Back With A Bang! e-Complete Football Free Download

Back With A Bang! e-Complete Football Free Download

Your favourite print magazine, Complete Football is now in electronic (digital) form, simply because you asked for it. And here is it, in glittering form!

All you have to do is go to Google Play (for android phones, tabs) and iTunes (for iPhones and iPads). Search for "Complete Fooball Magazine" and download it for FREE. 

Go download yours now. A 42 page bumper package is already served, featuring the best of Rio 2016 football and  Nigeria's Olympic football dreams – past and present. And many more that make CF an irresistible football fan's/collector's item.

First published in 1985 in print magazine form, Complete Football magazine has stayed on the track and on top of its teeming readers' reckoning as Nigeria's authoritative reference football journal for as long as it has been around.

While being rested for a while, Complete Football magazine's parent company, Complete Communications Limited (CCL) was persistently pressured by both the readers and advertisers for a rebirth of their favourite CF.

Popular request granted! Complete Football magazine is back, for even better enjoyment for all that clamoured for its return. No, it's no longer available at the newsstands. Complete Football magazine is now available in electronic (digital) form on your phones – android phones, tabs, iPhones, iPads. And it's for FREE!

Go download yours and enjoy.

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