth professional loss in his 40 fights, winning 35 of the fights.

The first round saw both boxers sizing each other up without landing any decent punch.

In the second round Joshua stepped up the pace of the fight throwing good shots which rocked Takam but the champion also suffered a cut to the nose from a collision with the challengers head.

Joshua continued to dominate and inflicted a cut above Takam’s eye in round four before sending him to the canvass which he recovered from.

From the round five, it was Joshua all the way, as he was well ahead in all the judges’ score cards.

And after soldiering on for most of the rounds, Takam’s resolve was eventually broken in round 10 as Joshua pummeled him until the referee stepped in to save the challenger from further punishment.
However, Takam Was still standing and felt he could still fight on


  • Congratulations to Anthony Joshua, but I was not satisfied the way the referee ended the fight.

  • Congrats Anthony Joshua,you’re a sure genius

  • takam was beaten like a bag of garri

  • That is boxing rule, if a boxer is being hit and not replying that to show fatigue is setting in and any further one can result in serious injury, it’s better to leave than result in system failure.

  • Congratulations to Anthoni Joshua, Nigerians all together

  • Please remove the clause ‘Nigeria born’We are talking of nationality but sport. He is a British boxer.

    • Look at the colour of his skin ,does it look British ? Don’t worry ,the British pple colonised us n were called “masters” then ………everyone is equal now ,no more segregation….. Jushua eats lots of iyan ,pounded yam till date ………..was just passing by ,bro ………tanx

    • Is it by colour, Abeg the guy na British boxer. Before he became heavyweight, who in Nigeria knew him.

    • Nigeria rejected him. Na now una wan come claim am? They guy na BRITISH, simple!

    • He came to Naija, our boxing coaches said he’s too small. Now wey guy don succeed, some radio presenters sef dey call am Nigerian Boxer. Success has many relatives sha

    • Adeydee 1 year ago

      When he was facing a jail term, British press did not say he was exclusively a Briton, his Nigerian origin was emphasised then. But now that he is a world champion he is exclusively a Briton.
      Leon Balogun plays for Nigeria and anytime his German origin was mentioned we do not get angry because that is the reality. If anyone is angry because it was mentioned that Joshua was born in Nigeria that will be their own cup of tea but that is an indisputable fact. Stop this “bad belle”.

    • He came late to camp and selection had been concluded. You people need to get your facts right.

    • Solomon Osereme Thomas, His people in Shagamu knew him. He lived briefly in Nigeria before going back to England

  • Congrats Nigerian born British boxer Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua . Dede shagamu nkie o .

  • Bros easy na, u no know say na person papa be that! U wan kill am? One day this Joshua will kill somebody on the ring. Anyways, Congregations! U made us proud again last night.

  • Joshua de beast. Congratulations!! U remain unbeatable.

  • Big up champ ……….still counting ooooo omo sagamu ………proud of you ……team Joshua I represent…… Up naija ……………

  • Congratulations

  • SMART 1 year ago

    congratulations, you have made Africa and Nigeria proud. nice one.