Giggs’ Father: I’m Ashamed Of My Son, He Shouldn’t Be Wales Manager

Giggs’ Father: I’m Ashamed Of My Son, He Shouldn’t Be Wales Manager

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs’ father Danny Wilson feels his son does not deserve to be appointed coach of the Welsh senior men’s national team.

Giggs, 44, who was appointed the new coach of Wales on Monday, made the headlines a few years ago when it was revealed he had had a long-running affair with his brother’s wife.

The former Wales winger also changed his surname from Wilson to his mother’s surname Giggs when he was 16 and after his patents had seperated.

Speaking to ​the Sun, Wilson said the wounds have still not healed from the past.

“I should be the proudest dad in the world, as happy as a lark by what he’s achieved – but I am ashamed of him,” former rugby player Wilson said.

“He’s put himself first and all he cares about is his TV punditry and opening swanky hotels in Manchester. Now when I see him on TV I switch off, all the family do.”

Wilson added that Wales should have hired a manager with better character.

“I feel like going there and having it out with him” he said. “He’s not fit for for the job. It stinks. The Welsh team manager is someone who is respected and looked up to in society.

“He is my son and it brings me close to tears to say that my family don’t respect him and look up to him.”

Giggs’ first game in charge of Wales will be against China in an international friendly game in March.

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  • phadah 1 year ago

    very bad

  • The daddy is right. Any son who has an affair with his brother’s wife is not worthy of taking any government job. What is the problem with Wales? True. Did he apologize and be remorseful when he was found out? Wicked men done apologize. Especially the ones with money like Ryan Gibbs.