Enyeama Cries: I Won’t Let Anybody Insult My Dead Mother!

Enyeama Cries: I Won’t Let Anybody Insult My Dead Mother!

By Nurudeen Obalola:

A fresh twist has been added to the clash of egos between Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh and goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama after the latter hinted that the former disrepected his (Enyeama’s) late mother.
Enyeama was initially thrown out of the team’s camp in Belgium on Tuesday night following a confrontation with Oliseh, but intervention from senior players and Nigeria Football Federation officials got the goalkeeper reinstated.
With the recall of Enyeama, who was said to be riled by the announcement of Ahmed Musa as the team captain ahead of himself, the matter appeared to have been resolved as the Eagles planned for the friendly matches with DR Congo and Cameroon on Thursday and Sunday.
But the Lille goalkeeper took to social media platform Instagram on Wednesday to cryptically tell his own side of the story, without really giving too much away.
“After 13 years of national service, having these smiles on my face and this passion in my heart,” Enyeama wrote, channelling the inner poet in him while seemingly pouring out his heart.
“Through the billows, the waves of the ocean, the tears, the sound of rejoicing from victory chants.”
Having gone through the flowery ‘introduction’, Enyeama then went in hard, making very strong allegations without actually mentioning names.
Apparently, he was threatened with utter humiliation by Olisen and his late mother, who he buried on Saturday and could be at the centre of the whole situation since her unfortunate passing in September, came into the picture in the heat of the confrontation.
“Now the thought of being stripped naked and security agents throwing me out breaks me completely,” Enyeama wrote, accompanying the statement with several crying emoticons.
“I will take anything but not insult to my dead mother.”
More emoticons indicating a crying person closed the Instagram message.
Incidentally, Enyeama missed Oliseh’s first matches in charge of the Super Eagles in September because his mum died days before the games, an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Tanzania and a friendly with Niger.

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  • This is getting out of hand if not properly handled because Enyeama is taking it to another level involving his family. Mature men don’t do things like what Enyeama is doing now. Oliseh has family too. Whatever Oliseh is the boss and should be respected by all in the camp.

  • doubletee 6 years ago

    @djeniko what ever dey call u , u be mumu , sorry , I dnt think u have parent @ all , u are like a fool, sorry ooo if u kwn wat it means 2 have a mother , u no go dey talk like dis , person wey buried d mother few mother ago , hw u wan make am dey focus,4 oliseh, think is not mature anof 2 handle dat post , even d bible said it , if u child offend u , draw him , wit ur left hand , not askin d security 2 disgrace him , d is 2 bad 4 a professione play, abbaa dat bad

  • No matter the PR job, Oliseh behaved unprofessionally. How can you strip Vincent of the captainship of the team without due process. Ok you don't want him as your captain, the right thing would have been to inform him and for the NFF to make Vincent see reason. But just because he wanted to prove he is in charge he is messing up the team. How can this one build a team like this? I don't see Oliseh going anywhere with this team. It is dead on arrival.

  • Praise 6 years ago

    In enyeanma we trust… Give d captain band back to d rightful owner. Enyeanma remain d captain.

  • Teejay 6 years ago

    Oga abi na watin u call ursef, u be Ode. unprofessional in wat way? Abi na becos say na africa we dey, him fit try am 4 him club? Abeg make packwell and stop using social media as a platform to exbit him childish and mumu manners.

  • @doubletee, I won’t make myself to be so low by resorting to abuses. I am a human. If you are below 18yrs I owe you this explanation but if you are above 18yrs, I am really really afraid for you. For the under 18s I have not read any article in any paper that says Mr Oliseh insulted Mr Enyeama’s dear mum. He interrupted Oliseh during a meeting and he asked to keep quiet and sit. He refused and continued with the interruption. It is not acceptable anywhere. Even you my young friend will not accept it if you are the monitor or prefect of your class and someone interrupt you as you are talking on how to be better student to the class under your care. Think am well na kid. That was when Oliseh ask him to be taken out by security men. Enyeama would have kept a dignified quietness. That is what mature men do. Not behave like uncultured lot. Maybe after the meeting there would have being a one on one, face to face meeting for any explanation. Better still to keep quiet like Joseph Yobe and move on. The fans will support him. I believe strongly that the “mother insult” angle is just to get sympathy after realizing that he has made a mistake by not staying calm and bursting out like that on his coach and making it look as if losing the captainship is painful. My young man Oliseh is only reacting to how Enyeama has been carrying on since Keshi was sacked. As I said can he do it to his Lille coach? He dare not!!!! I will advice that you make your comments by disapproving another’s omment but never resort to insult. Those are meant for garrage boys not complete Sport readers. Don’t you agree? Keep commenting. I love reading other people’s comments too. it’s interesting to speak the fact. But not insult.

  • shammypee 6 years ago

    Mr djenico or wat his name is †̥̥h̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ greatest idiot in africa and also a pig for that comment. Enyeama is one of the best keeper if not †̥̥h̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ best we’ve ever had in Nigeria . Oliseh is only trying to be bossy imo, but he’s doing it †̥̥h̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ wrong way. B4 Ɣơ̴̴͡u̶̲̥̅̊ can change a captain Ɣơ̴̴͡u̶̲̥̅̊ need to inform the board and the player and moreover Enyeamas experience is still needed in the national team. Mr jenico Ɣơ̴̴͡u̶̲̥̅̊ better grow up b4 ur children starts calling Ɣơ̴̴͡u̶̲̥̅̊ a fool .

  • junior anthony 6 years ago

    guy welove our keeper but he can not do that in europe sunday did not insalt anybody he just chose his new captian ok

  • Obviously, there are two sides to this story (perhaps 3). From the facts made available to us by those in the know (and hopefully these facts are not too tainted with self-interest), the following can be discerned:

    1. Oliseh knew Enyeama had just buried his mother.

    2. Enyeama reported late from the burial (this is understandable given the trauma he just went through). In retrospect however,  he should have been given an extended break.

    3. Oliseh stripped him of the armband. Whether this was as a result of the lateness (this would have been very insensitive in my opinion) or as a result of his outspoken nature (we all know Vincent can be a bit extreme), we would never know. Still, a coach reserves the right to make whoever he is most comfortable with his captain (although the manner in which this particular selection was done clearly shows some poor man management).

    4. Things got heated and an ugly scene ensued. Choice words were exchanged (as a coach, this is a definite 'no-no'. You do not want to engage your player in a shouting match. Things can only go downhill from there. There have been instances of Vincent's hot-headedness of recent. He had a shouting match with Siasia a couple of years ago and then reportedly tore a query issued to him by the NFF some months back. Combine him with a fellow hot-head like Oliseh and you have the perfect recipe for an inferno). 

    5. Things got so bad that security men were called in to throw Vincent out. Now this was very embarrassing for a player who had spent 13 years serving his country but it would not have been this bad if he had obeyed his coach's initial instruction to leave.I think he let his emotions get the better of him there.

    Summary: Neither party comes out of this incident smelling of roses.

    On Oliseh's part, his decisions in this regard, reek of  immaturity and poor man-management. A discussion with Enyeama (with an arm around his shoulder) would have helped in gently breaking the news of his demotion to him( whichever way you look at it, stripping a player of the Captain's band is a demotion).  It is hoped that going forward, Oliseh will ensure future incidents (and believe me, there will be others) are better handled and that his emotions and personal feeligs are kept in check. 

    As for Enyeama, one cannot but feel his pain, given his emotional state but he really needs to understand that the coach is the boss, regardless of how many teams he has managed or how little manegerial experience he has. You cannot shout at your coach, question his decisions, contradict him in front of other players and remain in the team. You might as well just castrate him and be done with it. It was a bad example for the younger players coming up and it is quite sad that this exhibition of indiscipline will be his last act as a Nigerian player. If this were in his club, he would have been fired. 

    Nigerian football is certainly the ultimate loser here as we have lost a world-class player who could only strengthen the team.

  • My statement remain the same,regardless of enyeama’s situation, this is not the right time to remove him from his captain ship,bringing the issue out like that in front of other player without informing him before,was bad,nobody is against a couch chosen who he wants as a captain,all am sayin is he should hve explained it to him one on one or even go tru NFF instead of blasting it on his face, oliseh played hash on him so he should apologize to enyeama..

  • @sammypee. what a name. from your name you are under 18yrs and so my statement above to another under 18 applies to you. Apart from two of you who are not to be blamed as you are naturally acting your age. If not the environment you grew up must have influenced you negat. you can still move away from the stereotype, I mean you don’t need to be like garrage guys but befriend refined fellows in your classroom or school, do not imitate your parents if they are fun of using rotten words, get away from cultism, stop taking substances like ugbo and use your money well. read this after you are sober. keep commenting.

  • Remarkable 6 years ago

    @Djeniko could it be that you don’t understand English or scenarios ?? Someone lost his mother , he reported late to the camp,you retrench him of his captainship , you refused to hear him and treating him with the security operatives , isn’t that an insult ? That means Oliseh did not respect enyeama’s mother, as Africans we have value and we respect our loved ones that we’ve lost, so my friend read well, understand it before making your assertions

  • Vincent is right.no matter the angle this case is been pushed to…

  • nwokocha uchechukwu 6 years ago

    Sly n Felix, U guys made lots of sense. Enyeama shuld hav listened first bcos its very ryt to be a good listener but Oliseh like Sly rytly said lack maturity in man-management. He didn’t do ryt. At least Enyeama as a captain deserved to be in d knw bfor d team meeting. Let’s say Oliseh is still learning d trade or if u like d ropes. I think he will learn his lessons too after all during his playing days he had issues with coaches also n was even accused of being d leader of d mafia in d eagles’ dressing room. For d meantime we are yet to have a goal keeper in d eagles. Pls my other brothers in here stop d insults n instead find joy in dis discussion. I beg U pls. God bless u all.

  • joe joe joe 6 years ago

    Oliseh or what ever they called you …u are very garaious and stupid i think you dont have mother and you dont know what it means to lose love ones….stay focus is important in football…you behenve on professional by ask your player out of the team, do you think you can praise nigerias. they will soon sack you watchout….!!!