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Adaeze Yobo Blasts Critics Over Husband’s Own Goal

Adaeze Yobo Blasts Critics Over Husband’s  Own Goal

By Izuchukwu Okosi:

Wife of now retired Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo, Adaeze, has launched a tirade on fans who took to Twitter and Instagram to criticise her husband for the unfortunate own goal he conceded in Nigeria’s 2-0 defeat against France in the Round of 16 on Monday.


With barely few minutes to the end of the game in Brasilia, Yobo, while attempting to intercept the ball in Nigeria’s goal area, inadvertently turned the ball into his own net to kill off any chances of the Nigerian team coming back into the game.

However, despite the commendable performance of the 33-year-old defender, disgruntled fans chose to remember his errors and not his good works and expressed their displeasure with the own goal.

That drew the ire of Adaeze, the amiable wife of the Norwich City defender who defended her husband on Tuesday morning from any wrong-doing for the French goal.

Adaeze wrote: “All you haters people that didn’t even realise it was own (an) goal at first. Heck, most of you didn’t even watch that last minute part of the match, that’s if NEPA (PHCN) gave you light to watch the game at all but as soon as they confirmed it was an own goal by Yobo, to you all are like “let’s go ham on his wife.”

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“#goodgamefrom yobo and the team #teamnigeira moving on, congrats to Joseph Yobo for being the first Nigerian player to get to 100 caps. #recordholder #dontbreak #dontevenbend #justlaughatyourbitterness,” Adaeze, a former beauty queen further said on Instagram.

Yobo had issued an apology to Nigerians via his Instagram page for his own goal in yesterday’s game against France. “Will you guys forgive him? ,” Yobo pleaded.

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  • It does’nt really matter whether he scored own goal or not,All we need to do is to appreciate him for his good work during his international playing carrer.Mr yobo. kudos for you, is not easy to reach 100 cap.

  • Honestly yobo,u shouldn’t have paid keshi or nff to play,see ur life now!well tankGOD u don leave.bye

    • Hollageeday 8 years ago

      I swear…u are brainless Joseph…What have u achieved in ur life compared with this living legend…..I pity U…U better appreciate someone whos done good rather than just running ur mouth like water corporation

  • joseph yu dont need tu be dat saucy.yobo has tried, yes he made a mistake but dats just it- a mistake. wat about d chances the attackers had tu score but wasted it? what about mikel who is short one( many even also and rightly call him the weakest link) in the team? i just hope keshi wil be sent tachtical trainin so as tu have greater depth an hope he wil source thru the country n beyond for faster ,younger an beta players tu make d team d pride of all

  • Adebisi Akeem 8 years ago

    Mr. Yobo u ve really tried,congrat.ppl doesn’t considered past.

  • obertkingsley 8 years ago

    Adeeze….or what ever your name is, that not thr reason to insult nigerianss..i.e “that is if NEPA; (PHCH) gave you light to watch the game”…….you may be living in europe where there is constant power supply, but i truely want to believe that you where once in nigeria, and if your parents where no where near “rich” you have for sure witnessed the same… i know your likes, women like you who are so quick to insult people by way of their condition…. do most times come from a very poor family……..if its so, then say “thank you lord” for Yobo.

  • lotanna 8 years ago

    @obertkingsley u’r totally correct, people dat talk like dat are people dat have sleep, eat and play wit poverty b4 dey are furtunate to see d other side of life, Adaeze u need to cordinate ur words wen u address pple, grow up. Yobo is a good player no doubt abt dat, and anybody can still make such mistake at dat point in play.

  • Yobo no mind you try best