Ideye: Nigerian Players Use ‘Juju’

Ideye: Nigerian Players Use ‘Juju’

Olympiacos striker, Brown Ideye, has admitted that Nigerian players seek the assistance of herbalists in order to make it as footballers.

According to, Ideye said: “I know players who get involved with the juju men and they can’t get out. It’s a trap. They might get short-term benefits, but in the long run they pay for it. Juju men have a lot of influence.

“These are men who are just trying to make themselves rich and tell you they can make your life perfect.

“If things like that worked then instead of Messi and Ronaldo winning world player of the year it should be some African players.

“I would advise players not to follow this route but it’s their choice, I can’t stop them.”

In a report by the Sun, top Premier League players are using black magic to try and improve their games.

It claims the superstitious stars are paying thousands of pounds to witchdoctors in a bid to find another level.

The players are visiting Juju men in West Africa, where they are shown how to conduct bizarre rituals that are also said to break the curse of injury.

Emmanuel Adebayor claimed earlier this year that his mum used black magic to ruin his form in front of goal for Spurs.


  • So I ask, is Ideye trying to confess that he used juju that’s why he is not progressing? I pity him.

  • timothy bukola 3 years ago

    I think that the truth has been said. There is no benefit to gain from this herbalists.

  • If what Brown Ideye is saying then I advice them to quit bcos there is no gain in it. It only lead to disruction

  • iforai -phc 3 years ago

    Juju abi,those who uses Satan d devil to achieve their aim always ends up disappointed, beware

  • bros focus on ur future coz baba God has the final say.

  • justice ndubueze 3 years ago

    may be ideye is tryin to confess….hahahahaha footballers

  • benoben 3 years ago

    Without been told, it exist but the end is destruction. Let look at the life of past and present men that used it to influence their game how they are now.

  • No wonder, he was performing enviably before but now he is virtually nothing. He might be one of those players

  • chuka Rojo Stanley 3 years ago

    He is right even if he is one of them ,he must have realize his mistakes but players be worn

  • na their time

  • Nigerians are cursed 3 years ago

    Even the western players consult these marabouts&voodoism to success in their soccer career.They exhibit theirs thru the inscriptions of assorted symbols&tatoos on either their,forearms,foot,legs or soccer’s boots or hand/fingers signs.Since e don b west africa&africans na sin.