Garba Lawal: Keshi Must Get It Right Now

Garba Lawal: Keshi Must Get It Right Now

Following the reappointment of Stephen Keshi as the Super Eagles coach, former Nigeria midfielder, Garba Lawal has advised the ‘Big Boss’ to get it right this time.

Keshi signed a new two year contract with the Nigeria Football Federation on Tuesday, nine months after his previous contract expired.

And Lawal, one of Keshi’s biggest critics, believes not everyone gets a second chance and says Keshi has been lucky enough to get it and must use it wisely.

“He has a second chance now and he must use it wisely,” he said.

“Not everybody gets a second chance and now that he’s lucky enough to get it, he must get it right this time.

“In terms of player selection, he must avoid sentiments and pick players on form and merit.
“We have missed the last Africa Cup of Nations and we cannot afford to miss another one. This is a big opportunity for him and he must take it and make it count,” he said.

Speaking further, Lawal says he has nothing against Keshi’s return, but insists the ‘Big Boss’ must be open to advice and criticism.

“I have nothing against him. Now that he has signed we have to support him.

“But he must listen to advice and know that people will criticise him. You cannot be the coach of the Super Eagles and expect people not to criticise you.

“Nigerians criticise everybody when they’re not doing well but that doesn’t mean they hate you. He needs to learn that.

“I just hope this will turn out good in the end and I believe we have to support him,” he concluded.


  • Festus u. dspecial 4 years ago

    If grace found you, your enemies had no choice than to celebrate with you…Shame to Garba Lawal, he’s fun of speaking against stephen Keshi now he has no other option than to rejoice with him…

  • Saint Palmer 4 years ago

    i mean no dispespect to anybody but i think only players who are meaningfull to nigerian Football,players who have achieved and contribute something tangible to Nigeria Football have the right to criticise KESHI not fringe and toy players like GARBA,IKPEBA and AKPOBORIE,thats dispespectfull, you guys re ZERO compare to KESHI when it comes to Nigerian Football,so it will do everybody lot of goods if u keep ur advice and opinions to yourselves

  • The most disrespectful persons during their playing days are the like of Stephen Kechi and Daniel Omokachi.
    And for anyone to criticise the like of Garba Lawal and Victor Ikpeba, must be biased and very young during the above named people playing days.
    Moreso, the current coach and his assistant constitute the then Mafia in Nigeria super Eagles.

  • omo9ja 4 years ago

    Hmmmm, Nigerians when are we going to learn? So, Baba Laluko, Akpoborie, Governor Orji Usor Kalu and Garba Lawal are bad example to our national team. Come on my people!!! Mr. Keshi got it wrong big time period. “You don’t live in the past, always learn from it”. Nobody hates Keshi, if do a wonderful, I will salute you but if you do the opposite, I will talk for sure. Even during the Siasia regime, I warned him but failed woefully to listen. Story long shot, this is another opportunity for Oga Keshi to justify his second term. He keshi have ruined some players careers. Such as Mba and so on. Hmm, maturity is good. God bless Nigeria! 11