Pogba Has No Juve Regrets

Pogba Has No Juve Regrets

Paul Pogba insists he has no regrets about leaving Juventus to rejoin Manchester United and is still happy with his decision. The 25-year-old has been the subject of intense speculation about his future and happiness since returning from Russia as a World Cup winner, with Barcelona strongly linked.


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There has also been talk of a potential return to Turin, but when quizzed by the Italian media ahead of tonight’s Champions League clash between the two sides, Pogba says he is happy to be a United player. “Choosing to come back to Manchester United first of all was my choice,” Pogba said.


“And Juventus were playing Champions League and Manchester were playing Europa League, so I knew first of all I wouldn’t play Champions League and I was very happy. “I made my choice and I don’t regret it at all. “I know Manchester in the last few years have not been at the top, but I came back just to help the team try to come back at the top, so we are on the way.


“A lot of players came and we have a lot of goals, so for me it’s not strange. It’s a choice and I don’t regret it all. “I’m very happy to come back to Manchester United, to play, to wear the shirt and everything and I’m sure we will come back to the best.”