Chelsea captain buys himself a Ferrari 275 GTB

Chelsea captain buys himself a Ferrari 275 GTB

Chelsea captain John Terry has bought for himself a Ferrari 275 GTB barely three days after his team were defeated 3-0 by title rivals Manchester City in a Barclays Premier League Super Sunday clash.

Terry was substituted at half time in the game though manager Jose Mourinho claimed it was a tactical decision rather than any other underlying reasons.

The new car which Terry has acquired could be at least 48 years old, from car dealer Tom Hartley Junior.

The new exotic sports car in Terry’s collection set the England former captain back by around 1.5 million pounds.

Features of the car produced between 1964 and 1966 are a 3.3 litre naturally aspirated V12 cylinder petrol engine, churning out a maximum power output of 300HP and maximum torque of 314Nm, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

The Ferrari 275 GTB has a top speed of 256 km/hr.

Terry, who is unlikely to reconsider his stance on retiring from international football, posted the picture on Instagram with just an ‘OK’ emoticon and has already got 57.5k likes.


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