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The Extraordinary Reinvention Of England’s Football

The Extraordinary Reinvention Of England’s Football

Gone are the days of under performance, choking during crucial times and being branded as millionaire idiots, the England football team has made an impeccable makeover and transformation in the world cup.  If you aren’t involved in Nigerian rugby betting, you might want to take a look at the English football side too.

Thanks to Gareth Southgate, England’s football manager who made his life mission to emancipate the team’s condition and bring it into the mainstream football arena from the clutches of mediocrity, the team has been rising leaps and bounds and stormed into the semifinals of the world cup. The mission is probably the Euro 2020 which is just around the corner, and Gareth Southgate is leaving no stone unturned to make England great again.



What is Changing for the English Football?

England had a problem of trying too many things, and that only made the team lost and confused. That’s exactly what Southgate abolished, and created a rule to not follow too many things and stick to the basics.

The transformation showed its first results in May 2018, just before the world cup. The biggest and first change is perhaps how England footballers use social media today.

Earlier, as a means to avoid negative attention, they hid themselves and avoided the headlines and bad press. They literally spoke next to nothing and thereby it resulted that nothing bad was spoken in return about them. But that didn’t work completely. The strategy was changed and the England footballers were given the freedom to express themselves in social media.

The players started connecting with their fans and let the people know how much fun the players were having in the world cup in order to exude a positive intent. Stage management also played a huge role in creating a positive atmosphere all around.

However, all was not well on the hippie front, and hardly anyone in the team had any hopes on the team’s performance in the world cup. But Gareth Southgate didn’t lose hope. He filled the team with youngsters and newbies who were filled with zeal to achieve something. He made many surprising choices, like Nathaniel Chalobah, but what mattered is the faith Southgate had on his players.

One good thing was that he was the under 21 boss of most of the players, if not all of them. He knew them inside out, he had a perfect idea how a player plays in a situation. He also made the England crowd and supporters identify themselves with the team, buy portraying the dreams and struggles of the player that got selected. That human element hit the bull’s eye and that got all the attention they wanted,   which turned into support during the crucial times.

Thus, not only did the England team reach semis for the first time after the 1990s, it won the hearts of the hardest sceptics of the country as well. More memorable is the win against the mighty Spain. Thanks to Gareth Southgate, the revolutionary England coach in decades, English football saw an extraordinary reinvention!

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