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Amuneke: Super Eagles Will Improve With More Creative Players, Good Strikers

Amuneke: Super Eagles Will Improve With More Creative Players, Good Strikers

By Johnny Edward:

FIFA Technical Study group member, Emmanuel Amuneke has urged the handler of the Super Eagles Gernot Rohr to inject more creative midfielders in the team ahead of their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Seychelles.

The Super Eagles failed to make it out of the group stages of the World Cup for the third time in six appearances at the FIFA World Cup and Amuneke who is in the five-man FIFA Technical Study group revealed that the team missed out due to little details.

Nigeria lost 2-0 to Croatia in their opening game but bounced back to beat Iceland to boost their chances of qualifying for the next round, that was truncated by their 2-1 loss to Argentina.

“It was a good try. We were close, yet still far off,” Amuneke told CSN.

“We have seen some lapses and must correct them and inject fresh ideas to compete well against other teams that set up their team to nullify our threats.

“There were lots of positives from the tournament on the part of the Super Eagles which they must build on just like the creative aspect and the attack.”

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  • Everything about diz team is wrong
    Agali wrong man for scout.
    Rohr wrong coach
    Yusuf two blind men cannot lead each other thats why they both fall easily.

    Dis 3 men need to change instant.

  • akpokiniovo Sunday 3 years ago

    Amunike has said it all. We need some skillful and creative players in our team. We use to have them, and I know they are still there. And like he also rightly said, clinical finishers are required in the Super Eagles. We shouldn’t bank on just one person that can score goals. Skill and creativity is key.

  • We should call Rabiu Ibrahim. He is skillful and Gbolahan Salami, he is clinical.

  • 1. The coach should be allowed to continue. (He is now a world cup coach. Dont let others reap what we have sown).
    2. Creative midfielders-yes. Kelechi Nwakali & Usman Moh’d should be invited immediately for the CAN qualifiers.
    3. A natural left footed left full back/wing back is urgently needed. How do you expect an eagle to fly with one wing? Pls consider grooming Ikouwem Udoh, Kingsley Madu, Chima Akas or going to resurrect the career of Samuel Okon (of the 2013 eaglets)
    4. This is the time to invite the 2 half caste but Naija-loyal goal keepers from Germany and Switzerland that the press were hyping. Let our problem next time around be stiff competition not lack of it as was the case in the build up to this world cup.
    5. Striker yes- If Cyril Dessers and Bonaventure of the Belgian league are as good as the press say they are, pls invite them. Just get a striker ASAP. Give Simy a chance.

  • Chidi 3 years ago

    At olayinka u r spot on

  • @Olayinka with this Coach? I beg to differ Rohr has nothing to Offer , He’s now a world cup Coach I here you bro but pls give these same support given to him to our own Coach’s they will take us to Glory period. Look at the England team make up is there a Star players there? The answer is no but Gareth Southgate knows the strength of his young players and explore their strength which is the Air Attack and it works for them ,Today they are in the Semi Finals. Rohr is still experimenting with our players . Greed and Nepotism is why we can’t support our own Coach’s to succeed, The End of this 2018 Edition will still prove to you all that winning the World Cup with a Foreign Coach is a Tall Mountain to Climb even Belgium with all its Super Squad will not Archive that either so earlier we look inwards the better for us. Garnot Rohr is a misfit for our Talented Players.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Mr. Amuneke have seen it all. The Super Eagles team need help. I wouldn’t mind if NFF hired our ex players. If Peter Rufai can help, he should be our next goalkeeper trainer. What we all saying is that we want Eagles to fly higher than this. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    Anyone still clamouring for Coach Rohr to be sacked is completely out of his/her mind. C’mon we are moving forward not backward. If we sack the Coach now, where do the new coach starts from? with a new team? Coach GR has seen his mistake and am sure they won’t be repeated. Whereas, we are out of FIFA 2018 WORLD CUP and What is ahead of us now is to qualify and win AFCON 2019. So let discuss players we feel can be a great addition to the team and those we feel are in the team now but needs to be eased off. Note: whenever we miss out of AFCON, our comeback is always to take the trophy so i feel we’ll all cheer our darling Eagles soon.
    #September qualifiers on ma mind

  • This Rohr is big disaster.
    Imagine England that we rattled in the second half of that friendly match, see them in the semi final.

    Rohr is such a slow learner. No Nigerian coach has had 4 to 5 grade A friendlies, plus a camping before the world cup.
    No team has gone to the world cup without a money issue.
    No coach has had a free hand like Rohr.
    Yet he failed.
    If he could not learn from all the friendly match losses, and did the same mumu against croatia, he should go and rest.
    Pay him off, let him go.

    Bring siasia and Amuneke and nduka ugbade,send Efan Ekoku and John Fashonu to scout for players abroad.

    Failure is failure, we should not celebrate or reward failure, just like the APC.

  • the earlier we realise that we have only bunch of average players who are no where near the glorious set of the 90s the better for us..bring a Mourinho together with an arsene this set of boys cant give more than they can offer..they are more particular about the money rather than uping their game to be at par with the set of the 90s..we keep repeating this same thing everytime we fail to do well by calling for the head of coaches rather than doin a thorough appraisal of the payers and accepting the fact that these guys are not good enough or have refused to go to the next level..if only we know the mindset of most of these players we would understand better…kanu moved from iwuanyanwu to ajax..oruma moved to lens..babayaro to anderletch…ojigwe to kaiserslautern..and in few years they became big hits in europe..how many of our allconquering eaglets from 2007 till date went to become big hits with their european sides..these are things we need to look at..its beyond a coaching problem

  • Abdul andah 3 years ago

    Since our coach said he will only stick with those players who qualified super eagles to the world cup then I knew that he was not ready to perform well in the tournament that’s eventually what we can see at the end if it all. Imagine the introduction of
    Cyriel dessers against Argentina that night at the expense of the so wasteful and useless ighalo the result would have been different.
    I am not really expecting anything special from that man called gernot Rohr.
    I have never in my entire past life watching my darling super eagles playing a match with so much fear and nervousness.
    He said Nigeria players are too young to perform creditably well then I asked are the super eagles players younger than mbape, lingard and so many other players still present in the world cup?
    I missed Henry onyekuru,
    I missed Samuel Kalu,
    I missed Cyriel dessers,
    I missed kayode olanrewaju,
    I missed Hillary chakwah gong,
    I missed Musa Muhammed,
    If Rohr can’t scout by himself he should contact me. I can do a better job than Victor Aghali.

    • Most of the ppl u listed here are below average players. Have u watched any of them play? Or are u relying on our naija news? Maybe Henry Onyekuru and Musa Muhammad, who are at best average. The rest no reach abeg. I personally believe that we have home based talents that can supplement the current squad. There used to be a certain Chikatara, who was ruthless in front of goal. Where is he? Some of these players r good in the national team colours, others r good for the clubs while others perform for both club nd country.

  • Every team play Grade A friendly before the the start of World cup and most of them are at home presently. Do you know how many friendly matches England used to play. In fact i wred of recent in one of their daily that they will play another friendly match in September. Imagine the kind suffering they have experienced before getting to where they are presently despite the fact that they have the best league and FA. Nigeria can attain the same feet in no distance time if we can work hard. We have all the Arsenal like them too

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hahahaha…some people said we should recall rabiu ibrahim….let me also join my voice with theirs to add that we also need to recall the likes of Jayjay okocha, Julius aghaowa, Celestine babayaro and Segun Odegbami. I laff nor be small…!

    • Hey ….. Just when I thought you had been involved in an unfortunate incidence.
      I see not a day has passed without you thinking of me, darling.
      In your first entry in a while, you had to respond to my contribution in a desperate attempt to rekindle our rivalry.
      (When I start, many will then take me as the trouble maker – typical!!!)
      Guess what, I have a song for you ,Mr Football Analyst and here goes:

      Guess who’s back, back again, Drey is back, tell a friend, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, tadadada….

      Till we meet again,
      Yours in combat.
      Ashy Slashy.

      I have missed you though. I look forward to more meaningful exchanges my friend.

      Ha ha ha.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahaha….Of course i was involved in an unfortunate incidence. Cant you see I’m dead already. First, I got choked while eating. As if that wasn’t enough, one of the many thunders you sent to me struck me. Lolz.
        I wish you were a lady, i would have invited you over for a weeklong holiday in the Bahamas.

        • That’s my man, never fails to dissapoiment. Guess what, I don’t have to be a lady to come with you for a weekend made in paradise. I can have you just the way you are.
          I have another song for you my dear Dr Drey. Here it goes:
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          Cause you know just what to say and you know just what to do
          And I want to tell you so much, I love you

        • I do love you. You see, you and I are like kindred spirits. You see one, the other shows.
          For many weeks I wondered, where is Drey and then a revelation came to me.
          Ashy, the voice said, post a ludicrous entry and your partner in crime will respond.
          I then posted my entry above and like flies to shit, you emerged.
          You never fail to dissapoiment me and guess what, I love you for it.
          Kiss kiss kiss…..

          Tell me a secret, did you miss me ?

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            ….and then u get angry when I say you smoke weed…??? Like seriously….??? Lolz

          • Aww…. I won’t be angry with you. Regarding the weed, a friend of mine once said that ‘it takes one to know one’. You and I are one of a kind. Do you remember how our relationship started; but of course you do, you bookmarked the page to memorialise it. I offered a view you about Uzoho, you aksed me a question, I resopnded and you pounced.

            I did get angry back then but it then occurred to me that of all the people who responded negatively to my entry, only you and I forged a lasting rivalry from it which then aptly leads me to my next song: Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (they smoked weed like you and I accused each other of). It is called ‘ we have something in common’. One, Two, One, two, three, go:

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          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hmmmm….This one is strong…!!! Eleyii Gidi gan…!!!
            Cmon Ashy…..why wont i know one. I’ve spent all my life learning remote symptomatic prognosis in humans, so I can even smell ‘one’ from afar.
            But boy…..You are damn good singer, sorry…lyricist. And this part of you sure appeals more to everyone here than the naughty facade…or cant you see CSN has not yanked off your posts from the platform. We sure do have lots in common…akin to a prophet and white clothes or a Litster and dye

          • Indeed we do my brother. like terms attract which is why only you can have my time. I have always attracted you, from the first time you responded to my post, then, that was not enough, you then responded on behalf of others. I sold you a dummy in Rabiu Ibrahim and you bought it.Then you claimed to have bookmarked my posts so it can forever remind you of your encounter with your alter ego.
            I can see you are getting so much kick from this as I am. Two sick individuals that belong in a mental institution.
            I did look forward to favourable exchanges and you never dissapoint. You are my friend, my brother, behind that farcade of football analyst is Mr Hyde. People see you for what you choose to portray yourself, Dr Jekyll but to those of us who know you, you are Mr Hyde. Only you can engage me. I really like you. I really don’t want this moment to stop.
            Come on, continue to show your “fans” the other side to you. Let contributors see the kind of company that you keep.

  • Kendo 3 years ago

    After Nigeria was drawn in the group plot death for the African world cup qualifiers with Cameroon and Algeria,Rohr expressed optimism and confidence that we would qualify from the group. We did this in spectacular way with a match to spare.
    When Russia 2018 came,Rohr started preaching that the team was young and will be fully ready by 2022 world cup.
    Mikel the captain too started echoing that line of thought.
    If a coach and the captain were talking of the team being young and 2022 world cup,then why should we have expected much from the team at Russia?
    Simple put the mentality or psychological conditioning of the coach to give all at this world cup was not there!!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Exactly bro. Exactly. England also has a pretty young team, very unlike English teams at the world cup. For the 1st time in a long while we are seeing players from clubs like Liecester city, Everton, Stoke city, playing in the three lions at the world cup. But you see them playing with a lot of belief, which has even rubbed off on the fans to the point where they now sing “Football is coming home”. They really believe they can win this world cup, and no one can fault them for doing so. That a team is young does not make an excuse for abysmal performances on the pitch. the Ajax team that won the UCL in 1995 were filled with 18 and 19 year olds. They went ahead to loose the final of the 1996 edition to Juventus only on penalties.

      • Birikiti 3 years ago

        Absolutely spot on.

        I believe our team, though “ÿoung”, could still have had a better impact at this World Cup with better choice of playing personnel, tactics and game management techniques.

        For one, i prefered us playing with strikers that are hustlers; mobile, fast, full of running and always harassing defenders. Iheanacho and Ighalo won’t do that for you but Olarewaju Kayode, Isaac Success, Junior Ajayi will! Ahmed Musa’s good performance shows that’s the type of strikers needed. Imagine any of these other “hustlers” partnering Musa upfront against Argentina….enough said.

        Also, we need to agree that 3-5-2 formation is the best for Nigeria at the moment. We played better with that formation in our friendlies and tournament proper. It’s been a long time coming, since Bonfrere Jo won the olympics in 1996 using the formation as a joker versus Brazil & Argentina in the Semis and Finals respectively. Philippe Troussier also used it to qualify the Super Eagles for 1998 world cup (with a game to spare) before he was booted out f0r Mulitino-nsense!

        Lastly, we need to build confidence in possession for our team! We were giving the ball away too easily, no plan or orchestration of play. A good ball playing midfielder would have solved that & the only ones with talents close to this are the youngster kelechi Nwakali and largely forgotten Obinna Nwobodo. Confident in possession, eye for the killer pass, goal scoring and ability to dictate pace of game.

        If Rohr, improves his team along these lines, Super Eagles will be fine, very fine

      • Knock Knock knock….

  • I toast to you Dr Drey, from one sports fan to another.

  • Hey Dr Drey what happened? I have never known you to run out of steam.
    No reply from you???? My kindred spirit.
    What do I need to do to bring you out of your shell this time?
    I don’t think the Rabiu Ibrahim contribution trick will work again. I have to think of something new.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Duty calls bro…..duty calls. But you know i’ll always attend to you whenever you need me. So, on that, u can count on me…I am a thorough-bred professional.

      • Yes, my hero….

      • I apologize, if you are going to be away for a considerable length again, tell so I know to wait.
        I know I can always count on you. Only you can drop it like it’s hot. Ha ha ha.
        Confess, other coming here to share your knowledge of football, you also come to engage like minded people like myself don’t you.
        You want me, you got me. I’m packed in all the flavours you need so give it to me, like only you can.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          bring it on boy….time is but a luxury

          • Why did you have to keep me waiting so long brother? Anyways My love for you remains strong today as the day you responded to my initial comments with insults.

          • You kept me waiting far too long. We will meet again, won’t we? Of course we will. All I have to do is make a whimsical comments and your ears will raise like a dog.
            Tell me, why do you find me so irresistible? What’s the fascination?
            What’s the allure? It wasn’t enough to respond to me directly you had to respond via my reply to others? Well, I love you for it.

  • Chika Andrew 3 years ago

    I strongly agreed that Coach Rohr is very slow to learn. During the friendly games, your striker (Igalo or Ighalo) did not score a single goal but the coach continued playing him. He benched Iwobi, who scored goals during friendly and Iwobi plays 1st team with his club in England. Unbelievable. Then, there is Idowu, very immature with his play. Igalo & Idowu are his (Rohr) favorites. In attack or forward, play Iwobi on the left, try Simmy Nwankwo in the middle & Musa on the right. in the midfield: Etebo, Onazi, Ndidi, Mikel & Moses. In the defense: Omerue, Ekong & Ebuhi (Tyrone). Shehu is good, too.

  • Henry 3 years ago

    you are right my friend. he made too many blunders against argentina…another was he should ve settled for the draw, by putting in Ogu for Musa at 80 mins. Also Simeon Nwankwo for Iheanacho. Everyone but him saw that joel obi was garbage. The only reason he took him was reputation and the only reason he didnt trust Ogu to come in against Argentina was club reputation. He was looking for a big star to bring in, which was wrong. He didnt accept the players as they are. I think with same backing and support, Siasia would have done better.

    I pity Ogu, he is such a powerful and quality player but ve not met a good nigerian coach that trust hime enough to put him in that midfield. Keshi dropped him for Reuben Gabriel in 2014. nd in 2018, was not given a run. he will be 34 next world cup and i hope he is available because his experience and long range shooting will be key.