Fashanu: Chelsea Will Bounce Back

Fashanu: Chelsea Will Bounce Back

By Izuchukwu Okosi:

Former Wimbledon of England striker John Fashanu has tipped Chelsea to bounce back from their Super Sunday defeat to Manchester City at The Etihad Stadium.

Goals from Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany and Fernandinho ensured that the Citizens won 3-0 and are now five points clear of the Barclays Premier League champions after two rounds of games into the season.

However, Fashanu, a winner of the 1988 FA Cup with Wimbledon at the expense of Liverpool, tells Completesportsnigeria.com that Jose Mourinho’s team are still the likeliest of the big guns in England to win the title.

“The defeat to Manchester City is a setback no doubt but its a setback Chelsea will overcome.

“Every year is a year for Chelsea because they have a fantastic squad and the best manager in the world.

“Other managers are envious of Jose Mourinho because he is the best club manager. He has been successful wherever he coaches and I have no doubt that starting from their next game, there will be a turnaround in their results,” Fashanu tells Completesportsnigeria.com.

Chelsea’s next game is against West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge.


  • mourinho needs a psychologist himself,sinz a 3 nil lost is a fake results,is time Mourinho acept his mistake,a mistak dat ve bn solve easily,dis defeat kud ve bn preventd if jose had acepted de doctor bak,it wasn’t her fault she was doing her work.

  • Jeux San-Frontiere 3 years ago

    Fashanu? Oh didnt he use to be on telly. Something like its a knockout. Laughable knownowt.

  • I don’t believe that Mourinho is the best manager in world. He is only a gather and play manager. He has never develop any young or good player of his own except ready made ones. That is
    why he truncated Mikel’s blosom affervently attacking midfield play to rubbish now. Somebody who was next to Messi in attacking football is nothing to wright home about again.

  • @Ben Oloks, I totally agree with you. I love that team “gather and play manager” meaning he is a fake. @kwasi prince I agree with you totally that this man needs a serious psychiatric checkup. Even diehard Chelsea fans will agree with your suggestion- Mourinho needs a psychologist (psychology is a subject under Psychiatric).

  • Fraudulent John fashanu

  • george 3 years ago

    Club football is gather and play. That is why coaches buy tried and tested player. So if he is succeeding everywhere he goes using same approach like other coaches, then if not the best, he is among the best. No coach buys underage to develop. No club has patience for failure.even if you are signed as coach for 4 yrs if you dont perform quick, you are sacked. in country football, you can be scouting round country side for raw talent to develop.