Bet Smarter With These Sports Apps

Bet Smarter With These Sports Apps

Information is essential to success in sports betting, as it is in any other business. At one point, it was incredibly difficult to beat the bookies, as their access to trends and other valuable information simply could not be matched. Today, though, smartphones and limitless sources of data and information have made it possible for sports bettors to use the same information that the books and sharp bettors use to place winning bets and earn significant profits. These sports apps in particular provide valuable information and services for sports bettors to place smarter bets to earn a more robust bankroll consistently.


BettingExpert – Get Free Winning Betting Tips

Before placing a wager and risking your hard earned money on a selection, it's good to get a second opinion to make sure that you aren't missing any important information. BettingExpert is a great source for tips, especially for football. The app offers tips from a network of tipsters, boasting over 600 selections per day, complete with analysis and information that helped to shape their decision. Users are able to follow their favorite tipsters and receive notifications when they publish a selection, so they can immediately read their selection, their reasoning, and determine if it is a pick that the user wants to wager on. Available in 10 different languages, and free to use, BettingExpert is an excellent way to get a second opinion on a match that you are thinking about placing a bet on, to ensure that your bankroll is being used in the smartest way possible.


Bet365 – Watch Live Streams For Free On Your Phone

Bet365 is one of the strongest sports betting apps around currently, but it is good for so much more than wagering. Users can utilize the live streaming capabilities of Bet365, which has an impressive catalog of live events rights to be streamed. Among the available leagues for streaming on Bet365 are La Liga, the Europa League, Champions League qualifiers, among others. Bet365 also streams international matches, including matches featuring Nigeria, so users never have to miss the Super Eagles in action. Audio-only streams are available for Premier League matches as well, so you can listen to Nigerian players such as Victor Moses at Chelsea and KelechiIheanacho at Manchester City all in one convenient bookmaker app.


CloudBet – Make Sports Bets With Bitcoin

Sports betting isn't just difficult due to the challenges associated with beating the books. It is also difficult due to the issues with banking that can arise from trying to fund a sports betting account. For those who do not have access to banking or are restricted from using a bank for gambling transactions, bitcoin sports betting is an easy alternative. CloudBet is a bitcoinsportsbook that allows its players to fund their accounts and wager using bitcoin rather than going through a bank. CloudBet offers wagering on sporting events from around the globe, from football to basketball and so much more. They allow players to make deposits and withdrawals with no fees, preventing bettors from losing pieces of their bankroll before they even start betting, so players can wager more and win more.



Getting value with each wager is important, and a great way to do that is to find the most favorable betting lines across different sportsbooks. Doing this will help you find an extra half point here or there that can be the difference between a win and a push, or can help you risk less with each bet, allowing you to bet with a better profit margin. EasyOdds is a great tool for comparing betting lines across several sports betting sites, covering sports such as football, horse racing, even reality television. The app even allows users the ability to wager from within the app, so bettors don't have to go to another app or website to place a bet using the most favorable odds that they find within EasyOdds.


Complete Sports Nigeria

When it comes to information for successful sports betting, sometimes there is nothing better than just finding out the latest news about players and teams. Finding out who is battling injuries or who is having an issue with their team's manager can be the difference between a won and lost bet, and are often things that are overlooked. Complete Sports Nigeria is an excellent source for Nigerian sports news, from news on the NPFL to the latest on the Super Eagles. Known as Nigeria's number one sports daily, Complete Sports Nigeria offers coverage on teams based out of Nigeria, as well as Nigerian athletes competing in other countries, such as the nation's host of footballers playing in the Premier League and elsewhere. It's a great way to get caught up on the happenings in Nigerian sports, to ensure you are as informed as possible before placing your bets.  The Complete Sports Nigeria ePaper is available as an iOS and Android app.