Enyimba Call On LMC For Action Against Sharks

Enyimba have called League Management Company to take action against Sharks’ officials who failed to stop the violence which occurred around the stadium in Port Harcourt during both clubs’ clash in midweek.

Enyimba revealed that one of their supporters was multiply stabbed outside the stadium after the game which ended in a disappointing 1-1 draw for the home side, currently leading in Glo Premier League.

People’s Elephant condemned the horrible incident and expect LMC to take action against the club which hosted the high-profile match and failed to prevent violence from happening.

“Our supporter suffered six stab wounds in an attack that occurred just after the game, lost massive amounts of blood and required urgent medical attention”, Enyimba’s spokesman, Farriel Allaputa, stated at the press conference after the game.

“As a club, we condemn this violent assault completely and call on the League Management Company to take strong actions against such abhorrent behaviour.

Nigerian club football has come a long way and this show of shame and barbarity has no place at all in the Glo Premier League.

“Our resolve and commitment towards a bigger and better Nigerian Professional Football League remains very strong and we will continue to denounce all actions that undermine the league.”

Allaputa also called Sharks’ coaching staff to take partial blame for the assault, stating the home supporters’ furious behaviour could be caused by their actions during the game.

Sharks boss, Gbenga Ogunbote, openly accused the referees of Enyimba bias – a claim which Allaputa strongly dismisses, insisting that Ogunbote’s opinion on match officiating depends on whether the final result is favourable for his side.

“The management of Sharks as well as the Head Coach of Sharks have to do more to ensure that they do not incite their fans to violence by their actions or comments during and after matches.

“Ogunbote accused the match officials of bias and now it appears there is a pattern and he is quick to cry foul and bring the game to disrepute when results don’t go his way.

Sharks won away at Kaduna United, no one was hurt and the referee was good. They returned to Port Harcourt and defeated El Kanemi with two penalties again, the match officials were good. Now his team have been held to a draw and all of a sudden the match officials are bad and have singled Sharks out?

“These sort of utterances are bad for our football and he has to learn to accept results fairly. Football is not a game where you must win so Ogunbote must learn to exercise caution because this is the sort of comment that incites
fans.”enyimba fc2

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