Ex-Football Superstar Weah Sworn In As Liberia’s New President

Ex-Football Superstar Weah Sworn In As Liberia’s New President

Former World Player of the Year George Weah was on Monday sworn in as the new president of Liberia.

Weah’s swearing in took place inside the Samuel Doe Stadium in Monrovia in front of tens of thousands of cheering Liberians.

The former AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea star took over from Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who served for 12 years.

Present at the swearing of the 51-year-old were important dignitaries led by Heads of States, friends and former teammates.

Weah defeated former Vice President Joseph Boakai to become the first ever footballer to be sworn as President.

According to Liberia’s National Election Commission, Weah got 61.5 percent of the votes in the run-off held in December.


  • Weah is a hunan and limited in wisdom, power and zeal. He has his personal problems. He has his immediate family’s problems to look after. His party problems he has solve too. He can be sick, he can grow old and sure all men will die one day. 8-12 years is not enough to solve any country’s problem. One needs FOREVER to tackle and solve the various problems confronting the world. Sickness, food problems, security, housing, education are all what man needs to solve. Death is also confronting us. What can Weah George do for Liberia? Same old story. Opposition will always be there to highlight the mistakes made. Lurking around to step into your shoes immediately you leave. We need a higher form of government. The ruler should be able to foresee the future. He should not die so that he has enough time to solve our problems. He should have supernatural power. He should be able to read people’s mind. With supernatural power he can conquer natural and supernatural disasters. Since man cannot find such a ruler we will be going round a circle making the same mistakes over and over again & again. Weah will make the same mistakes and whoever takes over from him will continue making the same mistakes. Let George Weah just enjoy the fame and glamour that goes with the office but let nobody deceive anyone that Liberia problems are gone. No human ruler can solve our problems or satisfy our desire.