Takam Wants Rematch With Joshua, Blames Referee For TKO

Takam Wants Rematch With Joshua, Blames Referee For TKO

Cameroonian-born French boxer Carlos Takam says he wants a rematch with International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Association (WBA) Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua.

Takam, 36, was defeated by Joshua via technical knockout in round 10 of their world heavyweight title fight in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday night.

The knockout was Joshua’s 20th in his 20th professional boxing career, and means he still remains unbeaten.

Takam has now lost four of his 40 professional fights, winning 35.

Reacting to his loss, Takam who replaced the injured Kubrev Pulev, expressed sadness that the referee decided to stop the fight in the tenth round.

“No, I don’t think so,” Takam reacts when asked if the referee’s decision to stop the match in the 10th when Joshua swung a flurry of punches on him was fair to him.

“I don’t know why the referee stopped the match. I respect the champion and the UK fans, they are great fans and I am happy to box here. I don’t know why they stopped it.

“I want a rematch, I make my preparations with 12 days to fight Anthony. I want a rematch, I want to box him again, I want him, he is a great champion.”





  • I still don’t know why the referee stopped the fight. it was fixed for Joshua.

    • kamakazi 1 year ago

      Na so you WICKED reach, so you want Joshua THE BAD GUY to kill the man befor you satisfy. You dey say dem fix the match for JOE THE BAD GUY. I beg go sidon

    • Ariyo Benjamin O. 1 year ago

      Whether fixed or not, Akinloluwa Ajao should please keep himself abreast of Boxing officiating regulations and stop unnecessary comments about referee’s decision in a world class fight.

  • so,untill u die before ref should stop the fight.

  • TaKam is very wicked at 3round of there fight he headnote Joshua’s nose. I got my heart desire Joshua will win him again and again.

  • He wants. To make money not a remarch

  • He is very greedy.

  • Takam won my heart during that match, I like his bravery, he didn’t wanna go down easily.

  • Nigeria always defeat Cameroon come boxing oo, football ooo name it. abeg thumbs up for Joshua jare

  • Congratulations to the unbeaten Joshua

  • Joshua’s supremacy over Takam was uncompromising.
    Well done,boy!!!

  • Bros Takam, no do ooo otherwise u go collect again ooo.. Jus go relax abeg, dey don beat means sey dey don…

  • Congratulations for your job well done..thinking about rematch? Don’t worrying your self

  • datz our Nigeria born Weldon boy undefeated champion

  • Takam was very strong swift in dodging b Joshua’s blow.the ref should have allowed the fight to continue because Takam was still strong to go on although Joshua would still have won anyway but may not be by TKO cos that Takam guy was thick in the head(stubborn). I just feel for the fans who were deprived their reason for coming to watch the fight. congrat to Joshua though.

    • So that he will not live to enjoy money

    • But I believe every sports has its own rule that might have prompt the refree to stop the match, so no argument on that.

    • If takam is your blood brother will you like the fight to continue? I pity him AJ is too strong for him

    • Aj has said it all… I guess takam’s fans wanted to see him in coma!

    • Essien, your assessment of the fight is perfect, I agree with you, the referee’s intervention to stop the fight was premature, but who knows may be that is the new rules, to save the opponent from internal injury.

      • Achi 1 year ago

        So you want AJ to kill Takam in the ring? That is a saddistic act. Takam is a greedy man who wanted victory at the expense of his own life. That is not sport like. Remember Bob Marley? “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

    • I think its important we check up the reason why the Ref ended the fight. Analysis suggests Takam took a heavy punch to his right eye. AJ saw that and focused on that eye. The ref being observant saw that Takam was unable to dogde puches thrown at his right eye, ended the game to restrict further damage

    • Takams views were blurred and he couldn’t see punches nor his opponent. That was suicidal to continue because the injury would have been much. Moreover he was taken punches without throwing back. That’s enough to stop fight before someone dies and the ref would take the full blame.

    • 14 un-replied punches and u think the ref didn’t do a good job? Those days of Mike Tyson re gone, ppl will no longer die after fight.

    • Well i think the referee knows best…sometimes boxers pretend alot…

    • D Ref don’t want to miss heaven cos if Takam had died, God would have questioned the Ref for not stopping the fight.

    • So if the takam fall die inside the ring….you go say why the ref no end the fight. Na everybody wey wear clothes for street normal? He still stand mean say he go still fit fight? Look at the fight again it was completely right for the him to have ended it.

    • Fight to go on when when his eyes were hanging out

    • you are right though. i think the ref knows more. but like Emmanuel ensure said,may be thats the new rule to prevent death in the ring.

    • Some people commenting here obviously didn’t watch the match, takam was already going down before the referee saved him from going into comma and u saying he’s still strong to continue, I think u should just go and officiate the next fight.

    • What’s this new rule shit people are talking about?? It has always been the rule in boxing…. An opponent knows when he’s losing to a stronger n better side!! Some show signs of frustration when they are losing….for instance…when takam headbutted Joshua… That was totally uncalled for…and Joshua did not complain to the ref either…he instead increased the punishment he was dishing out to takam!!! Takam put up a strong opposition no doubt!! But…his strength was failing him!! To all those who wanna know y the ref stopped the match… It’s simply because the referee knew from his professional instinct at the tenth round that takam has taken enough punishment from Joshua…especially when he wasn’t replying!!!

  • Congrats, champ………team Joshua I represent…… Up naija

  • Takam shud go and treat himself, the punches he received reminds me of what samuel Peters got from the klischko brothers

  • One thing i love about joshua yesterday was when he said, it was not my duty to announce a winner, my job is to focus on my opponent and that i have done. Takam is a great fighter and i know the fans want to see him on the floor but i wasn’t the who made the dicision thank u. Again he also said this is my father fresh from Nigeria.

  • I said it before now that Cameroonian re our younger brothers no matter d Victory takam hav be enjoying as him come to fight with naija blood he must bow äd succour. All hail naijajoshua u will Neva work alone. U we rule for decay more money more fAme above all hold on to God

  • Congrate bro good work

  • Why should referee stop the fight

  • see.even if it will be rematch again and again. Nigeria is ahead of Cameroon

  • Dangote company 1 year ago


  • U try Takam buh Joshua#naija is a hardrock champ, even if u want a rematch, u will still loose…. Congratulation from World Heavyweight [email protected] Oluwafemi Joshua….. #TEAMNAIJA

  • Taken do you want Joshua to kill you before referee can end match

  • Then u should be ready to die, long life u Joshua omo wa ni ijebu ishagam. Proudly Nigeria Yoruba born, great African man.

  • On till there dispatch and remove your left eye before your mind will settle for defeat…cameroon mugu

  • Weldon Bros,congratz oohh

  • The referee wants to make heaven. How can you officiate a match that would end up in murder, with thousands of witnesses?

    Congratulations Joshua!

  • Wasiri buari 1 year ago

    Congratulation to Anthony Joshua for the victory yesterday.all what i would tell him now is that he should be careful nw, all eyes will be on him.They would like to fall him down,

  • Takem displayed bravery. The commenter called him Warrior. He fought hard,never wanted to give up the fight.Joshua landed punches on his face and head.Joshua dominated the rounds. That is why the ref decided to stop the match. He nearly fell down.Though he frustrated Joshua by taking it to round 10 and still wanting to finish the rounds.

  • Congratulations Anthony Joshua.

  • Hahaha just like takam bravery but he couldn’t ‘ve made it out of the ring a champion. Congrats to A. J thumb up here for YOU

  • Boluwaji Bamidele Kayode 1 year ago

    Takam is a great boxer, a well determined and resilient one, I think the referee should not have stopped the match but we also have to consider life in this situation, this is a boxer whose face had been punched tear and the best decision by the referee was not to prolong the fight. Kudos to Joshua and Takam…can’t wait for rematch if Joshua’s camp will be willing

  • Make u no go rest, and dey chop it apu and egusi soup.

  • Nothing like that again,UP A J

  • The cameroon guy still want rematch maybe the beating is not enough for him…up AJ omo shamgamu

  • Achi 1 year ago

    Good decision by the referee. Boxing is a game to be enjoyed; it’s not a murder sport. Takam, go treat your numerous bruises. You were wobbling all over the place. Why did your corner continue to use a blood-soaked towel? I was ashamed. Such high-staked contest? They should afford a dozen fresh towels.

  • Guy pack well

  • Oga na master

  • Congratulatione to our real man

  • Abel john 1 year ago

    the ref helped not to commit murder any way

  • The Cameroonian feel he was not well fed with Mukere (Plantain)their staple meal. He now want to commite suicide calling for return fight instead of praising Referee who saved his Life and more punishment from Nigerian King Joshua.

  • Chally Mba I can’t stop laughing, seems you have issues with that guy

  • ‘Takam’ don ‘take am’ from AJ

  • You want to die? Takam

  • Dis guy takam want to go to hell.

  • He was never a match for AJ

  • I think The ref is from nigeria ,takam need serious treatment and brain check up.

  • He didn’t know why referee stopped the match because he was in a state of confusion. The referee was so charitable to stop the match to avoid unpleasant scene

  • He should just thank his God that the officials stopped the fight on time,one can still remember that the doctors at a stage during the fight was attending to Takam when the fightbwas supposed to going on,he was bleeding profusely, he lost blood and if they allowed the fight to go on,Takam by now would have been confirmed dead in hospital, if he dares come again to fight omo baba ijebu haaa,I can bet anybody in the world AJ go kill am.

  • Na so you go dey blem ref four your defeat ,if say you wine una dey jubilate

  • Why do they always want a rematch? LMAO!

  • Takam is also a good boxer that held the boot til d tenth round everly there would be champion proud of both Joshua an adorable champion greet Nigerian luv u lik corner dance expect u of the wbc belt good luck

  • The Cameroon born still want rematch the never ending by joshua

  • Very correct..
    I was almost confused,while reading it,but peoples comment put me on track…

  • Takam no be Bakassi Penisula u dey fight for oo u wan kill ursef. Ref God go bless u for stopping the contest on time e end his life

  • Congratulation bros Anthony joshua

  • Joshua was not the referee so d referee has the finals say. Nothing like rematch please. He should accept defeat nd move on

  • This Takam really disappointed me I thought he was going to give the champ a good fight with all his talks he’s not in same class with the champ he fought dirty why? He tried cheating but the champ is too classy #based on logistics he’s been beaten twice by the champ a be YOU WAN DIE?

  • If u fight Joshua 10times my guy will surely defeat u congrat to u Antony

  • Whom on earth want Joshua to be charged for murder? After pummeling takem with enough punches that can easily send a lay man to his early grave? Up Josh man!

  • The referee was right to have stopped the fight! Takam had absolutely no chance. He was beaten blue and black and the only strength he demonstrated was his ability to absorb punches without going down. It would have been suicidal to have allowed the one-sided match to continue.

  • These cameroonians self!!!!! Nigeria be dia mate????? Rematch ten times, AJ will beat you

  • Nigerians are boastful in victory. Modesty is never our lot. I hope we learn to acknowledge the efforts and the strength of the opponent as well. Congregation to Joshua.

  • Achi 1 year ago

    Who wanted AJ to kill Takam in the ring? That is a saddistic act. Takam is a greedy man who wanted victory at the expense of his own life. That is not sport like. Remember Bob Marley? “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

  • The man should accept the reality that he lost to a better opponent n prepare well for a rematch, no excuses!

  • Did i hear rematch from takam,is he fighting for free or wt? He can’t match joshua,at all.guy pls go and relax and learn from our own Samuel peter.

  • Takam shouldn’t b complaining rather he should go & buy chicken & goat 2 tank d referee 4 saving his life

  • I pray one day, Anthony Joshua does not kill somebody in the ring with the way he is bullying his challengers

  • Takam lost for his technical​ ineptitude he was throwing punches and head butting like a woman with out direction, requesting for rematch is just a tactical way of buying time to update himself to the status of a world boxer. He would have just said i will be back like Arnold Schwarzenegger would say after every movie.

  • But Takam has gave Joshua a headbutt which can disqualified him in the match

  • This dude(C. Takam) wan die oo

  • Joshua that was rejected by officials for Olympic participation has now become the toast of Nigerians. Nobody is asking who was the official who said Joshua was not good enough to represent Nigeria in the Olympics of which he won gold.

  • Referee has discretionary rights he was on point to have stopped the fight make wetin happen to Mohammad Ali no happen to Carlos takam.

  • This takam,
    Should swallow his pride 4 once n accept d out come of d fight,

    He should try n rmb that he that fights n run away,
    Only run to fight another day.
    Congrats to A,j.

  • Joshua new black world champion like Mohammad Ali.congrat

  • Takam, its not Anthony Joshua that will kill you

  • To be sincere takam is a remarkable Fighter.i love his endurance,stubborness and balance


  • Oga Tekam….Accept defeat…..which other match do u want…..its obvious to everybody….For d fact that u did not fall down does not mean u were not defeated…..we all saw d number of punches u suffered on your direct face before d 10th round…..or do u want to suffer brain damage or die ..? Please accept defeat..

  • Thank God for sport. At least every one here is voicing good. No ethnic or religious sentiment.

  • The referee save your life. Takam, re match, in your dreams. Joshua is done wit you, NEXT level.

  • Ref, decision to end the fight was good, tekam should accept defeat.

  • I see that Takam is not scared of dying cause those punches seems to be the death pounding ones, he should have sound grateful that the referee avoided a big bad day for him

  • Thank God referee stopped that fight. Joshua already had d advantage, without referee Takam would have been dead person by now, don’t mind him.

  • The bout is not a do or die affair! There’s dignity in failure if it comes after a sincere struggle. Takam should accept defeat in the spirit of sportsmanship.

  • Takam pls u want die;the ref know better for stopping the match;so Joshua Omo ijebu atata ride on

  • Yes Takam was really a strong guy

  • No be only rematch…..when Joshua don beat u black and blue

  • Why do they always call for rematch immediately after been defeated?

  • God pls help Carlos bcus na die him dey find

  • Takam fighting back VERY well. I feel the referee stopped the match early. He should have allowed it continue even if it means Takam taking more extreme blows so that all will be convinced. Mohammed Ali got more blows than Takam in round 6 from George Foreman (Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire), all thought Ali was gone but Ali won Foreman in round 8.

  • The challenger that was trying to headboot his opponent instead of his box? For now, no rematch