Bafana Coach Baxter: Nigeria, Senegal Not Better Than South Africa

Bafana Coach Baxter: Nigeria, Senegal Not Better Than South Africa

By James Agberebi: Despite failing to secure the Russia 2018 World Cup ticket, Bafana Bafana of South Africa coach Stuart Baxter has insisted that already qualified Nigeria and Senegal are not superior to his team.

Senegal confirmed their qualification after defeating South Africa 2-0 in Polokwane on Friday, while Nigeria had booked their spot after pipping Zambia 1-0 in Uyo on October 7.

But in his post-match reaction, Baxter posited that as long as the right things are put in place, South Africa can match the best teams on the continent.

“The Senegalese team going to Russia, are they so much better than us? I don’t think so,” Baxter told SuperSport after the game against Senegal.

“Maybe I’m being blue eyed but I don’t think Senegal or even Nigeria were much better than us.

“They may have bigger household names but I do think with the right sort of application of players, the co-operation between everybody in South Africa, we could still keep moving forward.”

South Africa’s attention will now shift to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

In their first Group E qualifier against Nigeria on June 10 this year, South Africa won 2-0 in Uyo.


  • Hahahahahahaha…… He must be high of weed, but Nigeria and Senegal are on their way to Russia 2018. Is South Africa going too?, bush man

  • Selfish coach, I thought he said that bafana bafana or bafunny bafunny is going to world cup with by fire by force

  • Congratulation to that coach, those that gives him ticket to “WORLD CUP”?. Olodo

  • Noise maker dats wot he is

  • The only time South Africa will ever qualify for the World Cup will be the 2010 edition which they hosted….

  • That Nigerian goal keeper though. He would lose games for us

  • That has always bn S/A sport problem,dey dont always like to face is crystal clear dey dont av a team at d moment, beaten home n away by cape verde,humbled by senegal right dere in the front of their home fans, played 5games n could only manage 4points n the man that shld be sacked is still vry comfortable telling S/A n Africa dis nonsense? Mr Coach,if i were u, i will apologise publicly to all S/A fans n then resign for disappointing them rather then speaking rubish.

  • That’s why noise makers are not necessarily achievers

  • lolzzzz talk anything wey u like……

  • He has no excuse to offer for his failure.

  • But why can’t him qualify his team?

  • This is a case of telling them what they want to hear.

  • Either we better or we no better, we have qualified for RUSSIA 2018, Haters should hug the transformer

  • We will shut ur mouth right there In ur home in the next AFCON qualifier.

  • If they are so good how come none of their players play in top leagues in Europe? Baxter is just looking for consolation in order not be sacked.

  • The coach is under the influence of cheap drugs.

  • And ur best team didn’t qualifier n they also in d bottom of the table abeg hide ur shame

  • Weed is too much, it’s not good for health dear coach. Then why cant ur team book a place in Russia

  • He is making mouth because South Africa beat Nigeria in Afcon qualifier simply because our star players were injured, let him wait for the return leg in South Africa then he would see a better team.

  • On behalf of all the witches and wizards, we kindly denied having hands whatsoever in South Africa present failure. Sign : Africa international witches and wizards PRO

  • Unfortunately, he will watch Nigeria on television come Russia 2018.#trash

  • Baxter go hug transformer u should have qualified your team if they were better than super eagles.ewu…

  • Baxter, no problem. We go see.

  • How is that our problem. Bottom line is we are going to Russia they AREN’T

  • Na true the man tuk

  • Let them go to the World cup then

  • Na craze dey worry am

  • The loss to Senegal has affected his brain

  • SA madness has started again

  • Yes they r not Superior they r only superiorly better

  • Achi 1 year ago

    Qualify with mouth? Even debating needs intelligence, mumu. Nigeria is not even in your group. Why bring SE into your cheap talk?

  • That’s why S Africa was the first to qualify for the World Cup, what type if weed is he smoking

  • You must be high on weeds.

  • S/A coach is a problem to his country

  • Bad team Nigeria will beat southafrica 19 times

  • only to make mouth, SA

  • The mugu is trying to save his job…… Referee helped them to beat #Senegal and when the stage was set for them to prove the world wrong, #Senegal paid their bride price and took them to bed easily….lolzzz…. But wetin concern Nigeria with wetin #Senegal do them? ….

  • tayor 1 year ago

    nonsense. that is why u av qualified.

    • Kevolala 1 year ago

      Check very well, he must be high on mcomboti. Chakachaka take note.

  • sambisa weed is working, abeg anoda weed dey?

  • The man does not know what he is talking about . He lost a match at home !


  • African coaches should stop making noise and support the already qualified teams..

  • South Africa is the England of Africa, if you know what I mean

  • Victor 1 year ago

    He is just trying to keep his job. Lol

  • Kenny E. 1 year ago

    I watched him interview after the disgraceful loss to Senegal,am not surprised as he is always a cheap talk from his days in Orlando Pirates,but the good thing is that Nigeria and Senegal are going to Russia but his highly technical side is bottom in the group.Always talking like a person on weeds.

  • Cornekfire 1 year ago

    Frustrated and traumatised coach, the first coach not to qualify South Africa in two occasions 2005 & 2017. Lost to cape Verde home and away, you will see the real Nigerian team when they visit you next year. You can’t even coach Ikorodu United. South Africans and mediocre and that is why they celebrate mediocrity like you. Bad belle coach

  • All they know is Xenophobic against their fellow Africans.

  • That is your Cup of tea ,dey drink am

  • Envy of the highest order. When they qualified for 2015 Afcon at d expense of Nigeria, they felt superior. Now the opposite is d case, they feel otherwise

  • uzodimma victor 1 year ago

    why do most coaches who work with africa teams have similar mentality?? Few days ago the mourinho wannabe of algeria coach said that most of our players bar iwobi re bench warmer while ironically the Iwobi he called a regular player is the one who mostly comes off the bench in Arsenal and sometimes does not even get to play. Now this MuMu baxter is here trying to compare his retard team with a team that qualified comfortably from the Africa group of death, Our darling super eagles. If south africa should be placed in that our group they would finish 6th (in a four team group ooo!! Dem go still finish 6th).
    These south african teams are so so bragaddocious in nature, this was how thier fellow neighbour, Zambia bragged oo!! Even after defeating them home and away. Thats why southern africa countries always gets missing at the world cup proper.

  • some times those people that are playing mouth football use to talk as if they are acting script, intead of him to bury his head in shame, the so call baxter continue celebrating failure upon failure, very soon their banana banana will also lost out of next Caf African nations cup before he realise that he is nothing but a failure.

  • What do you expect?
    Like England, South Africa always have an inflated opinion of their players and their teams. Anyway boys will be boys. The men are going for the World Cup. Up Super Eagles!

  • PapaFem 1 year ago

    They should have proved that on the field of play. ….talk talk talk talk.. He won’t just stop talking

  • Good,but his team and his employer will be watching the world cup at there various home!!!,he should learn to accept defeat,,nigeria,senegal has got the quality to represent africa. At the moment..

  • Olusegun B 1 year ago

    Sincerely speaking, a real coach would learn to be humble even in defeat rather than comparing his team to Super Eagles and Senegal . When he won Super Eagles, he felt that he’s arrived only for his team to be whipped by Senegal , Cape Verde etcetera. Baxter should learn to shut Up.

  • That’s his problem sit at home and watch Nigeria and Senegal play at the world cup

  • ako amadi 1 year ago

    I’ve actually listened to this interview a couple of times and Baxter did not say his team was better than Senegal and Nigeria, He said South Africa was just as good and did not think Senegal and the others going to the World Cup were any better. He did not make a direct comparison of teams to declare South Africa better. I think we are misquoting and misinterpreting here

  • That is why Cape verdbeat you black and blue

  • Cry cry well well

  • When we wipe u cane for ur home u go wake from DAT ur nonsense slip

  • oga pls bring those ur mumu bafans to play Cameroon’s

  • More superior in failure

  • nufa 1 year ago

    The coach is a mediocre to say the least. The fluke result he got in Uyo seems to be the highest point of his career. He should focus on his team and leave Nigeria out of it. The super eagles is in different level in Africa and should be compared to a team that lost a world cup qualifier home and away to lowly Cape vade.

  • They want to use magomago to qualify but No way ela.

  • Braging and noise making even after Senegal handed 0-2 defeat in front of his parked fool Arena. Let him prepare for Super Eagles AFCON qualifier return fixture.

  • The question on ground isn’t whether south africa is better than Nigeria and Senegal. My question is which five Africa countries are representing Africa presently to Russia 2018 world cup. If Bafana coach can prove it, then he will know that the five Africa countries representing Africa presently to Russia 2018 are the best in Africa presently. Because all of them started the qualifiers same time and only the strong survived it to Russia 2018.

  • Jonathan E. Ibodo 2 months ago

    You see the South Africa coach is a big fool. He needs to come to Nigeria to meet Samson Siasia to teach him the technicalities of football