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Dalung: NFF’s September 20 Elections Not Recognised By Nigerian Law

Dalung: NFF’s September 20 Elections Not Recognised By Nigerian Law

Nigeria’s Sports minister Solomon Dalung has stated that the forthcoming September 20 elections into the board of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) in Katsina is not recognised before the law of Nigeria.

The sports minister claims that only technical football matters cannot be taken to a civil court, but when a matter infringes on a person’s right such a person is entitled to take it to court.


Dalung also adds in a media statement issued by his Special Adviser on Media, that the current board never existed, so if they go ahead to conduct the elections, it’s still like they have done nothing.

“We must come back and deal with the issue of the court,” Dalung began in the media statement made available to Completesportsnigeria.com.

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“The best way to resolve this issue is, first to engage themselves honestly and ensure that the matter is taken out of the court.”

“The argument where people are saying football issues cannot be taken to court except court of arbitration, those people speaking this have not even read the FIFA statutes.”

“FIFA statutes only limited technical issues to the court, issues like fixing of matches, players, organisation of a match because these can truncate the progress of football.”

“But things that has to do with personal right of an individual are within the domain of national laws. For example we have the United Nations Declaration Consumer Right which accorded every individual to seek redress, you cannot take that right away by any international statutes.

“Section 41 of Nigeria constitution provides that any citizens who feels is aggrieved, suspect that his right has been trampled upon, can approach the high court to seek redress.

“These are rights that no statutes can take away.

“So, when you say FIFA statutes prohibit the issue of taking football matter to conventional court except CAS, you are exhibiting what we called mental hemorrhage that is the highest level of ignorance exhibiting by someone whose parents spent so much money on in sending him to school.

“You have to go and look at the content of those statutes. The statutes still limit and protect the right of individual to seek redress under municipal law.

“You see in Nigeria we have been made cowards because people will just sit down within the confine of their room write letter and intimidate the Giant of Africa, telling us that FIFA is coming.

“Making our children not to be able to defend this country later in future because we are injecting the fear of a monster.

“Elsewhere which we have not said, there is no treaty between Nigeria and FIFA, anybody who claims that we have a treaty should produce a copy, but there is an affiliation, an agreement, between FIFA and NFF and not everybody is a member of Nigeria Football Federation.

“It’s just like the Boys Scout, which is also an international organisation and it’s the oldest international organisation in Nigeria, it came in 1911.”

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  • Prince 4 years ago

    Basket mouth don open hin mouth again, ooo,fela of blessed memory may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  • Idiot hopless mad cow,what do u know about sports,i sorry my country nija for been controlled by band of selfish animals,idiot is talking about united nations_while he cant manage his little ofice,God will soon expose u people,wicked man

  • Stanley 4 years ago

    President Buhari wasted his time and resources on Nigeria minister of sport.
    Just to ask? You requested to belong to an association that has its rules and principles governing you.
    You went ahead after agreeing to violate these principles and rules governing you,now who is guilty? The association or the violator?
    Which court is he suppose to seek for redress? The court of sport association, which he Giwa belongs.
    Finally, what is Giwa looking for?
    Why should Dalung be supporting Giwa agianst ssociation he already abide to its rules and obligations.
    Why do we have many crisis under Dalung’s regime.e.g NBBF,AFN,NFF.
    Its sad.

    • It is really sad and I think it’s time to let this guy go. Dalung is fighting an ethnic battle and I’m still wondering why this Dalung guy still has a job. Does he have a hold against the president as to the reason why Buhari has not removed him?…. Na wa o.

  • I think it is time for this guy to go.

  • This man is going gaga. Selfish interest has becloud his sense of reasoning. Everyday he keeps on disgracing himself in the public.if he has the power let him go and stop the election. FIFA hammer is waiting.

  • Actually dalung parents wasted money on him,he is so dumb.he thinks he is d only lawyer in nigeria,if he feels he is right by saying only techenical matters can b taken to cas y did fifa treathen to ban us.he is d most ignorant man i hav ever seen.

  • Shege luzzy 4 years ago

    And what is this idiot saying again?
    A sore loser decieving another ignoramus that all hope is not lost.
    Forget it bros,you will only encounter further humiliation.you should be sacked without delay.you are such an embarrassment.

  • This man is really stupid, someonke in the presidency needs to sack this guy oooo efore he puts our football and other sports in more problems because of his selfish reasons

  • This man is a stupid man. someone in the presidency should act fast and sack him before he puts our football and other sport in trouble because of his selfish inteest

  • Like what exactly does this man frigging want? Why didn’t Osibanjo fire him along with Daura as he was endangering Nigerian football then? I don’t get it!! Does any one get it here please? Abeg, explain oo maybe I will understand in plain language cos I can’t even get the head or tail of the garbage that beret man was spilling up there!!

    As much as I don’t like talking politics on a public forum, it’s sad that people who say Buhari is all about integrity forget he appointed and continues to work with questionable character like this Dalung and Rita Onochie. Who’s deceiving who?

    Oga Dalung, stop farting all over the place. You can’t remove Pinnick and you should swallow the bitter pill. You can’t win against Infantino; eat the humble pie and frigging shut your mouth!!

    I wish I had some little cash on me, I’ll personally take this guy up in a court of law and so slam and mercilessly pummel, daze and embarrass him in court he won’t believe what hit him!! Just check out all the super lame arguments in his letter and he was not even ashamed to release it in public! So disappointing!!

  • matsho 4 years ago

    The worst Sport minister ever has started again.Since you know that FIFA cannot do anything why were lobbying to meet them with your friend before you were disgraced.Thank God you have a President who will never do anything about you until you disgrace him before the whole world like Dau** .Your days are numbered with Osinbajo.

  • na sick man!! no awareness no sense

  • Ikponmwosa Ayewoh 4 years ago

    Dalung an his advisers should please leave our football federation the way it is . Without Chris Giwa,the present NFF board has taken us to this position of recognition let them be. Dalung abeg sit down and begin to think of policies that we take sports in Nigeria to the next level. Lets ask our sports minister when was the last time he organised National Sports Festival? Infact since he became minister National Sports Festival died a natural death. Lets also asked him if Youth and Sports ministry only bothers on football along what is he doing to get the youths in Nigeria busy. What policies he has put in place to promote sports in our primary schools that is solely under the control of the federal government through the different local government chairman in the country. We want an election to be done so that we can have stability in football matter. There are other sports not measuring up in Nigeria like cricket,rugby, handball, Tennis and golf please go and help them so that we can gain recognition and get the youth involved. Leave football alone Mr Dalung we dey beg you ooooooooooooo…

  • I now belief this man is really taking side in this issue and that is the reason it has not been resolved.. I can hardly point one of the achievement of this man ever since he assumed office. AFN issue is still there. One wonder if this man is one of the reason he took Buhari 9 months to appoint ministers. How he is still in the office till now still surprises me.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    This $9.5 million world cup dough is the crux of the matter. SMH.

  • Very unfortunate

  • Ths Dalung is really a big disgrace, you are fighting for you ethnic brother abi, really disappointed in this government,how can you keep an incompetent fool for so long, as a sports minister, that will want to travel for all sporting events without sending representatives, that is to show how deprived he was till he became a minister.

  • PeePee 4 years ago

    Now, it’s confirmed; Solomon Dalung has finally gone mad!

  • Sammy 4 years ago

    Enemy of progress! Minister of spoil and killer of football and youth. I believe there are some certain cabals’ power that this stupid, selfish idiot of Dalung is riding on. Because l still don’t understand why he has not been fired yet. Who is this Dalung? Who is he working for?

  • The Sports Minister has said his own and he is defending the Constitution of Nigeria. As he claim. We have not read the FIFA Statues. I think the NFF has a lawyer too. Festus Keyamo. I want to hear this man counter the Sports Minister. They are all lawyers and this Keyamo is even a SAN, senior to Solomon Dalung. Talk now, SAN Festus keyamo. I really don’t know what the Sports Minister is pursuing. Chris Giwa is his friend and villagemate. He is a loyal friend but it has become a psychotic case of obsession. He does not even know it. He may lose his job. Just like Chris Giwa who is banned from all football matters and the Loss of his club Giwa fc. I sorry for him and Dalung sha.

  • Supatemmy 4 years ago

    Another weed smoker cited on the sit of power… I just can’t stop wondering the criteria on which a man o war man used to became a sport minister…. can’t he be cow minister? Buhari pls sack this your brother,he’s giving us bigger problem than yours.

  • Adisboy 4 years ago

    I just read the FIFA Statues(it’s on google) and it clearly indicates that under arbitration, member associations are PROHIBITED from ordinary courts for DISPUTES. It also states that it only recognises the Independent CAS judgements or any other arbtration panel which is in line with CAS. You guys please check it yourselves. I believe our sports minister has mental problems.

  • What does this man want to achieve from all this, is this how to resolve a problem by creating more problems? I see impunity going on in the corridors of power exemplified in this man called daylong. An irrepressible and dishonorable action from one we ought to see as an umpire. Shame shame shame. Check out, his family is in crisis, he can’t fix anything. Does he really care about all of this feedbacks?

  • Can you really blame this man? I don’t think so, the problem is more than him, the problem is the set up of this great nation. How can you describe a situation where we have hundreds of people like Segun Odegbami and the rest who wet the football and track field pitches with their sweats serving this nation and yet what we always got as Sports Ministers is people like Jim Nwobodo and Ben Duamlong, this is just like choosing an ex-naval officer over Jay Jay Okocha as Super Eagles Team Manager just because you must give some certain group of people an appointment in the government, tell me how can we be successful like this as a nation? Can you imagine a sports minister who supposes to try and put the house in order is the same one pouring gasoline in the already naked fire

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA. 4 years ago

    He is mad. Solo wants to share the $9. 8 million that FIFA gave to our NNF. Where is the money the Feds set up for the Olympics in Brazil? . Mikel and a Japanese businessman have to rescued the Team from starvations. Solo is a thief of the worst order. He is a madman. He just founded a “fake Foundation” and wants everybody to donate huge amount of money into it in case he lost this job. Solo thinks everybody is stupid. Nobody will ever donate a Naira into that slush Foundation for his own use. Solo is a madman. Stupid man. Solomon, God punish your family.


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