Ibe: Why I Chose England Over Nigeria

Ibe: Why I Chose England Over Nigeria

Liverpool winger Jordon Ibe has confirmed and explained why he intends to play for England at senior level, rather than Nigeria.

Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh had approached Ibe and met with the 19-year-old’s representatives, but Ibe’s parents recently informed Oliseh that their son preferred England.

Ibe, whose father is Nigerian, gives the reason for his decision.

Ibe told Liverpool’s website on Tuesday: “It was my choice and it feels the right choice for me.

“I was born here (England) and have played in the younger age groups. I want to take it up to the first team one day.”

England boss Roy Hodgson has so far refused to give Ibe a senior debut.

Hogson said: “The fact is he’s playing for the Under-21s. They play for the Under-21s because they want to play for England.

“I want Jordon to fight for his place in the team like everyone else. He is certainly a player we like very much and certainly a player we have eyes on.

“It’s far from impossible that he gets called up in one of the next games. But if we do call him up it won’t be because we are worried about other nations.”


  • No insane player born and bred in England will like to choose Nigeria over England except he’s not deem good enough. Patriotism my foot! He doesn’t even know anything about Nigeria apart from what his parents told him. His surname is even pronounced ‘HIBE’ instead of IBE the original Igbo version. E no concern me sha ’cause his parents doesn’t even care about how their surname is pronounced as long as the boy is called a ‘British’.

  • Gabriel Blessing 3 years ago

    dis boy na ruBbish him dey talk, make him go play for England, e go see wetin dey inside. foolish boy…..

  • sampson Ogulu 3 years ago

    England coach has already made his mind on Ibe na, you imaging a coach saying they will invite him but it won,t be because we want him. That’s the end of story. Oboy, them go only use you dump you kwa.

  • solly 3 years ago

    Most of this player that chooses England over Nigeria always live to regret it because they have more chance in the Nigerian first team than for England, ask Agbonlahor, Calton Cole and the likes. Victor Moses would never play for England again if was still committed to England but he is still highly regarded for the Nigerian National Team

  • @solly, I agree with you that these NigEng players should ask people like Victor Moses to know that there are benefits committing to where your papa come from. No need asking those players who refused to play for Nig. What do you think they will tell you? Since England has disgrace them, they will want others to experience it too. This is what Oliseh suppose to tell these guys. He has not done enough to convince Ibe.

  • truth bitter 3 years ago

    Ibe’s turn to regret is around the corner.