Confusion Over Missing AAG Medals Table

Confusion Over Missing AAG Medals Table

By Sab Osuji In Brazzaville:
Congo Brazzaville produced what one can call the eighth wonder of the world given the state of the art facilities for the on-going 11th All Africa Games (AAG).

Perhaps they may have as well added the ninth wonders, knowingly or not. Otherwise, how can one explain a situation whereby nine days after the even started, even with some events concluded, no one knows who is atop the overall medals table.

By September 14, we will have just five days to the close of events yet no one can say this or that country is leading in the medals table.

That is the most baffling of the logistic deficiencies of the Congo Brazzaville 2015.

Complete Sports crew who have been on the ground since September 1, clear four days before the games started, started combing all avenues since September 10 to get the essential document but has met with no positive answer.

A visit to the offices of the Local Organising Committee in Kintele showed a lack of effective co-ordination between the LOC and  COJA as regards results collation and compilation.

“Please go to the COJA office at the swimming pool building,” an official of the LOC told

At the swimming pool office of COJA, we were reffered once again to the LOC at the twin building housing the media center and LOC.

However, back at the LOC offices, they were found to be under lock and key.

“You know today is Sunday so it is most unlikely that any one of the senior officials will be available,” was informed at the reception.

“But I can advise you to go to the COJA Headquarters in Diata, perhaps you may get some luck.”

Then we took a bus to Diata, an office very familiar with us having spent two days there on our arrival on September 1 undergoing the accreditation process.

“That is also the problem we are facing. It is Sportfive who are in charge of that area. 

“But until now, we have not seen any medals table and many people are asking us the same question,” a COJA official told us but preferred not to be mentioned because he was not authorised to speak on such issues.

We managed to get the mobile phone number of Sportfive top shot, Mr Marcon, who we spoke to on the phone but he referred us to another of his staff, Mr Damien.

After several exhaustive telephone calls, we  met face-to-face at his office inside the Kintele Stadium building.

Mr Damien said his schedule was strictly on issues regarding compilation of athletics, basketball and some other sports’ results.

He promised to try and see if he could be of any help and collected my e-mail address so he could forward to me whatever assistance he could.

Almost 45 minutes later, he sent me an e-mail explaining he could not succeed in getting any official medals table.

His mail reads: “Dear Sir, As I told you when we met, I’m not able to provide you with the medals table as requested. We only provide results for Athletics, Basketball, Football, Cycling, Swimming and Handball.

You will find all the information we produce on our website. Here is the link: I hope this will help you. Best regards, Damien Muratel.”

As at now, truth is, there is no official medals table yet at the 11th All Africa Games.

Each country keeps record of how many medals they have won and whatever means they want to do it at the end of the remains to be seen.


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