Dr Carneiro: EPL Doctors Blast Mourinho

Dr Carneiro:  EPL Doctors Blast Mourinho

English Premier League doctors on Thursday labelled Jose Mourinho’s slighting and sidelining of The Blues’ female doctor, Dr Eva Carneiro “unjust in the extreme”, according to AFP.

Mourinho hogged the British media headlines after strongly criticising Carneiro and physiotherapist Jon Fearn for getting onto the pitch during their new season opener against Swansea City and attending to an injured Eden Hazard whom the centre referee believed needed a treatment.

The Chelsea boss could not stomach the 2-2 final scoreline, and blamed Carneiro for adding to Chelsea’s injury-induced team depletion during the match with that action.

There have also been British media reports that Mourinho has consequently sidelined Carneiro – that she will no longer attend Chelsea’s matches or training sessions.

According to AFP report, Mourinho, who said that Carneiro and Fearn had been “impulsive and naïve”, has received widespread criticism, with former Liverpool doctor Peter Brukner branding his behaviour “absolutely appalling”.

The Premier League Doctors’ Group said in a statement: “The Premier League Doctor’s Group considers that removing Dr Eva Carneiro from the Chelsea team bench for their next match is unjust in the extreme.

“In the publicised incident in last Saturday’s game against Swansea, the Chelsea medical staff were clearly summoned on to the field of play by the match referee to attend to a player.

“A refusal to run onto the pitch would have breached the duty of care required of the medical team to their patient.

“It is a huge concern that Dr Carneiro has been subjected to unprecedented media scrutiny and a change in her professional role, merely because she adhered to her code of professional conduct and did her job properly.”

The body pledged that Carneiro, who joined Chelsea in 2009, had its “universal and total support”.

Mourinho is expected to make an official statement at his weekly press conference on Friday, especially concerning reports that Dr Carneiro’s role at Chelsea has changed.


  • There are some people who are psychotic but do not know it. There are also some people who are so ignorant that they have lost all reality. This is a man who does not respect anyone but he has a wife and children and perhaps parents and uncle who he expect people to respect and protect. This a man who does not have shame. There is a saying in Warri that if craze man no dey shame, his family dey shame. Mourinho will not last on this job till January. There is actually a universal support for the good doctor Eva. Anytime I see her on TV attending to players, I admire her dedication to the job and I have this strong feeling that the players love her. This is the person Mourinho want to mess up. Read her profile, you will see that she don go school and knows her job. Mourinho should know better. She is not blinking at all as she intends to sue. Hazard may leave Chelsea if Mourinho does not apologize and back out. The world is waiting for that press conference on Friday before actions will be taken by many bodies and associations. That was how he talked like a kid to Benetez’s wife. I am coming back after that conference to this forum.

  • Cdjeniko,u knw sabi talk

  • ezekiel 3 years ago

    He Mourinho should really know how to talk. Instead of accepting the game’s result, no, he must find a way to blame it or rub it on someone. what a shame.

  • BeeBee 3 years ago

    He did wrong infact very wrong but he is still a good manager

  • @lucy, I assume u are a lady for real and lucy is not just ur user’s name. I guess too that u are well briefed that Mourinho want to mess up a female like u. For doing her job. This is the scene: Hazard was injured and after the referee looked at him, with Hazard’s permission he called for medical aid. The doctor and the physio ran into the field as usual as she has been doing for the past 15yrs of her attending to athletes. Mourinho is saying she shouldn’t have ran into the field to attend to Hazard who was still on the floor and has not gotten up indicating that he was in a serious situation. We all know that at that point Hazard will not be feigning injury since they were not winning. My dear lucy what will u have done putting yourself in Dr Eva’s position? Mourinho has no right whatsoever to question a doctor or any medic when it comes to the issue of health. The health of any player is much more important than winning any match u agree with me. She is a senior staff and head of Chelsea’s medical team. Did Mourinho do well? I certainly think he was silly about this and he will be punished. On a milder note I see that na u no sabi talk as na only 5 words u use. Maybe u have a crush for Mourinho. Na joke I dey joke o.