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Exclusive: Eagles Can Learn From Morocco’s Success At 2022 World Cup –Babangida

Exclusive: Eagles Can Learn From Morocco’s Success At 2022 World Cup –Babangida

Former Nigerian winger, Tijani Bagangida believes the Super Eagles can learn from Morocco’s success at the just concluded 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Recall that Morocco stunned the world when they became the first Africa side to reach the semi finals of the World Cup after an impressive display.

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The Atlas Lions, who lost 2-1 to Croatia in the Third-Place, had earlier defeated teams such as Spain, Belgium and Portugal to reach the last four.

However, in a chat with Completesports.com, Babangida stated that the Super Eagles can study Morocco’s template which made the team a force to reckon with at the 2022 World Cup.


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He also said that the players must display great commitment and hunger whenever they are called to the senior national team for any game.

“Morocco’s achievement at the 2022 World Cup is a big pride for Africa as a continent. They have shown that everything is possible with the right mentality and preparedness.

“Who says the Super Eagles can not learn from Morocco’s brilliant achievement at the World Cup? The truth is that our players must have a change of attitude towards games. They must exhibit that hunger, commitment and determination to give more than an 100% to their country of birth.

“This is exactly what the Moroccans did at the World Cup. Besides, the Super Eagles handler and the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) must also tap players from the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) to make the team competitive.”

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  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago


  • Is Rohr the only experience coach to you in the entire world. If so why has other
    footballing nations not hired him up till now.

    • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

      HE is taking his TIME…

      HE has been getting OFFER but don’t want to RUSH…

      HE is a RICH MAN…

      Look at ARSEN WENGER for INSTANCE..

      Those are people that like taking their time and don’t need any COACHING JOB to PROOF a POINT…

      And have you BOTHERED asking yourself if those COUNTRIES that needs GENERAL ROAH services can PAY him?


  • Four four 2 3 months ago

    Having watched this world cup for the first time as an adult not like a kid like in previous editions, I can say with all boldness that competting in the worldcup is not about making noise but being tactciturn and planning painstakingly.Someone said Morrocco’s performance was a flash in the pan just like Ghana, Senegal and Cameron who couldn’t replicate their quarter finals performance in previous world cups. I disagree with that line of thought totally. The difference between Morroco and others is that Morroco has put in place a sustainable development plan which they are following and you can see it reflecting in the performance of their female teams and club sides not only their male national team. This is in sharp contrast with Ghana , Cameroun and Senegal who got good teams at the time by chance. It same thing that happened to Nigeria between 1994 and 1998 who had a good crop of players without a target and a plan and it backfired..As long as a deliberate plan and structure is in place any talented football crazy nation must do well in the world cup. I can bet anyone Morroco will still do better come next world cup all things being equal. As for Nigeria, the problem is all about management of sports under democracy. I have serious doubt if the country will ever do well in sports again except there is a Millary intervention. Yes , because the present crop of politicians on whose shoulders the pillars of the nation rest are too corrupt, uncharitable, nonchallent,callous and indifferent towards natinal success. Those people will never stop ignoring talents and brains in favour of mediocres as long as its their loyalist or same tribe or have paid some bride to buy their slot. The national results doesn’t concern them..So except they are rooted out We may Never see such talents like jj, Oliseh,KANU, Finidi,Taribo et all which the Millitay era produce for the country. I’m in tears for now cos Nigeria football is in captivity.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    It is the NFF that have a big lesson to learn from Morocco’s success.
    The players need a competent, focused NFF supporting them.

    • Glory 3 months ago

      Ever always on point @ Pompeii. Strange, people still thinking SE players are the problem. Those thieves parading themselves as football administrators, those hungry ignorant ex internationals n many more, who truly messed things for us are smartly gradually shifting blames to players and once again fans are falling for their tricks. When the players pleaded to have a stable home ground for matches, where was this so called Tijany and others? When players were constantly being owed even made to travel on boats, where were they? We honestly have a long long way to go as a nation simply because majority of Nigerians are so easily swayed.

      • pompei 3 months ago

        Thanks, my friend. We are not buying their stories and excuses.
        The blame lies squarely on the NFF. They can’t shift the blame to anyone.