Amokachi Set For First Match In Finland As Hercules Coach

Amokachi Set For First Match In Finland As Hercules Coach

By Johnny Edward:


Former Nigeria assistant coach, Daniel Amokachi will take charge of his first JS Hercules game on Saturday, three weeks after his appointed as coach of the newly promoted Finnish division two outfit.


Amokachi who added two young players; Santeri Ukkola, 17 and Arttu Haapala, 19 to his squad, will lead out his team against AC Takinkääntäjät, whom were promoted to 3rd Division for season 2016, in a friendly match on Saturday at Heinäpää indoor arena, the club's official website has announced.


The former Everton star also explained reasons for his new methods in training. He said: “My first day at the job, I doubled the amount of training session because I want to have the most athletic team in the league with stamina to run other teams over,” he told the club's website.


Meanwhile, his two new acquisitions at the club; Ukkola and Haapala are prepared to make a progress with Amokachi.


Hercules just signed two new faces to the squad – Santeri Ukkola, 17, and Arttu Haapala, 19, both want to make a progress and take the next step. 


“I like Amokachi’s high-demand level. "The tempo has been high and Daniel will give you instant feedback, if your level is not what is required,” adds central defender Ukkola.


Also Haapala also likes the high-demand level. He said: “I want to develop myself as a player, and having determined and demanding coach will definitely help,”


“Personally I feel that due to this opportunity I want to give everything on the pitch when playing or training and thus making myself a better player”, Haapala who is an attacking midfielder was quoted on the club's website.​