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Dalung Directs NFF To Comply With Court Verdict, Recognise Giwa As President

Dalung Directs NFF To Comply With Court Verdict, Recognise Giwa As President

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung, has directed the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to comply with the judgement of the Supreme Court delivered on April 27, 2018, which restored the orders of the Federal High Court, setting aside the purported election into the Executive Committee of the NFF held on September 30, 2014.

Dalung said in a statement that the directive is being followed by a written notification signed for the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Justice Abubakar Malami, requesting the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports to ensure compliance.

He also added that all parties involved should comply with the court order.

“I have been directed to notify you of the Orders dated June 5th 2018 made by Honorable Justice M. H. Kurya sitting at the Federal High Court Jos in respect of the above mentioned suit between Yahaya Adama Vs Alhaji Aminu Maigari which states that the election of the NFF held on August 26, 2014 under the leadership of Amb Chris Giwa be given recognition pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice filed in this case and that the purported ban of the Executive Committee elected on August 26, 2014 from football activities of the NFF is unconstitutional, null and void,” the statement reads.

“It is trite law that court orders are sacrosanct and any acts of disobedience to it constitutes threat to the rule of law. Consequent upon the above, you are hereby advised to comply with the orders of court made therein which for now, is the valid and binding order of court, in the absence of any other subsisting order or judgment to the contrary.”

“This is a court order and not from Dalung. I will not want to go to Kuje prison because of disobedience of court orders. Therefore, I hereby comply with the court orders of June 5th 2018, while Mr Amaju Pinnick and others are also directed to comply with same.”

The order compels the defendants, including the Minister of Youth and Sports, their servants, agents and privies howsoever, the Inspector General of Police (IG) and all law enforcement agencies to forthwith enforce the orders made by the court on 19th September 2014 and 23rd October 2014 and give recognition to the General Assembly meeting and election of the NFF held on 26th August 2014 under the leadership of Amb Chris Giwa pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice filed in this case.

Meanwhile, the Court of Arbitration for Sport had thrown out Giwa’s appeal and upheld Amaju Pinnick as NFF President.

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  • Giwa is ban for 5 years by FIFA and even cas do not recognize him and his cohorts. FIFA ban very close.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    What kind of sports minister is this who is one sided because Giwa is from his state.
    He knows that Giwa is not recognised by fifa and knows the consequences of this stupid and absurd court order.Our football will be gone if fifa bans which is imminent.
    Dalung knows all this and wouldn’t advice the federal government correctly just because he’s desperate for his kinsman to be in office.
    End of the day this people are not genuine football fans and are carefree with what negative effects this would bring.
    I’m only sorry for the genuine and ordinary football fans who shall suffer from this decision made by selfish politicians.

  • Nicolsen 3 years ago

    Why shld dalung intervene wt NFF and Fifa bizness.. that clown shld go and stick his berrect in other sports federations dtvare decaying.

  • Nicolsen 3 years ago

    Must Giwa be NFF president.. guys get ur pvc plsss… this sports minister is an ilustration of d jokers we have in this current administration.

  • APC, BUHARI’S government very inept in international politics.
    This How a of a man and the ignorant supreme court of Nigeria already knows the out come if this political and judicial reality; a 5 year ban on NFF.
    BYE bye to ADD IN 2019, UNDER 17 WC, UNDER 20, men and women alike.

    This is not IPOB,
    This is not Abaribe or Dino.

    What a shame and disgrace, mallam go kill person for this Nigeria.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  • This Giwa of a man

  • The consequences of the Nigerian Supreme court’s judicial Rascality.
    “Judicial Rascality =
    BYE bye to ADD-ON 2019,
    FIFA men and women youth tournaments for 2019, 2020, and 2022 WC qualifiers”

  • AFCON 2019

  • Presh 3 years ago

    OOOO What a country, i see ban for life coming to Nigeria, see una country? Shame, Amaju brought light, now they taking it away, first time see the type of jersey he contracted Nike to give us, our boys played so well, we win some loose some, oooo what a country, i see ban soonest very soonest,.

  • Ayokunle Asaolu 3 years ago

    He who allows an idiot to rule will suffers an idiotic rule. Dalong is a product of the comical government we have in the country today. When every key positions in Nigeria has been taken to the North, now the NFF president too must go too. FIFA ban looms and id it falls on Nigeria, it will be a nail on the coffin on the clueless administration of APC. Guys, get your PVC and boot this jesters out.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Why, why and why do we like deceiving ourselves in this country?

    “This is a court order and not from Dalung. I will not want to go to Kuje prison because of disobedience of court orders. Therefore, I hereby comply with the court orders of June 5th 2018, while Mr Amaju Pinnick and others are also directed to comply with same.”

    Same problem with the same people every day! The problem is too much in this country. Political problem with football issues resulting to what I have mentioned below earlier today.

    Some people still believed that Mr. Rohr still have some magic in his locker after the world cup? Africans would never learn from their mistakes.

    “So sorry, I won’t be deceived by no one. I have warned Nigerians a long time ago and Mr. Jo Bonfere also warned you Nigerians before now but Nigerians says “shut up, we do care”!!! The Nigeria world cup scenario is called bad “market yes, bad market” indeed!!! What a painful exit???

    I have said this before on kickoffnigeria.com a long time ago that, God sent “Jesus” (peace be upon him) to preached the words of God to the children of (Adam) (peace be upon him) but they took him for granted.

    Also in the same vain, God sent prophet “Muhammed” (S.A.W) to you human being to listened to his warning but failed to pay attentions to him too. In the end, they knew the truth!

    However, I omo9ja have warned you before and I will continue to do so hopefully, it going to work out this time around. Its coming… its coming again. World cup “bad market” is part one. “Watch out for part 2”.

    Mark my words again, if NFF allowed this coach to carry on, Nigeria should say goodbye to our football. This Oga Rohr can not taking us to the promised land. “The earlier we know this the better”.

    If I may ask, what is the achievement of this coach called Mr. Rohr at this year world cup?

    Lastly, please don’t blame Mr. Ighalo because if the coach Rohr did not introduced him into the field of play, there is no way he would have played against Argentina. So, the match with Argentina still fresh in our memories and Mr. Ighalo would be forever remembered for his missed chances Argentina and would never represents Nigeria in any tournamen. Great nation with bad and wicked people.

    Hmm, only God can help us in this country. I call on you almighty God, have mercy on us because Nigeria is not settled in all ramifications. Ameen!!! God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Prince 3 years ago

      Where are you from,what judgement are you talking about? Please lets call a spade a spade giwa is not and can never be NFF president, or will Nigeria football be played only in Nigeria? Where did Bihari get all this clown from, please they can destroy everything else, but they should leave the only thing that unified us please

  • Bomboy 3 years ago

    How can a man suspended by FIFA be made the NFF president? Even the court of arbitration for sports threw out Giwa’s case. Our political leaders are d-umb!

    • stanley 3 years ago

      We are doomed already. 
      Just after world cup. 
      Afterall the minister is Giwa”s friend. 
      So sad, Do we have a sport minister a case of 2014 are we progressing or retrogressing. 
      If I were a minister and such thing happens I will long send Giwa to jail. 
      Nothing works in APC government, everywhere confusions. 
      After plateau killings what we got from same plateau is paddy court rule. 
      A disgrace. 

    • We don’t have a sport minister. 
      I have never been impressed with his style of leadership. 
      Nothing good about our sport. 

      • Athletic f9,football d7,Boxing f9,Discuss f9,Shortput f9,javeline f9,disable athlete c6.
        Scores at a glance since 2015.
        Only court case we scored A3.

  • The coinage “political leader” is an aberration

    A politician is a politician so long as he places his personal, and party’s interest ahead of common good, common sense and clear conscience.
    Like the APC party leadership and elected politicians continued denial of the glaring failure of Buhari led APC government.
    And support even in the face of Rivers of blood flowing across the lengthy and breath of Nigeria..

    If Buhari could harass everybody with the DSS.
    Subvert and influence the court rulings, for once, his government should have prevailed on the supreme court to dismiss this case to save Nigerian football, ” a common good”.
    The temporal relief and ephemeral unity that comes from soccer,by far out ways what ever Mr. Giwa intends to archive or offer to Nigerian football.

  • onanaye adetayo 3 years ago

    Hmmm! I now see why the north experience what they experience now.They believe power must stay in the north.No problem.Fifa ban looms & many young Nigerians who has seen football as an avenue to make livelihood & bring glory to this country will be wasted.Repercussions of FIFA ban,1.Talent wasted,2.Nigeria loses her place in global soccer 3.Nigeria becomes orphan in the face of the sponsors.4.Exodus of Nigerian players will bring naturalization.5.FIFA sponsored projects withdrawn.6.A journey of 3yrs will now take 15 yrs.A loving minister of sports won’t have taken this decision.They are all doing as if they are not lettered.They claim to love Nigeria but are bunch of hypocrites.They are pseudos’ of Nigeria football.Who gave Giwa mandate?May God raise people like Pinnick to move football toward in Nigeria.For the first time,eagles played without financial crisis.Kudos to you & your team.Nigeria
    fans all over the world,prepare for any outcome from FIFA.I pity this country football.

  • Patrick 3 years ago

    Fifa hammer and ban is imminent. We should forget the nations cup qualifier s.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    When I called Nigeria a failed state some people in this forum were ranting rubbish, how can any sane human being supports Buhari, Dalung is the trickle down effect of voting for Buhari. The man is taken advantage woeful performance of super eagles to installed is friend as nFF chairman what a country.

  • ALFREDINHO 3 years ago

    Amaju Pinnick, Nigeria and Nigerians hail you for your achievements .. Amaju Carry go. You changed so many wrongs in NFF. Giwa is not needed Please .Nigerians does not want to experience that hypertensive football era again .PLEASE .

  • Prince 3 years ago

    What I don’t understand is what dalong is trying to do, destroy Nigeria football? I am sorry to say this this man is confuse and he is a disaster waiting to happen, hmm FELA…animal in suit, animal in agbada this is a case of a complete blind man leading people with good eye sight

    • kenny 3 years ago

      The sport minister is so stupid and narrow minded. Does this guy no anything about sports and the rules that govern the FIFA policies.the guy is trying to destroy to destroy soccer in Nigeria. Buhari should sack this useless useless sport minister.

  • Frank 3 years ago

    I am very sure they want to kick pinnick out,so they can install giwa and have the share of fifa cash for participating

  • Edeoman of New Jersey, USA 3 years ago

    O.K. guys, if l should ask you to advice me in this circumstances, what would you say to me ? l am a duel citizen but l still love my Country of birth. but Nigeria leaders only know how to kill the spirit and joy in the heart and soul. l can’t continue as l tears up. l weep for Nigeria.

    Why do you kill the joy of a people in such a crude and sadistic fashion.? What is in your DNA that made you, the Minister of Sport of Nigeria, to do this at this point in time in the history of Nigeria

    The NFF election is coming up in two months time, why can’t the minister brings the two sides together and move away from the Court issues and resolve the intractable areas that needed to be resolved. Is the honorable Minister so dump that he is not aware that Giwa was banned by FIFA and ANF for number of years.? Wow. Wonder shall never end. l really feel so bad for my fellow Nigerians in Nigeria whose choice are so limited. l have to stop to avoid boring you guys. It so depressing to deal with a situation where the leaders are so dump and don’t even realize why people around the Planet muck and jeers at them.

  • Mr vick 3 years ago

    Must all reasonable positions in nigeria be taken up by a northener, must this present blood sucking government destroy everything in nigeria including our football, must there be crisis in our sports federation every now and then( like in fiba recently), must our politicians be clueless, if fifa ban nigeria how will we nigerians be unified again, what we be the faith of our our oyinbo super eagles( ebuehi, ola aina, brian idowu, ekong, balogun et al), what will chris giwa offer that pinnick have not offered, how can an individual banned by fifa for 5 good years be imposed on us as our nff boss, what will be the fate of aiteo, coca cola, pay porte et al, if we are banned by fifa, i personally think Nigerian politicians need to grow up and understand that football is not nigerian politics were everything goes, our leaders should have a rethink and stop being clueless and dumb.

  • So Dulladino and his members don cross com reach futboll sef?

    E no good o herdsmen, there is GOD o

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    This’s what u get when u entrust Aboki with power, this inhumane creatures don’t build nothing they can  only destroy, guys these ppl will not relent until they set this country ablaze. Yeye Dalung or cow dung Fulani herdsmen are killing ur ppl but u are bent in destroying the only thing that bonds Nigeria together continue.Rwanda reloading.

  • Chidi 3 years ago

    @sunnyb I concur with u it’s now crystal that Nigeria is a failed marriage,but what I don’t understand is how Giwa one man banned by world football governing body put his interest first at d xpense of 150million Nigerians who is he?n our moron sports minister infact everybody I tell u today prepare for d worst cos bloody revolution is looming,u can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time Fifa ban will be a time bomb waiting to xplode must every no 1 post go to d north or why can’t Giwa wait n recon test by September what is he gonna offer?youihs these old men r crossing d boundary n soon they will feel our wrath,AP or Fifa ban period

  • Clem de Moon 3 years ago

    Giwa is ass hole for allowing fool like Solomon Dalung to be fooling him around. First he made him to loose his club Giwa FC that was doing well in the NPFL. Now, if Giwa is not careful Dalung foolishness will send him to grave very early than he expects.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    @chidi, my brother, most Nigerians are gullible ppl, they don’t have an idea of what’s going on that country, cow dong and Giwa are getting their directives from chief Herdsmen on top, these smelly goons sees power as an avenue to loot, and to enslave. They will always going to find some willing fools from the middle belt or south to carry out their barbaric agendas.The question should be why is Giwa and Dalung doing this now?whats their motives?

  • Well, my opinion is different. Why do we seek power at all cost in this country? Giwa ‘s insistence to be president of NFF is a replica of Nigerian politics. Go to basketball federation, same issue.
    There is definitely a spirit behind this. Tell me what Giwa is out to achieve. Ego!!!!

  • Whisky 3 years ago

    i pity for this country.we expect our punishment to be announed within now and two weeks time..then the next thilng is for dalung and fg to send delegation to fIfa and we are back to square one

  • Djeniko 3 years ago

    @Omo9ja, it is this type of opinion that is spoiling Nigeria. We are talking about Solomon Dalung/Chris Giwa vs Amaju Pinnick/NFF not Gernot Rohr vs Omo9ja. Why bring Gernot Rohr natter now. Ok, let me tell you a little truth. The highest we have ever reached in the WC is reaching the round of 16. This year we didn’t reach it. Your interpretation of a successful coach is to reach the q-final or s-final or win the cup. Right? That had been you campaign. Does Germany not reaching the round of 16 make Mr Low a bad coach? Spain is a good team but the round of 16 eluded them. Martinez would have been a bad coach if Belgium were defeated? You can answer that. Let’s see if Germany will sack Mr Low. Maybe he will resign. Likewise not reaching the round of 16 does not make Gernot Rohr a bad coach. The fact is any WC coach is a good coach. For your info, I heard Algeria fc. is already begging for his service. I mean begging Gernot Rohr to come coach their country Algeria. Why not Siasia that has been in the market for how many years now? @Omo9ja, the subject matter is the unbelievable actions of Solomon Dalung in supporting a FIFA banned Chris Giwa. How is he going to run the affairs of NFF without the support of the different leagues? Without the support of CAF and FIFA? It is just a case of a sleepwalking person. Reality will soon done on this comical laugh of a thousand night. I-go-dye, Gordon, Basketmouth, Akpororo are just starting. There is a new kid on the block called Solomondalungchrisgiwa Show. Venue- Abuja. Popular side N5000, Table for two N50000. Table for ten N1000000.

  • Oya now….Nigerian sport house have started what will stop us from qualifying for Nation’s cup then we will transfer the anger on coach again. All these have really shone what giwa will offer when he gets there. The man doesn’t care about the future of Nigerian football. He’s only interested in making money. If he and dalung care, they won’t start this rubbish at this tym. Imagine how some people will be busy planning to get in power when Nigerians are busy watching world cup in Russia. Because all these plans was before and during the tournament. 

  • Abegi gernot rohr is de biggest problem.

    Even if we are ban, we are already like pple who are not playing wc bcoz of the coach.

    This coach is possessed wit (mistaking evil) spirit.

    The worst thing is when you are making same mistakes like 5 time, and refused to know your mistake. So the person is like a dead tree standing.
    Let dis guy be sack imidiately. I was gernot supporter, but after matches like england and some other things, then i know he cannot take us anywhere.

    As for the herdsmen, futboll the only thing that giv us joy, u want to destroy?

    In procces of destroying nigeria. U stil go back to daura and plan there is stil a futbol that keeps dem unity. It wil not work.

  • Snipes 3 years ago

    This Giwa of a man that couldn’t run his own football club well now wants to run NFF by force na wa o. This man and his people don’t have the interest of Nigerian Football at heart at all. He only wants that seat for money believe me if he goes through with all these, then even prayer wouldn’t help Nigerian Football in the next few years. To me Amaju Pinnick has been doing a great job every since he assumed office.

    Well if FIFA doesn’t recognize Chris Giwa and He doesn’t wish to stay away from NFF then we should just forget Nigerian Football…

  • Cherechic 3 years ago

    What is FIFA waiting for? Let FIFA bans Nigeria without wasting time,Rubbish and stupid Sports minister

  • Giwa, Leave our Football alone

  • Michael 3 years ago

    This is what you get when our President is not knowledgable enough to put the right set of people in the right positions, when we are not even sure if our President did pass through secondary school in the first place. We voted mediocres into power. 
     Now our uneducated President has imposed another uneducated fellow on us. Can you imagine some of the blunders that this same Minister committed in some interviews some journalist had with him? If you have forgot, I will remind you some of them.
    1. When Siasia took his u23 team for camping in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and training allowance and other remuneration was not given to this team on time to help their camp, this same Minister said ” who has sent them to camp in the UNITED STATE OF NIGERIA”. A minister that does not know the meaning of USA.
    2. Just of recent he said the SUPER EAGLES are ready to face Argentina whose FA has one of the best teams in NIGERIA. Again this man feels Argentina is in Nigwera.
    Common my people if a minister does not understand these elementary things, then how do you thing he will have the capacity or be intelligent enough to thinker the Sport ministry into a greater future.
    Honestly I think it is high time we voted this bunch of unintelligent leaders out of positions so that sound minds can lead us.
    God bless you all

  • Giwa !Giwa !! Giwa !!!
    Why , trying to destroy what has bn built ?

  • ako amadi 3 years ago

    Nigeria will continue to suffer from the ignorance of its semi-illiterate and incompetent leaders

  • Mr vick 3 years ago

    This is nigeria where cows are more valuable than human lives,
    This is nigeria where personal interest over rules public interest,
    This is nigeria where are leaders are bunch of mediocres,
    This is nigeria where anarchy is the order of the day,
    This is nigeria where an individual that is banned by fifa is being imposed on us as our NFF president,
    This is nigeria, a country that urgently needs God intervention

  • Mr vick 3 years ago

    **our** leaders

  • Chidi 3 years ago

    At Sunnyb bro u r spot on I can’t stop reading d story,imagine d mockery national embarrassment ,chaii I weep for my beloved country Nigeria,pls guys lets not end it here let’s tell them we r not pushovers aside pvc we still have other source of power,d social media I implore everyone of us here to visit nff Twitter n Facebook page n also use our own pages n tell giwa to go n sort his ban out with Fifa b4 coming back to nff

  • if the acclaim barrister, minister of sport and youth development of the federation is take an action as if he does not posses formal education, that shows that he is not worthy of representing any youth or whatsoever, it is high time people stop relating region or religion to action and inaction of some of our leaders because most of them didn’t even know God , should we call this islamization agenda again as some people used to claim, they have resorted to northern agenda because the parties involves are all christian. Untill all us at the grassroot start reacting or comment to matters of national interest without sentiment or bias mind before we can hold our leaders responsible for their action and inaction, this is just my personal opinion. God bless Nigeria.

  • Satanic agent at work again after making Naija forget there economic worry bcos of football, they want to show that they are still around Fire burn Dalung and all the enemies of the only thing that we still recognize that Naija hope for one Nigeria

  • chuddyl 3 years ago

    All you guys crying dullardinho etc, how many of you have collected the PVC? If you have not. Please, stop making noise. This is the time for action. enough of sidon look while dullards dictate the pase and fate of all facets of our national life.

  • Abdulrazak 3 years ago

    Amadju Pinnick did not ask for nor received a kobo from the Federal Government for the Super Eagles as match bonuses, etc, in Russia. For this this reason, he is in the bad books of Solomon Dalung and his cohorts.

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 3 years ago

    All football lovers in Nigeria should gather in Abuja to send a message to the Govt that they can not stand by and allow FIFA and the CAF to ban Nigeria from the Soccer World body. Massive demonstrations should be organized through out the Cities like Lagos, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Warri, Benin City, and all the State Capitals now.

    Show your anger and disapproval now before it is too later.

    Giwa will never be allowed to run anything regarding Football anywhere in Nigeria. He is deceiving himself and in a World of his own. Giwa is BANNED.

  • This is a tricky one. Football politics have never been my strongest points.

    However, some powerful football stakeholders like the chairman of Nigeria’s Supporters Club, Dr Ladipo, is quoted by some local media as having welcomed this development with open arms.

    Quoting one of these sources, Dr Ladipo said “Pinnick’s exit is good for our football, it’s a welcome development.

    His exit is good riddance to bad rubbish. Four years of Pinnick was motion without movement, no meaningful achievement. We failed qualification for AFCON back to back and the current campaign is tottering towards non-qualification.”

    He continues by saying: “In the U-17, where we were the defending champions, the Golden Eaglets couldn’t qualify. In the U-20, we went to Sudan, defeated them but due to bad administration, we lost 3-4 at home and were ousted.

    In Russia, he gave us only 200 tickets for the Argentina game and that was the reason we were dwarfed by the supporters of Argentina.

    “We should not mind the so-called FIFA, let them ban us. It’s time we restructure our football, after the ban, FIFA will reinstate us and the country will be better for it,” Dr Ladipo said.

    So, this move to oust Pinnick also appears to divide opinions sharply.

    But, my understanding is that FIFA statutes stipulates that all FAs are to be independent of the jurisdiction of national courts which spells danger ahead for Nigeria if FIFA takes the view that one of its statutes has been violated.

    I pray common sense prevails.

  • Clem de Moon 3 years ago

    If not that Dalung is a fool why can’t he wait for NFF election which is few months away to oust Pinnick .
    All Nigerian football fans around should come out on the 20th of this month. We are going to set ablaze the glass house with whomever is found there.
    And we wait for FIFA to ban Nigeria, so that we can give Dalung and his family what he deserved.

  • Where is the free bus to Abuja?
    Or who is pay I g the bus fare?
    Who is going to house and feed.them?
    GOD damn Buhari and APC inept government .
    Change to suffer.

  • Israel Akinlawon 3 years ago

    I want to implore every concerned Nigerian and football fans generally to calm down. This diabolical plot of the ignoramuses – Dalung and Giwa is an effort in futility. FIFA is busy with world Cup now, after the world Cup, they will ban Nigeria and compel Giwa to comply, thereafter the ban would be lifted and credible election monitored by FIFA would be conducted. God revealed this incident to me and I have been praying on it. It is well.

  • Chidi 3 years ago

    At deo who is dr ladipo for how many years now he is d chairman of surpporters club does it mean that he is the only credible person for that position?abeg make him go sit down,because we no carry overage as usual both under 17 n under 20 na y me no qualify,if d r sensible enough de should have saved us from this national embarrassment by being patient d nff election is around d corner,come to think of it y didn’t giwa go to cas?probably becos he is still serving his ban n moron SM thinks it’s politics as usual hmmm

  • Bekee 3 years ago

    THE FULL STATEMENT BY PINNICK’S LAWYERS: We are solicitors to Mr. Amaju Pinnick and the present Board of the NFF which he heads. We issue this statement on the instruction and directive of our clients which reflect their official position on the matter.

    The attention of our clients have been drawn to a statement purportedly issued at the behest of the Minister of Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalung directing the NFF to comply with certain court orders effecting a change of leadership in the NFF.

    Our clients wish to alert the general public and the authorities in Nigeria that the so-called directive by the Minister of Sports is null, void and of no effect for the following reasons.

    (1) Whilst our clients respect the sanctity of court orders, unfortunately the said court orders are not binding on FIFA, the World Football Governing Body.

    The NFF is an affiliate of FIFA. It should be noted that FIFA has consistently maintained that this same matter has been taken to the highest Court of Sports Arbitration in Switzerland by these same individuals and they have lost.

    FIFA is only bound by the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports AND DOES NOT ENTERTAIN OR TOLERATE decisions by local courts in footballing nations worldwide. Hence, FIFA has since upheld the decision of the Court of Arbitration on this matter and recognized the NFF Board led by Amaju Pinnick.

    Nigeria has a duty to comply with that decision. In addition, for the indiscretion of those individuals like Chris Giwa to approach the local courts, FIFA has since imposed a worldwide ban on them from all footballing activities.

    The end result is that Chris Giwa and his so-called Board members do not have any locus standi with regards to footballing matters and the Federal Government CANNOT have any dealing with them on any footballing matter.

    The obvious implication of all these is that if any attempt is made to recognize Chris Giwa and derecognize Amaju Pinnick and his Board, FIFA WILL DEFINITELY IMPOSE A LENGTHY BAN ON NIGERIA from all football competitions locally and internationally and that will spell doom for Nigerian Football.

    The immediate casualties of this ban would be (a) The Falconets who have qualified and are scheduled to participate in the Under-20 Female World Cup in July, 2018 (b) The final phases of the AFCON Qualifiers for the Super Eagles scheduled for August/September, 2018 (c) The Super Falcons defending their title in December in Ghana (d) No Nigerian Club side would be allowed to participate in the Continental Championships and (e) the future of all Nigerian players based in Nigeria would be in jeopardy as no Nigerian player would be allowed to be sold or transferred to any club anywhere in the world.

    Please, find attached the latest letter from FIFA to Chris Giwa, through his lawyers confirming the position of FIFA on this matter.

    (2) In view of these facts above, our clients have taken steps to vacate the orders given by the Federal High Court in Jos. It should be noted that the said orders were given ex-parte (one-sided), as no other person was served with court processes.

    It should also be noted that the orders were given against Amaju Pinnick and his Board members (who are not parties to the case and were never served) and in favour of Chris Giwa (who is also not a party to the case).

    Besides, these orders are to last for only fourteen (14) days as provided by the Rules of Court. Our clients state these facts as they are in order to inform the public of the nature of the orders given without meaning to denigrate the authority of the court.

    (3) The Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN, a few weeks ago, having studied the Supreme Court judgment has already advised (by a letter dated 13th June, 2018) that the matter is subjudice, and that Government cannot intervene at this point. He advised all parties to await the FINAL DETERMINATION of the case.

    However, in a desperate attempt to assume office at all cost, Chris Giwa sneaked back to court to obtain these ex-parte (one-sided) orders prompting the office of the Attorney-General to issue yet another advice again dated June 26, 2018, advising compliance to the court order.

    (4) Finally, our clients also urge restraint and caution because the substantive matter is pending in court and has not been fully determined. Our clients have also taken steps to set aside these orders.

    Therefore, it is important that the Government awaits the full and final determination of the entire matter. It may be the contention of Chris Giwa and his so-called Board that the Rule of Law must be obeyed which means an immediate enforcement of the one-sided (ex-parte) orders.

    However, Nigeria is also bound to abide, recognize and enforce the decisions of the Courts of Arbitration for Sports which have since dismissed the case of Chris Giwa and his so-called Board, and affirmed Amaju Pinnick and his Board as the authentic leadership of the NFF.

    Our clients are therefore VERY SHOCKED that despite these glaring questions marks, the Minister of Sports refused to advise Government correctly as to the position of FIFA on this matter and the existence of an Award against Chris Giwa and his so-called Board by the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

    The Press Release by the Minister of Sports would definitely cripple football in Nigeria and make Nigeria a pariah State regarding football. Our clients do not, by this letter, want to give credence or promote so many insinuations, peddled about, as motivating the actions of the Minister of Sports.

    Our clients only urge the President and Commander-in-Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently reverse the position of the Minister of Sports and save Nigerian Football from collapse.

    As a result of the CLEAR AND UNEQUIVOCAL position of FIFA on this issue, our clients urge the President to INSTRUCT the Minister of Sports to engage strong legal representation to challenge these court orders that were given without hearing from anyone or joining anyone on the other side (including the Minister of Sports).

    Whilst this is being done, our clients urge the President to direct all parties and law enforcement agencies to await a full determination of the case before doing anything in this regard as a result of the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports which is also enforceable in Nigeria.

    The final point to make is that our clients wish to draw the attention of everyone to the fact that the NFF is not an independent association. It is an affiliate of FIFA. By virtue of Article 59, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of FIFA Statutes, FIFA does not tolerate such actions taken by Giwa and his so-called Board to destroy Nigerian football.

    Therefore, by virtue of the responsible position Nigeria holds in the Comity of Nations, it would be advisable that the President directs everyone to toe the line of FIFA and respect the final decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports on this matter, instead of giving vent to the ambition of ONE MAN (Chris Giwa) who wants to bring down the entire edifice of football on all our heads to achieve his selfish ambition.

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 3 years ago

    This Lawyer should present this legal notice to the Nigerian President, his Chief-of -Staff, to the entire Cabinet, the Senators, the House of Reps, to all the Governors of all the States of both political Parties, the State house of Assemblies members in Nigeria. By so doing , no one will claim innocent of what is going on.

    Well organized lobbying of a very high dimension should be undertaken to fight back this cancer that is eating Nigerian football through Giwa’s body.

  • Christopher 3 years ago

    [7/4, 4:48 PM] Gerrard: FOOTBALL GOVERNANCE
    FIFA extends ban of five Nigerian officials
    (FIFA.com) 07 Feb 2017 GOVERNANCE
    Media Release
    FIFA can today confirm the worldwide extension of sanctions imposed by the Nigerian Football Federation’s (NFF) Disciplinary Committee on 12 May 2016 against the officials Christopher Giwa, Muazu Suleyman, Yahaya Adama, Sani Fema and Johnson Effiong for breaches of the NFF Statutes and the FIFA Code of Ethics.
    In accordance with art. 136ff of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has decided to extend the five-year ban from taking part in any kind of football-related activity imposed on the five officials to have worldwide effect.
    The relevant member association as well as CAF have been duly notified of the chairman’s decision.
    Members of the media with questions relating to the substance of the decision are kindly requested to contact the NFF.
    [7/4, 4:53 PM] Gerrard: https://www.fifa.com/governance/news/y=2017/m=2/news=fifa-extends-ban-of-five-nigerian-officials-2866563.html#

  • Eliakim 3 years ago

    I like to understand the real issue here? And for me,the real issue,is the election,nt Fifa,nt government,not Giwa’s friendship with the minister.
    I can’t stay here and not recognize the uncommon brilliance of Mr Amaju,he was also brilliant as Delta State sports commissioner,even tho we as born-Deltans knew ‘every’-we knew mercenaries where massively used.
    I like truth,not sensationalism.
    If u ask me,I’d love him to continue,but if his election into office broke NFF rules,I wud be tacitly approving illegality by supporting him.
    FIFA approves Mr Amaju,is not d issue. D issue is dat,dat election held in Warri,where I live,was it legal?Was d one dat brought in Giwa legal?
    FIFA ban is not d real issue,govt have always financed clubs(technically dats called government interference too). So govt interference,’no be today’. Even FIFA is not free of govt interference by d Swiss.
    Let’s be on d page of truth. I wudnt lyk it if Mr Giwa is a pun in d hand of Govt 2 distabilize a sector dat is alredy rising from d ashes of d past.
    However,we must insist on truth here,leave FIFA first,NFF has election statutes,wich shud clearly tell wich of d elections where legal.If dis is determined, then as a united front(both d winner&loser),we can go to FIFA and how will FIFA begrudge us?

    If we get our house in order,no ban comes from anywhere. As beautiful as Mr Amaju’s time has been,truth is most beautiful,abeg.