Dangote: I Will Fire Wenger When I Buy Arsenal

Dangote: I Will Fire Wenger When I Buy Arsenal

Africa’s richest , Aliko Dangote, says one of the first moves after buying Arsenal would be to remove Arsene Wenger.

Dangote will make a bold move to buy the English Premier League side as soon as the construction of his $11bn oil refinery in Lagos is completed, the multi billionaire has told Bloomberg

Stan Kroenke currently owns 67 per cent of Arsenal and has insisted he has no intention of selling, but Dangote is adamant, and believes that as soon as the right offer is made, the American business entrepreneur who owns Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, Denver Nuggets of the NBA, Colorado Avalanche of the NHL and Colorado Rapids of MLS will sell.

Dangote, a staunch follower of The Gunners also hints that he will fire Arsene Wenger after taking over the club.

“If they get the right offer, I’m sure they would walk away,” Dangote whose fortune is around £10bn told Bloomberg.

“Someone will give them an offer that will make them seriously consider walking away.

“And when we finish the refinery, I think we will be in a position to do that.”

“The first thing I would change is the coach.

“He has done a good job, but someone else should also try his luck.”

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  • He should use dat money to buy kano pillars or nassaraw united out of government hand

    • The question is will government accept to sell the clubs(s) to him. I think he should start his own club if need be.

    • Nigerians should quit playing holier-than-thou and trying to tell people how to spend their money. What have you done on your own to develop the league? How many Nigerian football clubs have you invested in? Do you go to stadium to watch matches?

    • Check the list of clubs this Kroente own clubs in other countries….. Or do you think MFM are losing their investment in NPFL? No, I don’t think so.

    • Victor Oluwabamise last warning stop attacking peoples comment

  • Ok when u buy u are not buy it now

  • Go and develop your league

    • What are you doing to develop it? Do you go to stadium to watch matches?

    • Nigeria and their slave mentality
      How will u mke this country a great place wen all the money are spent abroad
      Why dont u go and see South africa and egyptian how their rich investor mke their league the best

    • Keke, I am asking you, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT? When was the last time you went to the stadium to watch a NPFL match ? Remove the log in your own eyes before trying to remove the speck in another person’s eye. How can you make this country great when all you do is point accusing fingers while you do absolutely nothing! You are as guilty as the person you accuse.

    • I’m ifeanyi ubah fc and i attend stadium every week i watch my team i dont support any european team get that fact

    • Keke, Very good. I’m glad you are doing something. However, he is an investor and as a rational investor, he needs to invest where he’ll make maximum profit. Are you aware that there was a time that he tried to become NFF President? Do you know what came out of it? Oyuki Obaseki (former NPFL President) tried to sanitize the league, he was able to get investors and the league had sponsors for the first time in many years. Then he declared the finances of the league and it was discovered that it was beginning to yield revenue and the hawks at NFF swooped on him and started giving him problems until he left. I hope you remember all these? How do you expect Dangote to invest in such a disorganized environment full of wolves? Do you think he would be so wealthy if that is how he has been going on wild goose chase with his money?

  • Oga Dan start your own club like Ifeanyi Uba FC.

    Naija go appreciate you for that.

    • He already has a share with Arsenal.

    • He has a right to invest his money wherever he wants

    • No doubt but charity begins at home they say.

    • Ogbuzüroamadi Chinedum, Talking about “charity begins at home”, for your information he is a big time employer of labor. And before you start advising another person on how to invest his money, how much have you invested in the Nigerian League? In what way are you helping the league to get better? Do you go to stadium to watch matches?

    • Ogbuzüroamadi Chinedum, Indeed I’m in no position to verify your answers to my questions. They’re however food for thought. Ask yourself what you have done before pointing accusing fingers at others. As for whether he can own Arsenal or not, time will tell. Instead of wishing this man failure in his bid to actualize his dreams, try to wish others well so that good things can happen to you. I don’t like people who try to pull others down and that is what you are doing.

  • That would make it impossible for you to buy the Gunners. Never plan to sack anybody in life.

  • That’s why you will never be able to buy a class of a club, try Tottenham or Swansea

  • Eyaaaaaaa and him never buy, him de sack, e no go buy again be that now

  • He has not even buy, he is sacking, lol… it wont come easy Mr Dan

  • Omode to ni to hun badagba ori eyele lohun maje se ori eyele le je ko dagba bayi? #aliko dangote#

  • I thought Charity begins at home Oga Dangote? Why can’t we make our Africa’s league more interesting than putting more money to where there is already?



  • Mumu
    Your country is not stable..

  • Let me hear word

  • I like that. But part from football, is there any other investement that we massess can benefit from?

  • He already has several investments back at home. And his investments is putting food on the table of millions of Nigerians. I don’t see anything wrong in investing in a club abroad. Let’s stop thinking like local champions. Expanding his investment to England means more bigger profile for him and more money.

  • You never even buy the club, you don dey fire Wenger? Na wa o! Even though I know that Wenger’s sack is overdue, I don’t think you need to be firing salvos before buying. Besides, how are you sure Kroenke will sell for you? These white guys goes beyond monetary inducement, the guy can throw your money back in your face and you will be O. Y. O

  • He can’t buy one of the pillar holding Arsenal’s Stadium talk less of buying Arsenal


  • why don’t you buy it first if they’d let you.

  • Wake up guys!this guy is a business man,buying Kano pillars would u call that good investment? Considering condition of our league. Buying arsenal is a big business bang …

    • He can’t buy arsenal. How much he get

      • Tega 1 year ago

        Bro your brain na yansh? You nor do commerce for school? Buying a football club is like buying any other business, and you don’t just buy it outright, nope. You go through shares, stocks. And dangle already is a shareholder in arsenal, he just needs to increase the amount of shares! And it is a beautiful investment bro. Haven’t you heard that highly successful people think differently from average people? Think!

  • Dont even let Stan Kroenke and Alishier Usmanov hear this from you coz they will buy your refinery and sack you first

  • You will fire buhari when you buy Nigeria.

  • See what plenty money is doing???

  • he shu go n buy eyimba or kano pillars

  • go nd eyimba or kano pillars nd fire who u lik

  • Its is in possible for him automatically he can only share from arsenal its not his fore fathers work Wenger has his own authomic decision in gunnerz not ordinary man indeed so dangote must be comply with the others not only him blacky millionar

  • That’s why Arsenal won’t be sold to him!

  • Can you hear this misfit and corrupted money mid road. Why can’t you develop your own league. If Arsenal wasn’t managed properly, would you buy their shares?. Now you will see frustration, because you will never arrive at buying Arsenal talk less of sacking anyone. Dim wit.

  • BUY IT FIRST NA, before talking of fire!!!

  • You are a niga meen, tankz for ur speech, i love it, correct

  • U can buy all the clubs in europe if u want, but make sure u always sighn nigerian players

  • Buy it first olodo

  • How do u buy a club that is not in fainacial crisis, especially when u re not even a share holder yet. Every European club owner has a local team back home, so Oga start with kano pillars or Kaduna United. We need your money up- north Sir.

  • Build a world class stadium for Nigeria, build up a Football Club and Nigeria Premier League will improve

  • Hello were is the real gunners and real Nigeria fans… b4 I am one of them and I support that issue pls pls and pls buy the club cos we need change in d club