Cazorla: My Doctor Claimed I May Never Walk Again With My Leg

Cazorla: My Doctor Claimed I May Never Walk Again With My Leg

Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla has spoken on the injury nightmare that is threatening his career with the Spanish star claiming his doctor’s prognosis indicated he may never walk, let alone kick a football, again.

The former Villarreal player has now shed light on his injury nightmare in an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca.

Cazorla, whose story headlines Marca with an image of his right foot which shows a skin graft, said: “The doctor told me if I was able to walk with my kid on the garden I should be thankful.”

The talented 32-year-old has not played for Arsenal since October 2016, but his problems go back further, with the 11 months leading up to that also proving difficult.

Achilles tendonitis has been the problem, with the former Villarreal star suffering from it on two separate occasions, with the second bout still keeping him out of action and nearly costing him his foot due to infection.

It remains to be seen whether Cazorla will ever be able to get back to his very best, but he is said to be targeting a return in January.


  • Carzorla don’t worry you’re healed in Jesus name Amen u will still bounce bck and testify wht God has done

  • In God we trust he play again

  • flex 1 year ago

    Respect to u Cazorla

  • God will c u true ,, God have the finally saying not doctor

  • Ssanti cazorla, please u will come back in Jesus name Amen God is with u Amen. I miss u

  • Hopefully it shall be well through Christ our Lord

  • God will help you man, you are healed

  • And you shall surely walk again.

  • Maybe you should read up on Cazorla’s career. You may want to delete or edit this your comment if you do