Gullit: Conte Wrong In Treatment Of Costa, Should Apologise

Gullit: Conte Wrong In Treatment Of Costa, Should Apologise

Former Chelsea manager Ruud Gullit has asked the current Chelsea manager Antonio Conte to mend fences with Spain striker Diego Costa in the interest of all concerned at the club.

Costa has been in his native Brazil and has refused to return to England as directed by the Chelsea management as his relationship with Conte has gone sour and culminated in the Italian manager sending a text to Costa to alert him that he is no longer needed at Stamford Bridge.

Gullit however believes Conte should be the one to make a peace move.

“It’s all been instigated about what happened with Diego Costa,” Gullit told BBC Radio 5live.

“It’s a little bit strange that you hear at the end of the season that you’re not welcome, and now he’s training somewhere in Brazil.

“That’s not good for Costa, not good for the club, not good for anyone. [It was] not very wise to do. You don’t do that.

“I think it is a mistake by Conte and I hope that he has learnt from it. He still has the possibility to do something about it, just go to him and say, ‘I’m sorry that I did it, you have to come back, we will talk’.

“You need to see each other face to face. You don’t need to like each other, but you need to respect each other.

“If he doesn’t want to come back then you have to find the best solution for the club.”

Costa scored 20 times for Chelsea as they won the Premier League last season but insists he is only willing to play for his former Atletico Madrid where he claims he is respected.

Atletico are however under a transfer ban and will not be able to field a new player until January 2018.


  • Apologise ke? Costa is past. No one is missing him whether win or loose at Chelsea.

  • this man should please visit his docter for mental checkup.When costa was ranting about china transfer,where was he?

  • Gullit I think u need some test in ur body to examine u if all is well…apologise to costa what for or as the chelsea owner…

  • An alleged reports has it that Costa lied to his teammates & the media that coach conte text him directly never to come near is current team. Reliable source said that conte send text to all his players congratulating & advising them to maintain diet of fitness. Then almighty Costa reply (back) by telling the coach his not interested’ hence the no nonsense contested fires back by texting him to stay off his team this season. While some misinformed fans are talking trash. Can okoro plant grow taller than the farm owner?

  • If Chelsea bring back Costa they will regret it

  • Costa belongs to the past.

  • Yes l believe that but l think Costa will comeback

  • We already waved him off, he is not bigger than the club.

  • Costa have gone, and gone forever no return back at Chelsea if they try to bring back they we regret it

  • Gullit go & pack well. why are you talking rubbish ? thats why some players don’t have respect for some coaches.

  • infact we need him, becos buzwayi is far compared to costa, pls let them apologize,