Dennerby: Super Falcons Have Proved Doubters Wrong At AWCON 2018

Dennerby: Super Falcons Have Proved Doubters Wrong At AWCON 2018

By Adeboye Amosu:
Super Falcons head coach, Thomas Dennerby, says the Nigerian ladies have prove their mettle as the best team in the continent following their progress into the semi-finals of the 2018 African Women’s Nations Cup (AWCON), reports.

The defending champions started the AWCON tournament on disappointing note going down to a shocking 1- 0 defeat to the Banyana Banyana of South Africa but they have recovered well to win their last two games.

The Super Falcons finished second in Group B behind South Africa following Saturday’s 6-0 win against Equatorial Guinea.

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“As we all know, we started the tournament with a defeat against South Africa. As always in such circumstances, there were a lot of questions. Many spoke of our decline, others of the end of the Super Falcons,” Dennerby stated in a chat with reporters after the game.

“I said after this initial defeat that I will not change anything in our program, that a plan was developed before the competition and that we would respect it.

“That’s what we did. I can certify that I did not feel any stress among the players; they respected their goal. We are in the last four, and now it’s time to go to the World Cup.

“The match that awaits us against Cameroon promises to be exciting because it was the poster of the last two finals. Final before the latter? Why not. In any case, we have been very effective against Zambia and Equatorial Guinea with ten goals in two games. On that side, it’s going strong. Perhaps a favorable omen.”

The Super Falcons will face the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon in the AWCON 2018 semi-final on Tuesday at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The Super Falcons are alreadly well motivated to go all the way and successfully defend their title. The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) recently paid the players the bulk of their outstanding bonuses and camp allowances.


  • Bomboy 3 months ago

    I still have my doubts sir. Please prove me wrong by beating Cameroon on Tuesday, and probably South Africa in the finals. Earn your pay, prove your worth and I will be the first to congratulate you on this forum.
    Good luck to you and our dear Super Falcons.

  • Mr olu 3 months ago

    I have no doubt concerning the quality of this team but my problem is the way our NFF treat our ladies with no respect

  • Fasasi Kunle 3 months ago

    Even if falcons beat cameroon, some people would still doubt.

    • Ashy Slashy 3 months ago

      Having doubts is good so long as they express their doubts constructively in ways that would highlight genuine concerns whilst at the same time offering positive recommendations.
      We all want the team to do well.
      If these ‘doubters’ didn’t care, they would not be expressing their doubts.
      Do I have doubts? Not really.
      Our ladies scored 10 goals and conceded only 1 thus far which points to a concrete defence and lethal attack.
      Contrast that to Cameroon’s 6 goals and 2 conceded which point to attack and defensive setup that are not as effective as Nigeria.
      Stats, however, are one thing, actual reality always quite another.
      If our girls play to their strengths then also get the rub of the green, Cameroon Lionesses are dead meat.
      For the doubters, we should never seek to drown out their voices.
      Let them come out with their doubts, you never know, we could learn one or two things from what they have to say.

      • Fasasi Kunle 3 months ago

        I really appreciate your comment. God bless Nigerians !!!!

  • Austin 3 months ago

    My problem is not with beating Cameroon although that’ll be a stepping stone to getting to the finals because Cameroon would want to avenge their final game home loss to the super falcons in the 2016 edition of the tournament and beating them would show the true current emotional strength of the team. I pray that South Africa loses in the semi finals not because we should be afraid of them but because they are always 100% determined to beat our team and having snatched that early victory at the tournament, they’ll be confident going into another match with us but I’ll like that because it’ll go to show our true strength of character as Champions as we avenge our first loss. Good luck to you girls. Go and make us proud.

  • Until after the encounter with Cameroon, I still can’t say that the super falcon has bounced back. The coach still have a lot of work to do. Don’t be deceived by the match against equatorial. Work harder. I wish super falcon good luck.
    God bless Nigeria God bless me.

  • Ashy Slashy 3 months ago

    Does anyone have the links to the Falcons matches against South Africa and Zambia?

    Thank you

  • PeePee 3 months ago

    My fear is in the match against Cameroon. Mind you, we’ve beaten them over and again in WAFCON,the last two, been in the finals and n both occasions, it was a close contest. In this kind of scenario, one day, the other team will get their pounds of flesh, not necessarily because they are better but just like against South Africa, it will just happen. I pray it’s not this time but this Cameroonian team is not bad but frankly, based on little details, our players still have the edge.

  • Am sorry friends, This should be Cameroon’s year to lift the AFCON.


    I wish you success. super falcons beat Cameroon. God bless you.

  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    Well spoken my people. You see, some times in life, you have to look back and thank God for what you have. NFF doesn’t appreciate our female team including our sport writers. Yet, they achieved tremendously than our male’s team. Aba, let’s give them some respect.

    Super Falcons did not had friendly matches before the match still, they are about to make history in Ghana.

    If to say Super Eagles were in a tournament like this, every writer would be in Ghana by now because of the Super Eagles. Yowa, CUSTOMER DAADA NI lol.

    I have no doubt about Super Falcons any day any time. They made mistakes against Bafana Bafana, they apologized and promised to bounce back which they did, kudos to our ladies.

    God’s willing, I’m seeing Nigeria vs South Africa playing at the finals and Nigeria is winning on that day.

    After the tournament, the coach need to add new players to the team which he have but it’s a gradual process. He has already included two young players to the team such as Roshidat Ajibade and one player I can’t remember her name.

    The match against Comeroon is not going to be easy but by God’s grace, they will beat them 2 or 3 zero. Funny enough, other Africans were gangly over the Super Falcons at the final match between Nigeria and Cameroon two years ago and God is bigger than them, Nigeria won. I’m expecting same thing to occurred in Ghana this year and Nigeria will shock them again because God is in control. Good luck ladies. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • ifeanyi okafor 3 months ago

      still waiting to see the invitation of Sofia Omidiji to Super falcons. It will be wonderful to have her in the team

      • Omo9ja 3 months ago

        The coach already invited Sofia Omidiji for a friendly match we had against France which we were beaten 8-0 if I’m not mistaken. For sure, her time will come in few months to come because I’m not sure why the player wasn’t included in the team by now. Hopefully, coach Dennerby would take the team to the next level. Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman of New Jersey, USA 3 months ago

    Our Girls will prevail as usual. We beat them at home and carried the Cup to Abuja. How can Cameroon girls now stand the firing power of these Nigerian professionals makes them quiver in their pants already.

  • my worries have never been the women Nations cup,even always find our way…even when we lost in previous tourneys we still end up in the finals and winning the trophy….my major worry is putting up a good performance at the World cup proper..that is where it seems to me we don’t have the cutting edge yet..more like we are contented with ruling just Africa

  • Oyetunde Awoyele 3 months ago

    Any day d super eagles reaches quarter final in the world cup, they will be celebrated as having won d cup.The Super Falcons have gone to great heights. Nevertheless they have been treated shabbily by Nigerian footbalauthority.Let NFF & Minister for Education pray for forgiveness,& repent from their sin.

  • Abah-fada 3 months ago

    Cameroon will want to avenged their past los to Naija tomorrow. Anything can happen in a game of sport and football in general, if we go down memory lane, the Cameroonian lioness have beating the Falcons in South Africa, when the country hosted. They beat us in Equatorial Guenea when the country hosted. I see Naija and South Africa final where Naija will win 2-1. The game against Cameroon will end 1 nil in favour of Naija.

    • Abah-fada 3 months ago

      Sorry it was actually in Equatorial Guinea that Naija lost to Cameroon in a third place match. In South Africa we played 2-2 draw in group stage before hammering them 5-0.

      South Africa also beat Naija in another AWCON in the same Equatorial Guinea in the semi -final.

  • Austin 3 months ago

    For some of us been worried about the women’s world cup, let us finish the awcon first then when we get to the bridge, we’ll know how to cross it. Afterall that’s why we got this coach dennerby. He has played friendly matches with both some male teams and female teams, he is now in awcon. All these I consider preparations and soon he’ll be at the world cup. We’ll assess him there proper to see if there’ll be a difference between the previous world cup and the one coming.