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DSS Ejects Giwa-Led Faction From NFF Offices On Presidency’s Order

DSS Ejects Giwa-Led Faction From NFF Offices On Presidency’s Order

By Johnny Edward:

Chris Giwa has been ejected from the secretariat of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) on orders from the presidency, reports Completesportsnigeria.com.

FIFA had threatened to ban Nigeria if the situation was not resolved and Amaju Pinnick not reinstated as NFF president.

The Supreme Court ruling on June 5 set aside Pinnick’s election and recognised Giwa as substantive chairman.

But on Monday, Operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) stormed the offices of the Nigeria Football Federation to eject Giwa and his board stating that they were working on instructions from above.

The NFF Secretary General Muhammed Sanusi has since resumed office while Amaju Pinick who had been away supervising the CAF roundtable symposium on Africa’s performance at the recently-concluded 2018 Russia World Cup will return to Nigeria on Tuesday.

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  • Stanley 3 years ago

    Dalung should be sacked.He aided Giwa.

  • Even for futboll sef? Now i see it is a sin to leave wit a malou in a country.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Good calls from office of the presidency.
    Astonished the president is just aware of the chaos in the Nigerian football. It makes me wonder if he reads newspapers at all.I believe he has a media representatives who works in his office so how come he wasn’t briefed?all this beats my imagination.
    The bottomline is Giwa has finally given way to Pinnick who is recognised by Fifa and who has the legitimate mandate to office.
    In other words,the fear of fifa ban trailing us as an organisation is gone and we shall henceforth go about our football without any fear of axe by the world football authorities.
    Thank you Buhari for your timely calls.
    May God guide you and give you more vision to actualize your presidential quests.
    For Giwa and his cohorts which includes the sports minister and the judge Kurya of the Jos high court you have all exhibited to the nation that you are enemies of Nigerian football and shouldn’t hold any public office henceforth because you don’t represent the common citizens but just your selfish interests.
    God bless Nigeria

    • Beloved 3 years ago

      Long awaited, good news! Nigeria football is bigger than any single individual.

    • David Olopade 3 years ago

      Solomon Dualong should be removed from that office,with immediate effect and automatic alacrity.

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    Good riddance of bad rubbish

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Ahaaa…something good finally coming from the presidency. I think Giwa should get the message clearly now. Court judgement or not…he isn’t wanted in our football house

  • whisky 3 years ago

    Good job buhari.. KEEP IT UP

  • good news

  • It is a good stuff from the presidency but bad for rule of law in the country. I am a die hard fan of Pinnick. I feel the presidency should have done this through the instrumentality of the law court. Just thinking aloud.

    • Donbenie 3 years ago

      Which rule of law,FIFA does not want any government interference fullstop..let this Clown and his foolish Kinsman Dalung go [email protected] themselves..

    • it will be unjust for president buari to uphold rule of law i this circumstance because he has never done that since he became the president. the matter of nnamdi kanu, elzazaky, and sambo dasuki says it all

  • Mykel 3 years ago

    This is where buhari is allowed not to obey court order, I support him on this one. that goes should be arrested and jailed.

  • God bless President Buhari.Shame to those evil people like Dalung, Giwa, Onigbinde etc who hv continously proved to be very selfish.

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Election year gimmick, don’t trust them yet.Bunch of corrupt souls.

  • Buhari and the APC are clueless.
    They are retroactively reactionary instead of being pro active.
    This case should have been dismissed from the supreme court for lack of merit.

    Now the highest court in the land has ruled, the ruling would have been tactically ignored while posturing that it is being carried out.

    Giwa should have been arrested before the Supreme court verdict by Efcc even in trump up charges, the same approach should be taken even now, and not to openly trash the rule if law, or else it becomes an impeachable crime by the presidency.

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    Best sport news of the year. I feel so relieved hearing the news

  • Maccollins Njoku 3 years ago

    Finally the football family in naija can breathe with a relieve but the president should equally sack this incompetent sports minister.

  • Patrick 3 years ago

    thanks Mr President for getting rid of giwa. football is one game that united various groups in Nigeria. world leaders such as macron in France and Putin in Russia knows the power of football. I am happy the president has realise the power of football. the president and National Assembly should however work with stakeholders inorder
    to resolve the issues that led to this crisis.

  • Take heart 3 years ago

    @Dede, please o, what was Onigbede’s role or statements on this Pinnick vs Giwa nonsense? He must have said some rubbish for you to group him in Giwa-Dalung camp. It seems I missed his role. Keep me up to speed.

  • Plz what about that idiot called sports minister and that charge and bell mad man,i think they are supose to be touched too,

  • Bomboy 3 years ago

    The best news since our World Cup disapointment.

    I have visited this website every day hoping to read something like this. Today I am a happy man.

  • All these was caused by the President who put square peg (Sports Minister who knows nothing about sports) into a round hole (Sports) and even acted almost too late when Nigeria’s only binding joy was about to be cut off by FIFA. For the joy to complete, the sports ignorant Sports Minister has to go with his cohorts.

  • Mykel 3 years ago

    Exactly when u need buhari not to obey court orders

  • The news of Giwa’s expulsion from the glass house of the NFF on “orders from above” was greeted with jubilation and a sigh of relief from soccer loving Nigerians who think that the end to this imminent fifa ban nightmare is here.

    But is it?

    This particular battle may have been won but the war may not be over. Political interference in one shape or the other have often threatened the peace of Nigerian football and the use of executive powers to oust Giwa just threats a symptom, it does not cure the desease – we should never be in this position to even start with.

    Today it is Giwa, 2010 it was Goodluck Jonathan, in 2014 it was when Nigeria Sports minister Tammy Danagogo appointed Lawrence Longyir Katiken to run the NFF that Fifa banned Nigeria.

    Do I spot a pattern here? The exits of Nigeria from the World Cups since 2010 have been followed by turmoils that have threatened or led to Fifa bans.

    What the hell is this nonsense?

    It’s all well and good bypassing judicial process and kick Giwa from the glass house but the wider question remains:

    When will a country like Nigeria stop making international headlines for fifa bans as a result of political interference in football? When?

    We should be way beyond these sort of nonsense. First you have Fifa-banned guys use the judiciary to take over the NFF, now you have the Commander in chief dispatch his boys to kick them out!

    It’s all a mess.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Thank you mr. President and the next one would be Coach Rohr, he also have to leave our football for us because, we have no time to waste, we need our indigenous Coach to take over from where the Coach have stopped and to build us a sound and solid team for Nigeria. Mr. President must take action over the people of Nigeria if he wants the country to be great again. Nigerians would never respect him except he takes action like he did to Giwa.

    Giwa is gone now and Mr. Amaju Pinnick
    Is back in the office while he have seen the mistakes of the Eagles Coach and the next thing to do in few days to come must be review to us. However, if God says yes, who can say no? Nobody. Mr. Giwa have learnt his lesson in a hard way. Therefore, mr. Amaju Pinnick, congratulations to you sir. Let’s the action begins. God bless us. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dear Omo9ja,

      I write to you today asking you not to be so shortsighted in your celebration but to pause and reflect on the wider picture.

      I had expected a statement to come out from the office of his Excellency saying something like: “After due legal and judical protocols have been followed, Giwa has today been relieved of his post in the NFF with immediate effect with Pinnick restored to the post in accordance with elections that abide by FIFA statutes”.

      Instead, according to the short article above, you have a government that appears to just have given orders to security forces to go to NFF and remove somebody they don’t like (admittedly, somebody who should not be there in the first place).

      My point is: if the government can take such actions against Giwa today, what stops them from taking similar actions against Pinnick tomorrow?

      Let’s call a spade a spade: political interference which is not in accordance with FIFA statutes have no place in our football, period.

      The actions of the president may have brought smiles to faces today, but the same actions have the potentials to bring tears tomorrow.

      We must say ‘No’ to political interference in our football.

      • Prince 3 years ago

        @deo,the letter from the cjf says that they should maintain statosco till all judicial avenue has been exhausted, which is in line with what the jos high Court said while adjoining the case, but which dalong misinterpreted to mean giwa carrying on which the justice ministry has now interpret to mean as it was before all this started