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Amrouche: Why I Quit My Position As Libya Coach

Amrouche: Why I Quit My Position As Libya Coach

Adel Amrouche has revealed that he quit his position as head coach of the Libya national team over interference in his job and the failure of the soccer authorities to pay his salary for the past six months, reports Completesportsnigeria. com.

Amrouche left his post on Tuesday, four days to the Mediterranean Knights’ crucial 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying fixture against the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Akwa Ibom International Stadium, Uyo.


The North Africans will host the Super Eagles in the reverse fixture on October 16 in Sfax, Tunisia.

The Algerian tactician’s reign as the Mediterranean Knights of Libya coach lasted only six months.

“The first problem is about my two assistants. It was stipulated in my contract that I will be the one to pay the assistants, but the flight tickets and hotel accommodation was to be sorted by the federation in all games and camp meetings,” Amrouche told Soka25east.com.

“After our game against South Africa some people in the federation took a decision to stop my two assistants from working for no apparent reason because they prefer bringing their own friends to do nothing to the team but to earn money.That is a big joke.

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“How would I work effectively without the very same people that help me work effectively job as Libya coach.”

Amrouche speaks about the failure of the Libya Football Federation to meet up with their financial obligation to him.

“I have been working for six months without a single coin paid to me and I have still been able to give 100 percent. I love my job and sometimes its not all about money, but principles must be followed or else people will take you for a ride,” Amrouche added.

“I had already built a very strong team and many Libyans were happy as they had never seen them play that level of game, but suddenly some people at the federation decided to interfere with my job, they even wanted some particular players which to me is next to impossible.

“I cannot work in such conditions, that is why I have decided enough is enough as you know I was not given the name Architect for no reason, its because I like to perform.”

Libya top Group E with four points from one win and a draw from their opening two games in the qualifiers.

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  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    You now see what happens to people who boast against the super eagles. You’ll get disgraced either before or after the match. I hope you’ve learnt your lessons,Mr juju man.

  • balorx 4 years ago

    i like that man……. you hit them where it hurt most!

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    Most fans on this forum may hate me for what I am about to say, but I will say it anyway:If this man were to be our coach, he would get better results than Mr. Rohr.

    He is confident, he knows how to play mind games (remember his comments after the South Africa game?) and he knows how to motivate his players.

    If you doubt the above, please compare the Libyan team of 6 months ago with the one he has just left. The difference is clear.

    I am glad he is no longer their coach. It’s time to whip them silly.

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 4 years ago

    If ever Rohr is fired and we decide to look for another coach, this is our man. He seemed to have turned Libya around without salary for so long. If somebody is pushing Ighalo on us or Ighalo is bribing the coach, surely this Libyan guy, will not succumb for that. Another point, will Rohr work for two months without pay ? Of course not. With smooth footballing environment now prevailing in Nigeria at the moment, this kind of guy will, perhaps, bring our football to the Golden days.

  • matsho 4 years ago

    Who will be your coach? Forget about it,he’ll be exposed at the highest level of football like world cup the same way Rohr was exposed at the world cup.Playing against Seychelles and S’Africa is different from playing at the World Cup.I can tell you that even if he didn’t resign,he’ll still be beaten by the Super Eagles.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I like your spirit coach. This is what kind of coach we need for the Super Eagles.

    Ask yourselves if we have this kind of coach presently. A coach who snubbed Onyekuru for Ighalo and benching Ogu for no reasons is quite frustrating. Can we imagine that bah?

    Chai, Simmy did not play enough and Coach Rohr stopped inviting him but still inviting Ighalo?

    Ighalo is scoring goals every week, Sir Rohr forgetting that he only good at club level not at the national team.

    Corruption is too much in this country. Sorry, we don’t have a coach who can do this Nigeria. The Libyan coach is really bold to make a decision and stood by it.

    @Bomboy, well spoken bro. You are now seeing what I’m seeing. That is 9ja for us all. Majority of his fans are hiding somewhere now lol.

    Nigeria still have a long way to go if we refuse to do our things accordingly. Mr. Amrouche, you have done well. You are a super hero coach.
    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hahahaha…all of a sudden Amrouche has not become the best coach in the world that will win the world cup for the super eagles. A man who has coached 4 african nations without qualifying any of them for any major championship (i stand to be corrected)…a coach whose best achievement is securing a 1-1 draw in calabar with the Kenyan national team. He is now better than a coach who has been to the world cup. Honestly, i marvel at our thought processes in Nigeria.

    • Bomboy 4 years ago

      No one said he would win the work cup, and he is certainly not the best coach in the world. However, we wish our coach was as passionate and confident as the Libyan coach. Moreover, Rohr is working under a near perfect condition in Nigeria without any interferance from the NFF but this man has worked for 6 months without any pay, yet his team is above the Super Eagles in the qualifying group.

      Amrouche is a good coach, and in my humble opinion (which I am entitled to), he is better than Rohr.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        you have forgotten that G.Rohr was not paid for the 1st six months he spent on the job…??? yet he made no fuse about it. Infact all the SE national team coaches recieved their 100% emoluments only just b4 the world cup…thanks to FIFA qualification windfall. Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but a credible method of evaluating who is better is by putting their records side by side…..and i’m sorry about that bro. G.Rohr unfortunately for u has a far bigger and better profile that your mouthy amrouche. Enu o shey. Coaching is not all about bragging and displace of braggadoccio

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 4 years ago

    I still maintain my stand, which some folks agreed with. If two scenarios emerges, that (a) Nigeria draw with Libya at home on Saturday and/or draw at away. (b) Rohr places Ighalo and he fails to score, which may likely happen, and as a result of that, Nigeria fails to qualify for Cameroon next year then, every Nigerian will surely blame Rohr and Ighalo for the failure. Don’t forget the two scenarios may be possible. This is football. It may then be possible for the NFF to sack Rohr and go for Amrouche.

    Hay, didn’t the South African Coach bragged before he came to Nigeria and he actually beat Nigeria at home for the first time in their history?. Every coach can say whatever they want to say. If Rohr doesn’t brag, it is his own choice.