Enugu Governor: ‘Rangers Shall Reclaim Lost Glories’

Enugu Governor: ‘Rangers Shall Reclaim Lost Glories’

The era when Rangers International F.C played second fiddle in both domestic and continental football will soon be over as assured by Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, newly elected Enugu State governor.

Ugwuanyi described Rangers as the ‘live-blood’ of every Igbo man, stressing that motivation which is the key to every success will not be lacking in Rangers during his regime.

“Rangers International F.C like we all know is the spirit of the Igbo man. Just as blood is important to the body, so is Rangers important to every Igbo man and Enugu state in particular.

“Rangers have really been on the background for too long and it is time for us to take backour rightful place both domestically and internationally,” Hon. Ugwuanyi enthused.

He continued, “In time past, whenever Rangers International F.C were to have a match, anywhere in the country, that city usually stand still until such match is over and Rangers will always come out victorious.

“We are going to bring back this ‘never-say-die’ fighting spirit back of the club. We need to have some injections in vital areas as well as the ‘flow’ proper funding to help Rangers become the champion stuff it used to be.

“The trophy drought must be broken sooner than later.”

“We don’t have an option in making Rangers what it was and we thank the legends of the club

like Christian Chukwu, Emma Okala, Innocent Obiekwo, Kelechi Emeteole, Ndubuisi Ajomiwe and others that have kept the flag flying.

“Passing on the passion of the Igbo man down the ages is a task that must be done and our government shall supply the needed fund to once more make Rangers a house hold name all over the world,” he concluded.


  • I belíevef that háving a new administration will help to. Play a better roles in the club.i pray that new elected governor will have it as one of his burget to revive the so called team