Klopp slams Nations League

Klopp slams Nations League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has again voiced his opposition to the Nations League, arguing there is no room for it in the calendar. The Reds boss likened the new competition to world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua fighting week after week, or watching opera every night instead of savouring it every couple of months.

However, the German admitted he may as well complain to his coffee machine as no-one wanted to hear his views.

“It’s too much in that competition: ‘Proper games, real opponents, it is better than having any friendlies’,” he said.
“That’s all good but you don’t want to see Joshua fighting every second night, it’s not possible. This week he fights in Leeds, next week he fights in Manchester and no-one asked for it.

“Only in football everyone seems to be interested in now having only big competitions where you can get promoted or relegated.

“Do we want to have opera every night or every two months? I like competition, of course, but at one point someone has to step back and think ‘OK, wait, wait, wait. They are players who play’.

“If they don’t perform I am angry, so how can we make sure they perform? That’s all I wanted to say.
“The Nations League itself is a good idea – do it in another sport because in football there is no space for it.

“I realise already I could have told my coffee machine because no-one is really interested but it is still my opinion.
“We only have highlights now, ‘highlight, highlight, highlight’. Where is the rest? When can we have normal things?” Klopp said.