Galatasaray Offer Broke Eboue Coaching Job

Galatasaray Offer Broke Eboue Coaching Job

Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Eboue has been offered a chance to make steady income by his former club Galatasaray after his heart-breaking riches-to-rags story went viral.

The Ivorian defender had revealed how he lost millions of pounds of his earnings and gone from a rich football star to a poor man on the brink of suicide.

Turkish giants Galatasaray have now offered the 34-year-old a job as an assistant coach with one of their youth sides.

Galatasaray manager Fatish Terim told CNN Turk that he would give the former Arsenal star the role of under-14 assistant coach.

Terim said: “We heard news about Eboue in the dressing room, I was informed there, we will do whatever we can to help my friend.”

Eboue, who played for Arsenal for seven years between 2004 and 2011, and Gala from 2011 and 2016, had told the Mirror he was seeking divine intervention to prevent him from taking his own life.

“I want God to help me,” Eboue told the Mirror. “Only he can help take these thoughts from my mind.”

Eboue narrated to the Mirror his heartbreaking story of financial ruin, mostly pointing the finger at his estranged wife Aurelie and his own naivety.

Eboue told the British tabloid that he lost all his money to Aurelie, who he claimed also handled his finances, in their divorce settlement and has been ordered to also give up his house in London to the ex-wife.


  • congratulations to him, kudus to galatasaray for giving him new life

    • but he’s still on the run for his court case, and will he accept this offer ?

    • If he doesn’t accept the offer, he should come back to ivory coast and plant cocoa, it’s lucrative there….besides he looks like a farmer now

  • Good news i hope he learns

  • Thank goodness, thanks to Gala God bless you as you give a brother a new life….

  • I Hope The Woman Behind His Pain Will Let Him Live.

  • Issue is no matter what he makes he will still pay child support. Upon wetin she don collect. Oyinbo matter hard o

  • Nice one
    everyone deserve second chance But is not everyone that will be lucky to get it…
    Eboue,u are lucky,use it well now.

  • Congrat…. Oyibo women matta hard ooo hope Mikel dey see so

  • oya go and call aureli abi waiting be ur wife name to come be ur financial manager, money don come again ooo lolz

  • I Thank Allah For Your Life.If You Like Go Marry Oyinbo Pepe Again

  • Am so happy for him. When I read his story, I felt so sad and wish there is something I could do urgently, but reading that Galatasary are willing to help him, am so happy for him. Thank you Galatasary you just become one of my favorite club. I will start supporting you except if you are playing against my darling first club. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • What was the condition of his marriage?

  • God have put ur enemy to shame

  • Thinks to galatasaray

  • If u c wyt babe folo am again

  • his story makes me feel weird r
    Each time I see it coz I can’t comprehend how someone who worked under arsene wenger ended been stupid with his life saving

  • Nice one from galatasaray

  • Nice one Galatasary, if you like marry another white woman don’t come back home and marry from your country.

  • So happy for him…

  • God bless Galatasaray Eboue u need to learn from ur mistake..


  • thank God, you guys just save his life….

  • If he likes let him go after another British/Western gold digger again

  • God Bless Galatasaray

  • and galatarasay is watching me since over 5years now going broke let them do something oooo

  • Good one from Galatasaray.

  • Most of you telling him to marry another oyibo, if he likes, don’t get it. The issue is that he married a bad woman, which, can be found anywhere, Africa inclusive, even in his village, your village or my village. Pray not to get them if you are not married yet. Is his case not similar to Emmanuel Adebayo? Emmanuel did not marry a white girl, yet his family, especially his mother and brother nearly ground him. Thanks to Galatasary for giving him that respite.

    • True talk baba nice one

    • Honestly 1 year ago

      Well said Uchechukwu! I have heard about many ugly stories involving African women as well. The issue is not whom he married but about financial management. We should hear from the other party too as nobody really know what transpired between them. And remember it’s the oyinbo people made him what he was in the first place.

  • Invest in Africa u said no, now u have seen what it cost to invest abroad. Sorry though

  • God bless galatassary!

  • when told you people, don’t marry oyinbo people, you no gree, see what happen now. instead of you married Africa woman at your village. civilization make you crazy. see yourself. others pls learning from eboue history. and try to invest to your home country. instead invest at aboard. thank to Godallmight first and kudos to Galatasary for offer him job.

  • Galatasary thank you for saving Ebuoe’s life.

  • If u like blow it into d air as u did to ur marriage and money

  • My heart beat goes to Mikel obi cox if care is not taking He may experience same

  • Go and marry another foreigner

  • Kudos to you Galatasaray, u have made my day.
    I share ur thoughts n regrets Eboue, I pray God will deliver u from this strange woman.

  • God bless the Turkish club. May good use of this opportunity, no prodigal life again please.

  • One word to Mikel obi and osaze too

  • I Thank God For You Can Nigeria Club Can Do These?

  • Good gesture from Galatasaray.

  • You’re a lucky chap.

  • Ubong 1 year ago

    Brother now be wise please, God that make u a star, will surely stand for u,

  • Thank you galatasaray fc

  • Good from galatasaray,arsenal shld also do to hlp d man

  • cadet 1 year ago

    Infact i dey afraid of naming my child Emmanuel because the are surrounded with people to reck them down eg ebuoe Emmanuel and Adebayo Emmanuel both played for arsenal.