Pepperell Plans On Staying In Europe

Pepperell Plans On Staying In Europe

England’s Eddie Pepperell says he has no interest in playing full time on the US tour even if he wins the British Masters. A win for the Oxford-born Pepperell at Walton Heath would propel him into the world’s top 35 and, in turn, open up some opportunities to play on the US PGA Tour but he says he has no intention of playing in America on a full-time basis.

Other successful Brits have moved from the European Tour to America’s PGA Tour because there is more money to be made but Pepperell says he will not follow that path.

“I’m not interested in playing over there in a full-time capacity for certain,” he said.

“I’m really happy where I’m at. I get to see America five, six times a year and I think that’s perfect. And that’s meant as a compliment as much as anything else because I want to enjoy it for what it is.”