Emery Desperate To Change Arsenal’s History Vs Liverpool

Emery Desperate To Change Arsenal’s History Vs Liverpool


Arsenal head coach Unai Emery admits playing against Liverpool on Saturday will be a tough game for his side but he is desperate for the Gunners to turn around their poor form against top-six clubs.


The Gunners won just one out of nine games against Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham last season but Emery is prepared to change that starting with the game against Liverpool.


“We’re excited for tomorrow but it’s a difficult game,” Emery said during his pre-match conference ahead of the game.


“We want to write a new history. The new history is in the present and also, with our players, our quality and our capacity, I believe in my players and this project.”


“We are starting this project with a very positive way with what we are doing.”


“They have signed a lot of players. They are a good, big example of how you can improve.


On the game,Emery said: “Each match is a very important match. The most important is tomorrow. It’s a very big test because it’s against Liverpool.”


“They are a very good team, an intense team, and they require a lot of work for us to battle them but I believe in our team and our players.”


“We are also going to play our way.”


“We need to stop them doing their jobs in the 90 minutes.”


“They have individual players and also are a collective. They are developing moves with the goalkeeper beceause they build up through Alisson, the centre-backs and the midfield players.”


“They can progress up the pitch with a lot of quality starting with Alisson.”


“We need a big match in the individual duels against them and also tactically we need to be together and play with our identity and style that we need to impose on them.”


It’s difficult for 90 minutes but in moments we need to impose our ideas in a duel of 90 minutes.