Awoniyi: I’m Not Thinking Of Any Club Now

Awoniyi: I’m Not Thinking Of Any Club Now

Amid interests from clubs across the world, in-form Flying Eagles striker Taiwo Awoniyi has said he is in no rush to sign for any of the clubs seeking his signature.

The 17-year-old has been in hot demand recently after it emerged he hasn’t signed a professional contract with Swedish club, Kalmar, and with his recent impressive scoring form.
But he says he’s concentrating on doing well at the U20 World Cup and getting a better deal afterwards.

“The thing on my mind now is not to go and sign any contract, but to go to the World Cup and do well.

“I’m not saying I don’t want to sign, but what I have in mind now is the World Cup and maybe after that I will get a bigger deal. But for now, I just want to concentrate on preparing well for the World Cup,” he said.

The Imperial Academy product refuses to confirm the clubs that have concrete interests in him.

“I won’t say anything for now until after the World Cup. If I will sign with any club you will know but for now I just want to concentrate on my game and hopefully do well at the World Cup.”