Dynamo Coach, Goalie Hail ‘Wonderful’ Martins

Dynamo Coach, Goalie Hail ‘Wonderful’ Martins

Eagles striker, Obafemi Martins for his wonderful goal while lamenting the loss to Seattle Sounders in a match they felt they should have at least picked a point.

The duo believe they lost the match to the Nigerian who scored the only goal of the match. Martins’ goal came in the 39th minute as Seattle quickly countered off a Houston turnover.

Martins took a pass from Clint Dempsey, did a 360-degree spin around Houston defender Jermaine Taylor and put enough power on the shot that Deric’s deflection couldn’t keep it out of the net.

‘You’ve got to give credit, though, to a wonderful player in Obafemi Martins,’said Coyle whose side limited Sounders to very few chances in the game.

Goalkeeper Deric concurred.

He (Martins) had a lot of skill and good strength to hold the ball and create an angle to get the strike off which is why he has played all over the world.’