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AFCON 2023: Alhassan Yusuf To Replace Injured Ndidi

AFCON 2023: Alhassan Yusuf To Replace Injured Ndidi

Royal Antwerp midfielder, Alhassan Yusuf has been reportedly drafted in as a replacement for Wilfred Ndidi.

Leicester City midfielder, Ndidi, according to reports has been ruled out of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations due to injury.

Ndidi missed Leicester City’s 4-1 home win over Huddersfield Town on Monday on account of the injury.

Yusuf, who was on the provisional 41-man list will now take his place in the team.

The 23-year-old is now expected to link up with the team in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Wednesday (today).

The talented midfielder is yet to be capped by the Super Eagles.

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  • Omo9ja 6 months ago

    Oga Paseiro is not smart, in my opinion. How could he include two injured players in the final Afcon list. He should ask NFF for two additional players because of injury or red card. 27-man list is allowed. Why 25 man list. The gaffer and NFF should have a rethink about this.

    Now, is Nacho fully fit, and if not, the gaffer should go for Dessers.

    We have too many aggressive players in his team, but having someone like Dessers is huge opportunities for Super Eagles. Fingers crossed. All the best Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Thank you @Omo9ja. CAF allows him to include 27 players, so why not just invite Alhassan without replacing Ndidi who could possibly get fit again before the final if we get there.

      • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

        I thought as much that a 27 would have been more sensitive but broke or dumb NFF says otherwise.

      • Omo9ja 6 months ago

        You are welcome, @Kel. Hmmm. You are very smart. That is another idea.

        It is just a pity that Amaju left us this coach kę lol.

        I’m still angry with that man called Amaju Pinnick. He has destroyed our football. Good luck to our Super Falcons.

        Well, fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Dennis 6 months ago

          @omo9ja but amaju gave Mr no nonsens,just as you requested. How did that turn out?

        • Dennis 6 months ago

          @omo9ja after amaju gave you Mr nonsense as you requested,he even picked Amunike as his assistant,which you also requested. Kindly tell us how that worked out. Nwakali was there during the last AFCON as you requested also. I’m sure we got to the quater finals with all the players and coaches you demanded for.
          I’m yet to see that other clown called jimmyball aka “let us fail with our own”

          • Thank you Dennis. I think omo9ja is just getting tensed before the tournament. He called the best option as replacement and you are still cursing the coach. Yes I agree with Kel’s suggestion. That’s wise. Just call up Yusuf without replacing ndidi. But we don’t know the extent of ndidi s injury. We don’t know the extent of nff instructions to the coach. So sometimes the coach should not always get the blame especially in this country.

            Omo9ja take it easy. We can’t replace the coach now. Let’s stop putting our attention on him.

            Let’s look at what Yusuf can do to really replace ndidi. Yusuf has the best chance of his life to do himself a world of good. Go there and just put over 100%.

            We have players who have done that over the years.

            Aghaowa, Sunday mba, ogenyi onazi etc excelled in their first afcon.

            Let us look at how the team can set up. The formation that will help us. The combination of players that will help us.

            Though I don’t like the coach but we can’t always rule out Nigerian teams. Remember this is afcon and not the world cup.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        The deadline for that has passed. What is allowed now are imjury enforced substitutions.

    • TALK UR OWN 6 months ago


  • This is just a personal opinion but I think Nwakali would have been a more suitable replacement due to skill, experience and pedigree.

    In any event, good luck to Alhassan Yusuf.

    This means, by default, Aribo and Iwobi are the first choice midfielder combo.

    Good luck Super Eagles!

    • Omo9ja 6 months ago

      You are now seeing what I’m seeing deo. We should blame Nigeria football Federation for this. Amaju Pinnick should be punished for all the calamity in the national team of ours.

      Nwakali is the best for the job. This is why I picked Nwakali to replace Ndidi while Dessers for Nacho. But the gaffer is not thinking of his opponents. Otherwise, he would have had so many different players in his squad. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

      Kelechi Nwakali is a solid player that deserves his chance in the team after moving to Portuguese Top division. Peseiro is not a technical coach so he rarely believes in creative midfielders which to me is strange and no wonder Fisayo Dele Bashiru didn’t make the cut despite leaving a positive impression on his debut. Nigeria needs Mosiame before we will make a bold impression at international stage. For now let’s be in prayer mood.

    • The funny thing is Paseiro could have still invited Nwakali, Alhassan, and one other player to replace Ndidi or still leave Ndidi in camp without violating the rules. That would give him different options and playing styles and experience levels depending on the opponent or formation for the day. But as usual he has stubbornly stuck to his gun.

      – CAF said you can take 27 players, he said, no thank you, I want 25 only.

      – NFF said Uzoho is fumbling, consider other goalkeepers, he said “Mind your own business and pay me my money.”

      – Journalists said why don’t you invite Enyeama to mentor Uzoho,he said “I don’t know who’s Enyeama” (Lol, the last Afcon-winnig goalkeeper of the team you saty you’re coaching o).

      – NFF said we’ve got Nigerian assistants for you (Finidi and Abiodun Barauwa), he said “No, I’ve got my own assistants. But if you insist, they can stay around as ball boys and collect your salaries. I don’t really need them and won’t consult them.”

      – Nigerians said “Oga, this your 4-4-2 is kind of old-school and could leave you thin and vulnerable in the middle and back.” But he just looks away.

      The man must think he’s Ancelloti or Klopp. Even Westerhoff he’s trying so much to imitate his coaching and personal styles with the NFF only became head strong after achieving an appreciable level of success and then getting the solid backing of the VP to Babangida, Augustus Aikhomu.

    • better 6 months ago


  • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

    Here’s a rare opportunity for Alhassan to prove himself under an Average Coach, I hope he grabs this rare opportunity and make Ndidi’s miss a Blessing in disguise for Team Nigeria. Alhassan Yusuf was a solid player under coach Manu Garba we shouldn’t underestimate him.

  • Daniel 6 months ago

    they ask you to take 27players but you decided to take 25! this is a sign

  • People don’t know that sticking to 25 players instead of 27 is NFF idea. They see it as another way to manage funds. It’s like Musa has volunteered to be funding his own flight payment, that’s why he’s in the list.
    But I read from many here complaining about the omission of this Yusuff belay first , now he’s here and yet Nwakali’s name is popping up again. Let Dessers be here, people will say it supposed to be Moffi, Call Dele-Bashiru and some people will prefer Tella. This is normal for a country with too many good players. I just pray the coach and his assistants get it right during the tournament. With right tactics, nothing is stopping those in the list from lifting the trophy.

    • EZOMO 6 months ago

      Exactly the reasons the coach should just stick to his gun , if he succeed fine nd if he fails all well an good life will go on

  • Ndidi Onyinye who’s been playing some leadership role in the Super Eagles over couple of games prior to now would be sorely missed in AFCON, particularly in the middle of the pack, where he bound around, covering every blade of grass. What Onyinye seems to lack in passing range, he more than makes up for with his strong physicality and fierce tackles and tireless runs.
    While it’s a swift decision to draft in Antwerp box-to-box midfielder, Alhassan Yusuf whom many have likened to Kante N’golo for his midfield qualities, yet l think it’d have been a wise decision to have included Kelechi Nwakali of Chaves to help to shore up the midfield, particularly in the area of creativity. As it stands, Iwobi looks to be the only creative hub in midfield but he’s seen to blow hot and cold in big games. Iheanacho would have been another creative outlet, however his fitness level has been a subject of controversy lately,; hope he comes through. Kelechi Nwakali has been an outstanding player with little known Chaves who’s been struggling in the Portuguese league. A review of his only outing at the last AFCON against Guinea Bissau saw his brilliant passing range and his ball distribution as well as set pieces.

    Alhassan Yusuf will be an addition to the growing number of defensive midfield players in the squad of 5 midfielders. Other midfielders are Onyedika, Onyeka, Aribo and Iwobi

  • better 6 months ago


  • MONKEY POST 6 months ago

    They should replace IHEANACHO (Doubt due to injury) with the inform and very experienced IGHALO

  • Larry 6 months ago

    Dem Don start again !
    Alhassan has played more top games than Nwakali.
    Alhassan has performed better than Nwakali in all each of the seasons in Europe.
    Alhassan is a better player than Nwakali in every aspect of the game.

    Dem Gbajue Don start again!

    Stop this crap!

  • Larry 6 months ago

    I won’t be surprised if Wilf decided to excuse himself from the team. Knowing fully well his highly discipline background, character and commitment, he is prolly protesting against the inclusion of Ekong, Musa and Uzoho ahead of Balogun(his comrade), Moffi (a top player, and Adelete (The best Nigerian GK in the past 2 seasons).
    Will will rather focus on his future career and club career than wasting his time going on a headless voyage with prolly the most corrupt coaching crew and association in the world.
    Read between the lines!

    • Larry,

      This is an astonishing statement Larry. I don’t think Ndidi is that sort of guy. Ekong, Musa and Uzoho are longstanding colleagues of Ndidi. He would never excuse himself from national duty on the account of his colleagues’ inclusion and exclusion.

      Calling this Afcon campaign a headless voyage is beneath your usually high standards.

      Let’s wish the Super Eagles a successful tournament. Negativity will be not get us anywhere.

      • Glory 6 months ago

        Thumbs up brodaman @Deo. I love such positive mindset.

      • @Deo I may have to agree with Larry believe you me the players are not blind and follow ball as we all know who is in form and who is not so do the players as we all know Musa is being Criminally elvated by NFF and Nigeria Government irrespective of his dwindling form and age so do the players

        KENNETH Omeruo who is a long standing colleague of Musa and who knows as well as I do that Victor Moses was more deadly than Musa will ever be recently posted an update of his arrival in Abu Dhabi alongside Boniface Musa and Co tagged everybody in the picture except of Musa

        Ndidi was made captain of recent of SE the same Ndidi who knows that Musa cannot make the cut at Leicester City now has to hand over the armband to a below average player who is not worth his place and take orders from him. Tell me if you were Ndidi will you be happy?.

        Let us not be fooling ourselfs bikonu

        NfF and Pesiero are causing unnecessary friction in Camp for no reason as I said Nigeria is Nigeria’s problem and we always sabotaging ourselves otherwise what business does Musa have in SE in 2024. A player who publicly stated he would retire in 2021 already then becUse of the pressure of his unmerited continuous call up for National duty

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Hahahahaha…..even an imbecile tells sweeter and more belivable lies.

          Seen the amount of saliva you just drooled out of your stinky guts just to force the narative of displeasure in the SE campus…..LMAOoo.

          Osimhen, Africans current best player, a few days ago on live radio, without being prompted restated and reemphasized how much regards and respect Musa commands in camp from the same teamates you want to lie to the world that they are dissatisfied with his presence….LMAOoo

          Don’t worry…Continue conjoring your lies by moonlight ehn…LMAOoo…e never pain you reach….if ẹ pain you well well you go still jump for front of moving tram.

          • @Dr Drey as usual your smelly yansh has popped its ugly ass again. What sweeter stories you think you know more about ball than me… what

            Oh you think Osimhen will say anything less as the intellectual person that he is and knowing the volatility of NFF and Some Nigerians like your pauper self you ingrate

            It doesn’t pain me in tbe slightest but I wont keep mute because I know Nigeria is made up of some dead brains brick heads like you. Or you think Ndidi is stupid.

            What do I expect from you Yoruba man. I dont expect anything else after all you and aboki are one anumanu

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            Hahahaha…useless fool. Cheap tribal bigot….LMAOoo

            As you no get evidence you go explain, explain, explain, you go explain taya….LMAOoo

            You have run out of lies kwanu…LMAOoo. You think osimhen is an idiot like you….LMAOoo

            It was the same you who once lied to us that Ndidi connived with Rohr to lie he was injured so he can be absent from the SE and play for LCFC…LMAOoo. ..only for the media to confirm the dude was truly gonna be out for weeks…..LMAOoo.

            Once again…even an imbecile will tell better lies than a bastard like you.

            To an idiot like you, Ndidi will intentionally pull out of an international tournament like AFCON because of a captain’s armband he doesn’t even own yet…LMAOoo.
            That’s how daft you are….LMAOoo.

            It just pains me that some people ctually rejoiced they’ve just had a son when you were born….LMAOoo. Say a waste of their joy and energy….LMAOoo

            I have too many acquitances across ethnic and racial lines for me to descend into tribal tirades with a dog like you.

            You should have committed suicide the day you saw the name of the SE captain on the AFCON squadlist….LMAOoo.

            Senseless product of a worn out condom.

          • Abdul Handsy 6 months ago

            It is a perfect replacement in terms of similarities and for me , Yusuf is better than Ndidi but those of you who don’t really watch football with keen interest to players details will not understand this my factual assertion.

            Yusuf has all the attributes Ndidi has but Ndidi doesn’t have some of the attributes Yusuf has. Yusuf invite to the super Eagles this time is long overdue. The only little issue here is that I would have wished Yusuf had been blended to this team before now!

            Many of you guys who have known Ndidi for quite some age now so, I understand that it might be difficult for you to concur with me. Yusuf is worthy of giving super eagles in this upcoming AFCON what exactly Kante was to the french national team in the 2018 WC…..

            The replacement of Ndidi is a wonderful blessing in disguise but I wished both Yusuf and Ndidi are here together….

      • Larry 6 months ago

        @deo, fingers crossed.
        Go watch Wilf’s reactions to the cheapies conceeded by Uzohobasket.
        Go ask some corrupt journalist and nff members about Wilf’s attitude to them.
        There is a difference between friendship and philosophy, to some people philosophy defines friendship.
        My standard remains high, the reason why I don’t support unholy actions. In my initial analysis, I rated the selection as 80% B Grade. 20% of the team is defected.
        Keshi didn’t have upto this grade but he displayed Street smartness and mental strength to bring out the best the M4 (Mikel, Mba, Musa, and Moses) and Emenike to win the trophy.
        The end justifies the means.

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          So this is all your evidence to back up your humongous lie that Ndidi angrily pulled out of playing at AFCON…..LMAOoo

          I supposed these are the reasons he also angrily upulled out of Leicester’s last match and the next few games of too right….LMAOoo

          I commend the wisdom in your thoughts ey. A player who would soon be a free agent intentionally pulled out of a chance to further showcase himself in a FIFA grade A tournament because the substantive captain of the team, the most consistent CB in the team in European Competitions this season, and the 1st choice Gk in the team were called up…..LMAOoo

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        Hahahaha Deo….that sounded like a Baba Aluwe masterpiece fable right…LMAOoo.

        A player who is 100% guaranteed of starting every game at this AFCON wilfully pulled out of the 2nd biggest national team tournament he will ever play in his career, because 3 of his longest serving colleagues were called up…..LMAOoo

        I can’t stop laughing….LMAOoo

        Truly, out of the “abundance” of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

        That was how they also once lied to us that Rohr and Wilfred connived to fake an injury sọ that Ndidi would be available to Rodgers in the next league game only for news to break the dude would be out for 4 weeks or thereabout…LMAOoo.

        By the words of their mouth, yẹ shall know the content (or lack of it) of their brains…LMAOoo.

  • Alhassan yusuf is more of an attacking midfielder not good as defensive midfield in a 4231.havent seen a proper defensive midfielder who can do dirty work like Mikel obi or ndidi others are prone to move forward out of position and i don’t know if peseiro can fix that even iwobi is an attacking midfielder. Think naija coaches

  • Papafem 6 months ago

    CAF allowed 55 players, you named 41 as if all of them will be in camp at the same time, They allowed 27 players for the tournament proper but you called only 25, wasting two spaces. Now injury crisis is brewing, making the idea behind the initial 55 and later the 27 brilliant. What exactly are the Nff and Peseiro up to? To sabotage the country and disgrace us? I forsee more injuries and NFF should take the blame if this later affected our chances of going far in the tournament.

  • Footballfanatic 6 months ago

    You can call me names, but I think Ndidi’s injury is suspicious, Leceister are chasing promotion…. Watch him get fit in 2 weeks lol. Their coach already said the NFF will send them back and he thinks they won’t make it due to injury or age is catching up with him, Dude has been getting injured and missing more crucial games for Nigeria than his club in the last 3 years.

  • EZOMO 6 months ago

    Exactly the reasons the coach should just stick to his gun , if he succeed fine nd if he fails all well an good life will go on

  • Collins Id 6 months ago

    I think the selection is good enough , i still like pesero for his good selections and substitutions, he is always on spot on that, my only problem is his 442 formation, if we want to be honest selecting ndidi ahead of alhassan yusuf was sentimental, not to talk of nwakali who is struggling with his team in the portuguis relegation zone, alhassan is only second to iwobi in our midfield ranking and thats bcos iwobi plays consistently in the premierleague, alhassan is the only Nigerian midfielder in the championsleague this season, played, assisted and scored, he plays for the belgium champion, he is skillfull and posseses high quality to be compared to ngolo kante, how can you put such midfielder behind aribo and ndidi who are second division players and both have been less effective for national duties in the past two years. Alhasan replacing ndidi is a blessing for sure, onyeka the tank can cover for ndidi without much differences, i would invite nwakali only to replace bruno onyemeachi to increase the midfielders to six, the team doesnt really need bruno at this stage, bruno is still young and it doesnt matter if he is droped, aina and bassey can cover the left back for saidu if necesary awaziem can cover rightback for aina and osayi, bruno is supplus to requirement at this stage, nwakali should have taken that spot, as for nwakali i think pesero ingnored him because the other midfielders in the team are ahead of him, onyedika posseses his passes and movements qualities and added ruggedity to it, the only missing part is nwakali set piece and corner kicks ability, talking of set piece we cant afford to lose the two kelechis, bcos they are the only two setpiece takers in the team, if iheanacho must be droped due to injury, then nwakali have to replace him, to add quality to the middlemen,
    enough of the dessers and moffi calls those guys had their chances and couldnt do much, boniface sadiq and osihmen is good enough strikers for afcon, i think they are our best strikers available.

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