Angola Coach Vasiljevic Sad, Blames ‘Unfavourable Football’ For CHAN 2018 Q-Final Defeat To Nigeria

Angola Coach Vasiljevic Sad,  Blames ‘Unfavourable Football’ For CHAN 2018 Q-Final Defeat To Nigeria

By Adeboye Amosu: Angola head coach, Srdan Vasiljevic, is disappointed to see his team bow out of the 2018 African Nations Championship after their 2-1 defeat to Nigeria on Sunday, but hopes they can learn from the experience in the future, reports (CSN).
The Palancas Negras took an early second half lead through Vladimir Va after substitute Timothy Danladi’s  clearance bounced off him and went past goalkeeper Ikechukwu Ezenwa.
Nigeria however scored a late equaliser through Anthony Okpotu before winning the contest following an extra-time goal by substitute Gabriel Okechukwu.
“Football is sometimes not favourable. We scored and Nigeria equalized in the last minute before winning it in extra time,” Vasiljevic stated during his post match interaction with the media.
“We thought it was enough to hold on for a win but it wasn’t enough and we lost. I hoped to have a good result, but this is football for you.
“The tournament provides us with a lot of experience which will help us going forward because this is a tournament that gives great experience to the players.”


  • ako amadi 12 months ago

    The Angola goal was an accidental discharge, and they paid for it in the end. They played well, missed as many chances as the Super Eagles did, and finally, the uncertain outcomes of football did not favour them. Tough luck!!

  • This coach should take consolation that he nearly, just nearly, pull an offset. Even as it is he tried. His résumé is swollen now.
    Employer: what high profile match was the most difficuk one you ever led a team agaibst?
    Coach Srdan: Against Nigeria of course.
    Employer: why do you chose that match?
    Coach: my team scored at the 56th minute and we held on up to the 90th minute. It was tension soaked. Just at the dot, this boy just faked one, two of my players and with a relaxed face salo my goalkeeper. I cannot forget that day.
    Employer: what happened.
    Coach: This was the qfinals. The match has to be dragged in extra time. By now my boys have given up hope. I saw it on their faces during the pep talk before the start of the extra time. During the match I nearly have my throat pulled out shouting instructions after instructions. They held on until the 110th minutes. Ivwill never forget that boy’s name- Gabriel. He made me remember that angel’s name in the Bible. So that was that.
    Employer: ‘if you are given this job, how will you put this experience to the betterment of our country?’
    Coach: ‘if the pay is ok I will like to go to Nigeria and persuade that Nigerian coach to come on board.’
    Employer: ‘will like to be an assistant when he is already a national team coach?’
    Coach: ‘Nigerians will not mind. They love money. He will come. I have my contacts in Nigeria.’
    Employer: ‘congratulations, you have the job and expect all the assistant you need from our federation and President.’
    This is futbol. Next time please. Bye-bye my dear Angola. Sudan 0-2 Nigeria; Nigeria 2-1 Morocco/Libya to lift the CHAN 2018 cup.

  • When mercy of God is not for you, you can loss at the dying minutes even when you thought you have seen the end of your winning