Ibe Eyes Nigeria Call-Up After Being Snubbed By England

Ibe Eyes Nigeria Call-Up After Being Snubbed By England




England-born Nigerian winger Jordon Ibe is ready to pledge his international allegiance to Nigeria after being repeatedly overlooked by his preferred England, it has been claimed.


The former Liverpool player, 20, who now plays for Bournemouth, initially snubbed pleas to play for the Super Eagles but is now ready to make a U-turn as England are not interested in him anymore.


According to mirror.co.uk, a source close to the Nigerian Football Federation said: “Jordon is willing to listen to what we have to offer.


“We are hoping he finds the project enticing enough to dump England where he is a youth international and play for Nigeria at senior level.”


Ibe was openly courted by former Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh, who even travelled to Liverpool to meet with the player and his representatives. 


But the youngster,  who was then rated as a huge prospect at Anfield, was bent on featuring for England.


Oliseh later confirmed that Ibe had opted for England, the ex-Nigeria coach tweeting at the time: "Jordon Ibe's family informed me by telephone call that he was giving priority to an England call-up. We wish them well."


Since that time, Ibe's stock has fallen rapidly, losing his Liverpool place and having to make the switch to Bournemouth with an England spot no longer on the horizon.


Ibe has played for England at all levels from under-18s and has four under-21 caps.


He was reportedly the victim of a £25,000 robbery on November 6 this year as he was understood to have been hit by a vehicle containing four men, who threatened him with a knife before taking off with his watch .

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  • Ita Joseph 7 years ago

    Oh. Becuase he has now been snubbed, he suddenly has this epiphany like the Nedum Onuoha and  Agbonlahor

  • francois 7 years ago

    Nigeria is not a dumping ground for the rejects. Nigeria does not need you. We have more than enough talents to tap from right now. You better remain where you are as we don’t want to see your sorry face!!!!!!!

  • benosky 7 years ago

    We don't need him and since his perfer country did not want him we also did not want him. Nigeria is having a good number of young ones that can help us out.

  • Calm down guys. Ibe is only a young guy and shouldnt be treated harshly. Many of us will opt to be involved with the more organised English FA than the NFF and the likes of Dalung. Ibe, you are welcome to fight for your place in our Super Eagles, of course making yourself available for selection does not mean that you will be guaranteed a call up or starting place. Just keep working hard, be humble and keep learning to be a better man and footballer.

  • okponku 7 years ago

    Young lad you are son of the soil but we could only call you  up as SUPER EAGLES fan,  hopefully you should work hard to reclaim back your place in English national team. We would be happier seeng you representing us there. GOOD LUCK!

  • Smooyis 7 years ago

    He should be made to write a letter of apology before he's considered. This will serve as deterrent to others.  

  • okponku 7 years ago

    Young lad we admit you as A Nigerian likewise a SUPER EAGLES Fan . Moreover we wish you good luck in the course of reclaiming back your place in English national team, 

  • splala 7 years ago

    we have morethan enough

  • Alozunique 7 years ago

    We don't want,because when we needs him he rejected ussi this time,we have enough young players  

  • Sanusi 7 years ago

    O Boy! Ebeg try reclaim your England shet abeg! abeg! abeg!

  • Any of them that initially snubbed Nigeria offer should not be re-invited again just like onuoha is now willing to play for Nigeria now.

  • Sintali 7 years ago

    Thank you all for the candid advice you gave to this gentle man ibe. The time that we are in need of him, he snubbed the us and now that he has been snubbed by England he need us. He came at a wrong time. We have more than enough attackers. Even Ighalo, Musa, Edeye and Moses Simon are finding it difficult to be among the first eleven. Anechebe, Success and Kayode are on their way. Then who is Ibe.

  • darey 7 years ago

    Hahahaha wow….it always boils down to this;when we needed him he turned against us now that we have enough talents his age that deems him surplus to requirement he now wants to join…..good luck convincing gernot rohr

  • Ola Olatayo 7 years ago

    Ibe!ibe!!ibe!!! Sorry , opportunity lost already. You thought been a one season player with liverpool FC has turned you a star only good for England. Ali, your brother is enjoyinh his time with England for now but I can bet you, he will sonn be pushed out of the team when a real white guy came on board. Please, dont worry about us when the Ihenachos, the Iwobi and the likes have accepted our call without conditions.I am happy to see you enjoying your football in Bouthmouth just like your predecessors like Nedum Onuoha and Ogbonna are already used and dumped by England and Italy respectively.Thank you very much

  • steve 7 years ago

    Ibe you messed yourself up on this .There is no way you can compare English national team to that of Nigeria in terms of success and popularity around the world .English national teams are bunch of failures and never do well.What have they won since dubiously winning the world cup in the sixties ? what have any english national teams won both in europe and the world in general ?…therefore it is annoying seeing our blood Nigerians pledging allegance to English when it comes to football , without knowing that Nigeria give them better chance to show case thier talent to the world.Now that the world cup is at the conner and the super eagles 80% certian to pick the sole ticket in thier group , what a better way for our young talent like Victor Moses, Trost Ekong,Iwobi etc …thos that have thier country at heart to show case thier talent to the world .I will advice Ibe to apologise to Nigerians for what he did to us, he might have saved us in qualifying for the African Nations Cup if he had listened to Oliseh and that shows services /love of nation.He is still our blood but we are hurt by his behavour, his apology will reduce the hurt we felt and might open doors for him to be part of the super eagles if he can prove he is better than those on the bence !!…this is surely a lession to those that felt the same way as Ibe , England only want theirs and nothing less.

  • Aginde Albert 7 years ago

    It’s really hurts knowing the way I’ve snubbed NIGERIA.I was always positive he won’t get a call to the Three Lions.He probably didn’t read about John Fashanu & the likes…pity how it has turned out. Well Gernot Rohr is paid to make decisions,if he feels we need him then so be it.Only ope others will learn from all of this

  • Prince Uchechukwu Reigns 7 years ago

    Where were you Ibe when we needed you the most?, anyways you're a Nigerian, but maybe you were deceived by friends and folks. But now, I think u need to tender an apology note before NFF can think of giving you a chance…. Thanks Brother

  • Pst Joseph 7 years ago

    Ibe can’t play for Nigeria now, he should apologise then after the world cup you will be consider for a place in the bench, you can start from there.