How To Increase Your Workout Intensity

How To Increase Your Workout Intensity

Intensity is very important when doing workouts. It should be consistently maintained while training. In simple terms, intensity may be described as the amount of energy the body expends in a workout. Intensity is the measure of power production. To achieve optimum muscular formation, you need to train at a very high-intensity level. However, you need to still keep within the accepted level or else you will end up overtraining. You must get enough rest and good nutrition after training at a very high-intensity level to avoid overtraining. To achieve the desired training goals, you may use Testosterone e250, which is a great and well-researched product. It enhances strength and improves muscle mass.

The following are some ways on how you can increase the intensity of workouts to maintain a high body muscle mass to fat ratio.

Increase sets

This is quite simple but it actually increases intensity. You just need to add some more sets to the workout. The total training time will of course increase with an increase in the number of sets. Longer training sessions affect your recovery, and so, you must ensure you do not go past the optimal level with an increase in sets. You will also need to get enough rest.

Go for compound exercises instead of isolation exercises

Compound exercises are those exercises that involve many joints as opposed to isolation exercises that involve a single joint. Compound exercises burn more calories than isolation ones. For example, instead of taking biceps curl, you could take a lunge and curl combination.  Isolation exercises should be done towards the end of a workout after doing the more intensive compound ones.

Negative emphasis

This involves performing the negative portion of an exercise slower than normal, for instance when lowering a weight in lifting exercises. While bringing a weight down you could count out one to six, such that at six the weight gets to the lowest level. For example, when doing a bench press count one to six on the lowering phase so that the bar touches your chest at the sixth count. Emphasizing the negative journey of the weight will mean you may lose less body weight but you will gain more muscle mass.

Opt for supersets over straight sets

Performing supersets is one great way of increasing your workout intensity. This involves performing two compound exercises one right after the other without resting. Supersets keep the heart level high and burn more calories than the normal straight set workouts. It is advisable to pair opposing muscle groups to maximize recovery as you minimize the time spent working out.

Lift heavier than your normal weights

Most fitness enthusiasts underestimate their strength. By estimation, if you can do between eight and twelve reps of an exercise, you can lift a heavier weight. The intensity of an exercise goes up with an increase in weight, and the rate of muscle growth increases likewise. The number of good reps will reduce at first with an increase in weight but you have to work your way up again to make a complete set before considering increasing weight again.

The above strategies and others will enable you build your muscles faster and keep lean if well implemented.

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