Arsenal Fan Creates Arsenal Exam For His Girlfriend

Arsenal Fan Creates Arsenal Exam For His Girlfriend

Twitter user @saskiaisabxlla was given the not entirely serious test – complete with cover sheet and with 50 available marks – for reasons unknown, but which possibly include boredom, something to do with being a teacher, and an obsession with Arsenal which may legitimately require intervention.













Saskia has gone to great lengths on Twitter to ensure those who have seen her series of tweets realise this is not her usual level of handwriting; a more aesthetically pleasing form of cursive is presumably reserved for exams that aren’t about Arsenal.

Aware that Arsene Wenger is indeed the Arsenal manager, and having answered in her own words that the reason Alexis Sanchez is better than Eden Hazard is because he is “buff”:

In total Saskia scored 43.5 out of 50, resulting in an A grade and a prolonged courtship from her amorous partner. Is there a greater love story of our time? Almost certainly not. But also… yes. Titanic, for one.



















If you – like Saskia’s boyfriend – have been debating whether or not to end a relationship that may have run its course, why not make your other half take our Premier League goalscorers quiz? If they get it right, you’ve got a keeper. If they get it wrong… well at least that’s an easier excuse to stand behind than revealing actual feelings.