Did Sergio Ramos deliberately injure Mohammed Salah?

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  • chamberlain 5 years ago

    Yes it was deliberate…he also tried same in their match against Juve

  • Onyeagoro Johnson Chima 5 years ago

    It is not true. If you  look at the replay, it was salah that hooked his hand with Ramos hand.I don’t know why many Nigerians overate salah.Although he is a good footballer but he should not be overated, that is why Liverpool had problems in the UCL final as the club was built around him,when he was removed the entire structure collapsed. Ramos was not guilty at all, closely study the replay without sentiment!!

    • Yes he did it knowinly,just look at his action after that incident,he knew what he did,

  • ayomobee 5 years ago

    SR is an assassing on the field.a rubbish person, a negative tinking player and A saddist . Instead of devicing ways of playing football to beat opponents tactics SR goes abt physically destroying his fellow player to gain an undue advantage. Wat if he as bn treated same way,would he still be playing d beautiful game?
    I leave FIFA to monitor him closely and put him the duldrome of a complete ban

  • Djeniko 5 years ago

    Any footballer or even if he is not a footballer but is interested in football and watches it regularly on tv or in a stadium, will know that Sergio Ramos deliberately inflicted that shoulder injury on Mo Salah. I believed he went to learn WWE SmackDown just for Salah after the end of the league. After hooking Salah’s upper limb in his armpit, he did let go and then he turned Salah in such a way that he (Ramos) will fall on any part of the hand from shoulder to the hand to break, crack or cause severe sprain with severe pain that will make Salah be ineffective throughout the match. He got more than that. Salah could not play the match and Real Madrid won. My verdict : Sergio Ramos is murderer. He can assassinate some other player just to win an important match. He is a wicked person. His parents are also wicked for not teaching their son are to be mild in nature and not to plan cruelty on another person.

  • Go Eagles Go 5 years ago

    My suggestion to FIFA is this: if a player is injured by another player, and that injured player could not play for any period of time, the inflicter of the injury should also not play football for the said period especially if it is deliberate like the Sergio Ramos vs Mo Salah injury.

  • Ayomobee 5 years ago

    Thanks Dj and Go Eagles U read my point clearly and UR views were all spot on. Am not Egyptian neither am I a Liverpool fan but normal reasoning tells me that a man that plays ugly and dirty to gain an upper hand is nothing but the first of the devil and is the devil that he worship ,SR is on notice am sure with many referees coming to the Worldcup and that means that a close Luk will be given to him through instructions from fifa technical and disciplinary committees . Let SR come with his Devils character ;the fans,other teams players and most importantly the referees are all waiting for him.pls mark this my words. I can’t wait to see the downfall of SR ,the Devils first born,at the w/cup .

  • Djeniko 5 years ago

    MY WORLD CUP EXPERIENCE : I remember vividly that headbutt but it tells me something about Zinedine Zidane alias Zizou. That was the 2006 WC final in Berlin, Germany. Before that headbutt, the score was France 1-1Italy scored by Zidane and Marco Materazzi. All goals in the 1st half. Trouble started some minutes into the second half when we saw Zidane run pass Marco and suddenly turned back and then, the powerful headbutt on Marco Materazzi who fell to the ground. Nobody expected that. All the referees missed it, it was a match official that noticed it and informed them before he was sent off. That was the end of the WC for Zidane and re-retirement in football. He has retired before he was called to come help the French team qualify for the World Cup. The French team eventually lost in the penalty shootout 3-5. What was the cause of the headbutt, we will never know but Zidane says Marco was abusing his sister severally and he couldn’t take it again. Was it? That he couldn’t take it again or is it that Zinedine Zidane alias Zizou is just a violent man. What happened to Salah makes me do a rethink. Sergio Ramos will not do what he did if they have not discussed that plan to remove Salah from the game. Either with all the players or just the captain and himself with few others. The headbutt is a violent act. The Salah incident was also a violent act with no regard or respect for human or fellow player. On the touchline, Zidane is that cool dud but is that coolness covering a violent person? This is my opinion. Zidane was the focal point of the French team and when he was red carded, France lost the game. Salah was the focal point of the Liverpool’s team. When he left, Liverpool lost the game. Zidane knew this from his experience and as a wicked person, bent on winning at all cost, he allowed the violent act on Salah.

    • Kweli 5 years ago

      I agree with what you say. In most courts of law, before passing sentence, a judge examines the criminal history of the defendant. If the person is a repeat offender, his sentence will be more severe than a first time offender. Ramos not only has a history of violent conduct in the game, but he has accumulated 274 cards in his career, more than any other player in Europe. Twenty four of those cards were red. He stated clearly before the CL final that Salah is an ordinary player and that he is not worried about him. So why that dangerous and deliberate tackle? In addition, when Zidane himself has a history of violence in the game, he no doubt advised his fellow thug to eliminate Salah from the game. It must also be remembered, that Ramos did the same arm lock against Dani Alves, who managed to escape the grip. From the time of Salah’s exit, Liverpool’s game went downhill and the team eventually lost, although the GK mistakes were the main factor. But if Salah had lasted to the end of the game, the scoreline could have been different and maybe the game could have ended with a PK shootout. But if this kind of thing is to be avoided in future,FIFA must appoint an independent body to review video replays and they find Ramos committed the foul maliciously, he should be banned from the World Cup. If they don’t, they will send a wrong message and make a mockery of their motto “My game is fair play”. If by some strange stroke of luck, Salah does play and Egypt do well and then meet Spain in later stages, you can be sure that Ramos will finish the job on Salah.

  • Thank you for the information

  • Isaac Oloju 5 years ago

    Yes he did. Am absolutely sure of that.

  • Ramos did nothing wrong to Salah

  • Austin 5 years ago

    No Ramos did nothing wrong to Salah
    Football sometimes you can never know what will happen in the next minute
    Thank you