Wears New ‘Attire’ From October 1! Wears New ‘Attire’ From October 1!

Dear reader, your favourite sports website, will launch a new theme on Thursday, October 1, 2015. In other words, will wear a new "attire" starting from Nigeria's 55th Independent Day celebration.

As our esteemed reader, you're invited to view your beloved website's new theme (pictured above), and tell us what you feel about it. 

Countdown with us to October 1, the D-day when will go live with the new toga pictured here. Tell us too what news contents you enjoy reading on this website, and what else you will like to read or see.

Use the "Leave A Reply" field below, and talk to about this new theme, or if you like, the new 'attire'. 

Let's interact as we count down to October 1.

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  • James E. 3 years ago

    It’s wonderful. I love this our new attire and can’t wait to experience it

  • It is over due. Completesportsnigeria. com need a new face since yesterday. It’s a good news but starting from October and not now now now is what I don’t like. Maybe, in addition to your in-house blogs writers, completesportsnigeria can go into some sort of agreement to reprint some blogs from other sport websites like,,,, etc. Many Nigerians love the EPL and these websites write much, very interesting write-ups, on the EPL. Well done completesportsnigeria. Keep updating and updating us.

  • shotayo gabriel 3 years ago

    Its a unique thing. I'm using this chance to congratulate the whole staff, and at the same time saying happy Independent Day anniversary.You need to expand your report on other sports as timely as posible. Thanks.


    This one look better nevertheless what is important is the news and information you guys are given us the look matters but the information is more important.

  • Elijah afimia 3 years ago

    I am loving it already by just what am seeing. Kudos to complete sports staff and happy independence day