Chelsea, Arsenal Face-Off: Pawpaw Hails Costa, Adeyinka Blasts Ref

Chelsea, Arsenal Face-Off: Pawpaw Hails Costa, Adeyinka Blasts Ref

Chelsea were victors Saturday at Stamford Bridge with 2-0 defeat handed to nine-man Arsenal and the events of the game are now generating intense reactions and debate from supporters of the two London rivals. 

Nollywood stars;  Osita Iheme and Gbenga Adeyinka spoke to' Izuchukwu Okosi after the grudge match.

Chelsea fan Osita Iheme, popularly called Pawpaw for his character in the comedy thriller, Aki Na Ukwa, in which he played a troublesome child alongside Nollywood twin, Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), says the Blues deserved their victory though admits Diego Costa was a first offender in the scuffle between him and Gabriel Paulista.

"The match was an interesting one, the much I saw because of the production I'm involved in. However, I'm happy Chelsea won.

"Diego Costa was instrumental, he won the match for us. I was told he was later substituted. He is an aggressive character, but Gabriel Pailista also overreacted," Pawpaw observes.

Stand-up comedian and Master of Ceremony per excellence, Gbenga Adeyinka, blames referee Mike Dean for Arsenal defeat.

Adeyinka, fondly called 'The First' said: "Referee Mike Dean killed the game for Arsenal. He got most of his calls wrong really. 

"There was no reason for the red card to Gabriel Paulista. I knew a win will be manufactured for Chelsea. Are you telling me Costa did not deserve a red card for bullying down Laurent Koscielny.

"Once the red card to Santi Cazorla came, I knew the game was gone. Arsenal's substitutions didn't matter in the end. Dean ruined the game for us," Adeyinka rues.

Arsenal have 10 points while Chelsea have 7 points after their Saturday game, with the Premier League standing certain to change after the weekend games.  


Dear reader, what is your take on the Chelsea versus Arsenal match? What's your say on the verdicts of Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) and Gbenga 'The First' Adeyinka on the match?

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  • Emeka Eke 3 years ago

    Chelsea’s game plan in the second half was to ensure that they gained numerical advantage. This was perfected using Costa as the arrow head. Costa started by glarinly bullying Koscieny, and when Paulista came to his rescue, he turned the heat full blast on him. My take is that if Costa was severely punished for these offences there would have been no need for the red card to Paulista. The referee got it all wrong. Paulista, on his part, was too naive not to realise the part Costa was treading.

  • Sammo 3 years ago

    Arsenal players lacked experience,why did gabriel fall for costa’s antics,it’s part of the game,you got to use everytin to win,gabriel was just too stupid

  • Adeboye Oluranti 3 years ago

    With Chelsea performance, no hidden place for Arsenal, and arsenal began to committed offense, Costa was so dangerous for Arsene Wenger tactics.
    Arsenal has no excuses as Chelsea was so fantastic.

  • paw paw is much right bcus we at d blues, for arsenal to cme to Stanford bridge and win us do u Eva tinf it is possible…. [email protected] wenger

    • umeh vitalis okechukwu 3 years ago

      chelsea first & third match ended with red cards and everyone is happy about it, forgotten that the red card is for all players. Arsenals turn by turn, is your turn to pay the price. Is part of the game paw paw big.

  • ibama 3 years ago

    Honestly Gabriel should have waited for the Center Ref to judge Costa. But don't forget kosciency bullied Costa before he reacted. Anyway Paw paw was right simply because Gabriel fell to Costa gameplan. Go and when he iwas in Spain he tried every means to get a defender sent off.

  • Let Costa continue. Other referees are watching him.

  • penalty should have been awarded to chelsea for Lorient bring down Costa in the box but is wasnt given and that was what promted Costa to go for a challenge, now was brought polista to the issue? He wasnt the one Diego pullyed so nw tell me what related hem with the issue, and ref Dean have settled them with bookings so why did went on to stamp on Costa? So in all Polista was too foolish…..

  • E. Isaiah 3 years ago

    Chelsea won, that’s okay. But was that a clean victory or a decent solution? Well, Subsequent matches shall explain. Mike Dean will not always be there.

  • amadi frederick 3 years ago

    It was normal for chelsea players to be given 2red cards and d ref was wright,but for Arsenal d blame is on ref.dats injustics,pls let’s be rationalistic in analysing football.don’t forget chelsea is d defending champions,nd could defend d tittle dis season,be wise.

  • Lanre Osha 3 years ago

    Chelsea all the way

  • Assem 3 years ago

    Chelsea played well and defended well. The win was well deserved. I would have been disappointed if we have not beaten the Gunners

  • nwakanwa 3 years ago

    timo tankz 4 ur comment paw paw is total wrong costa is a wrestler nt a footballer.chelsea won with P.D.P even with the help of referee…..

  • Lawrence 3 years ago

    It is clear that the EPL officiating is a fraud so we should just watch it for fun. The big question is how come both referee & assistants could not see the GIGANTIC foul commuted by Costa on ,Koceiny but could see the TINY error done by Gabriel what a FAKE! Chelsea has been gifted the 3points so anything after does not change the result. Weldone EPL FA as ur plan worked.

  • Adewale Arawole 3 years ago

    Chelsea all the. Way!!!…..up blues

  • Pawpaw was right on the comment he made concerning the match between Chelsea and Arsenal…

  • paw-paw was absalutely right

  • The match was too bad,chelsea won fairly!!!

  • Solomon 3 years ago

    Had Diego Costa red carded when he bullied Kocienly, Gabriel would not have been sent off. The Ref got it wrong. This is why the FA has to do the right thing by suspending Diego Costa. We all wants to watch good football not Rugby. I emplow all EPL Ref to put an eye on Costa bcos am sure he will repeat same antics in subsiquent matches for Chelsea FC.

  • Pawpaw is right . Chelsea deserved victory. UP BLUES YEAH! I’m a Chelsea fan.

  • Mr Gbenga Adeyinka is absolutely right, someone should ask Pawpaw …if an opposing country's player had used such tactics against a Nigerian national team player, and Nigeria has managed to reach the semi final of the Fifa world cup for the first time, and the referee does EXACTLY the same actions and mistakes commited resulting in a loss for the national team…. would he commend the actions of that opposing striker as just a "commendable aggressive" playing ethic ?

    I am of a school of football viewership which analyses a game and it's circumstances on a very clear basis of fair play and proper run as the game should be, I would actually lambast my own favoured team if they underperform and call a spade a spade, I know there are very few of us…usually it's a matter of who has won by the end result that sees everything they've done as proper and perfect.

    the referee cost Arsenal the game, pure and simple, what has happened in the next games? Chelsea lost miserably at home and Arsenal decimated Manchester United.