AAG: Africa Table Tennis Boss Tips Nigeria To Do Well

AAG: Africa Table Tennis Boss Tips Nigeria To Do Well

President of Africa Table Tennis Federation (ATTF) Khaled El-Salhy, has tipped Nigeria as one of the countries that will light up the event at the 11th All Africa Games in Brazaville, Congo.

According to Media ATTF, El-Salhy, also believes Egypt and host, Congo, as teams who would add colour to the sport when the Games get underway.

“I am dreaming that we will continue to secure the best image and promote the interest of Table Tennis among all other sports in Congo Brazzaville. I hope we can have the best look due to top class equipment.

"I look forward to the best feedback due to the results as well as the best media coverage based on the stiff competition now among Nigeria, Egypt and Congo Brazzaville as the host and also with its new Chinese players whom are eligible to take part in the Games as per International Olympic Committee (IOC) eligibility rules, and this will make the temperature much higher in Brazzaville come September,” El-Salhy says.

He also acknowledges the crucial roles played by Nigeria and Egypt to promote the growth of the sport in Africa .

“The traditional competition between Nigeria and Egypt, and lately with Congo Brazzaville is very important to promote the game in their countries and Africa. I see that Nigeria and Egypt are the two legs of Table Tennis in Africa and they complement each other in terms of their performance at global level.”

Meanwhile, over 30 countries are expected to compete for honours in Table Tennis, at this year's edition which runs from September 4 to 19.


  • during the days of the Atanda’s the Majekodomi Egypt and Nigeria were not complimenting each other at international competitions. Then it was onesided . Unlike now.where the game of table tennis has gone down due to Government none interest in sports. I think the down ward trend started during the administration of Gen. Babangida. its state policy was government by settlement. I remember with nostalgia during my primary school days in St. Theresa’s catholic School , marine Beach Apapa-Lagos. We had Table Tenins board. That was in the seventies .During Gowon & Mobolaji’s time. Can any Government University be proud to say it has any table tennis board? Until we go back to those good old days Nigeria would continue to play second fiddle to Egypt.