Chukwu: Why Enyimba, Pillars Crashed Out Of CCL

Chukwu: Why Enyimba, Pillars Crashed Out Of CCL

–Ex-Eagles coach blames ‘weak’ league for teams’ defeat

Former Enugu Rangers captain, Christian Chukwu has expressed shock at the perennial exit of Nigeria clubs in the CAF interclub competitions.

Chukwu said the second round exit of Enyimba and Kano Pillars from the CAF Champions League was an indication that something is fundamentally wrong with our domestic football league.

“Otherwise, how come we continue to produce unworthy champions over time?”, the former Super Eagles coach fumed.

“Somebody earlier told me Enyimba drew goalless and were through to the next round so I had to celebrate with a bottle of drink.

“Now you’re telling me Enyimba lost out same way Kano Pillars crashed out. It shows something is fundamentally wrong with our league and this needs to be properly addressed.

“It was same story last year so it is important we take a proper look at the league structure and make amends where necessary.

“In the past, the worst stage Nigerian clubs could crash out was the semis but that has changed.”

“I also feel that the late kick off of the league is also a factor. If and when the league starts on time, it helps team bonding and keeps players in shape.

“We need to do something seriously and urgently too about this otherwise the way things are going with our clubs in the continent is a big embarrassment to the country”, Chukwu emphasized.


  • okpunku 4 years ago

    the whole problem lies on the league management Mr CHAIRMAN. kano pillars have been crowned league champion over 4 straight times without having any impact in Champion league only because of untransperance in the league, in a case were the northern teams always have a home win. we shouldnt forget how Rangers lost the league to Kano pillars through board room. we could never achieve any good result till the right things been done. mostly manipulation in league matches