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Essay: How To Avoid Injuries While Exercising

Essay: How To Avoid Injuries While Exercising

Exercising has become a religion in today’s world. Not only does it make you healthier, but it also boosts your cognitive abilities. As a student, I often wished somebody professional could write my essay for me because I just felt too lethargic to do it myself. Now I am a writer, and my success can be partly attributed to exercise.

People are obsessed with being healthy, often forgetting that everything comes with a cost. Probably, everybody has strained their ankle at least once in life. If you want to make your exercise not only enjoyable and stimulating but also safe, continue reading this article.

Know Yourself

The first and foremost tip everybody needs to take into account is related to an individual approach towards exercising. We all are different, and so are our physical needs and capabilities. What works for your favorite blogger may be out of question to you due to lack of preparation, an illness, or just absence of interest.

If you want to embark on a rigorous training program, visit your doctor first. And do not just visit – listen to their recommendations. I knew a girl who played volleyball despite her doctor’s admonition. She ended up losing her eyesight because of it.

No matter how much you like exercise, it should be beneficial and not detrimental to your health.

Do not overestimate your physical shape. As a big fan of sports movies like Peaceful Warrior or Soul Surfer, I can attest myself that inspiration is not enough. You cannot reenact your favorite character’s path if you do not have the necessary prior preparation. Mastery comes with time, so, give it to yourself.

It is also important to stop when you’ve had enough. Pushing yourself despite the pain is admirable only in movies. Real life is much more prosaic. So, whenever you feel soreness and fatigue, take a break, even if it means you will not get your body into a perfect shape until the upcoming beach season.

Take Care of Yourself

Injuries often occur due to malnutrition and bad clothing habits. If you want to be safe while exercising, you should take care of your inside as well as of your outside.

Go to the sports store and get yourself an optimal work-out outfit. Yeah, it does sound like a fancy waste of money to an amateur, but hospitals are much more expensive in the end. Proper clothes will not only inspire you to exercise in the first place but also prevent you from hurting yourself.

In regards to drinking, it is pretty simple – just drink water whenever you feel like it. All those hydrating tips have long been debunked by science, so there is no need to fill yourself up with water if you don’t want to. However, stop your exercise whenever you want to take a gulp of water. Basically, listen to your body.

Everything is a bit more complicated with food. You obviously need to get your daily intake of macronutrients and micronutrients, but exercise increases this need. Especially it is true for macronutrients, such as carbohydrates and proteins.

Proteins help repair your muscles, which, of course, is a critical feature for sport enthusiasts. Carbohydrates produce glycogen, which is stored in your muscle cells and fills you with energy. The more glycogen you have, the longer you can exercise.

So, if you procure the appropriate sports clothing, eat and drink well, you can avoid injuries easily.

Always Warm Up

You, probably, expected me to start with this one. Of course, warming up is crucial, and any sane person should do it before doing any type of exercise, be it strength or cardio. Even if you are an illustrious sportsperson with the accolades galore, by skipping this step, you are doomed to sustain injuries.

Warming up should include not just stretching but also some jumping and a quick jog. Keep it short and increase the intensity carefully. In just 10 minutes you can stimulate the blood flow to muscles, thus making them ready for a build-up. Moreover, it works as a nice mental trick to get yourself ready.

Exercising does not have to be traumatizing. These three quick yet important precautions should be forever imbedded in your routine if you do not want to spend a fun summer in the hospital.

So, be aware, take care and warm up. And you will be able to derive the most benefit from your exercising habit.

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